How long should a chainsaw chain stay sharp?

A chainsaw chain stays sharp for nearly 3 hours after cutting actively through the wood.

There is a need to sharpen the chainsaw chain regularly, depending on the number of times it is used.

The necessity is because the chain becomes dull quickly.

Sharpening the chainsaw chain should be after ten times of putting it in use.

However, you may have to sharpen a chainsaw chain after each session, in other situations.

How long should a chainsaw chain stay sharp

Why does the chainsaw chain dull faster?

The chainsaw chain becomes dull faster due to a few things.

Thus, check the user manual so that you use the chainsaw chain in the right size file.

You may apply much pressure as you file but it will create cutting edges and soon becomes thin and dull faster.

The common reasons for the chainsaw chain to become loose faster are due to the wear-off that is caused by usage and time.

People using an old chainsaw will experience the problem with the chainsaw chain becoming loose frequently.

It is due to the wear on the sprockets and the chain.

How frequently sharpening a chainsaw chain is required.

Owning a chainsaw and noticing it does not cut properly anymore is an indication that the chainsaw chain needs sharpening or replacement.

A chainsaw chain serves you for over five years when you use it occasionally, you can complete most of the tasks effortlessly.

A well-maintained chainsaw is very useful.

As such, there is no fixed interval to sharpen your chainsaw chain.

You may sharpen the chainsaw chain as per the chain quality and take into consideration the number of times you use it.

If you notice the saw fails to cut as earlier, you can be sure that it is time to consider sharpening the chainsaw chain.

Check the chain condition each time after use, to know if the teeth are missing or if the chain is looking dull.

As your goal is to ensure the functions of the saw are smooth and in excellent condition, you must take absolute care of the chainsaw chain.

What is the life expectancy of a chainsaw?

The life expectancy of a chainsaw depends on the number of times you sharpen it.

You may pay attention to your task frequency and notice how the chainsaw chain each time operates as you cut trees or logs.

The manufacturers, in many cases, offer a guideline on the need to sharpen after the number of times you use the chainsaw chain.

However, the rate of sharpening depends on two major factors, namely:

  • The wear and tear of the chainsaw
  • The metal amount you remove after sharpening each time

When to sharpen the Chainsaw Chain

The thumb rule of sharpening the chainsaw chain is on noticing the cutting is not as earlier. It means the performance is suffering.

Another way of identifying the need to sharpen the chainsaw chain is to look at the sawdust.

If you notice small chunks of sawdust, it means the chains are becoming dull.

It is because the indication of a sharp chain is to get large chunks.

You may extend the chainsaw chain life by avoiding actions that damage your chainsaw chain or make your chainsaw chain dull.

What are the times you should sharpen the chain?

How to sharpen the chainsaw chain?

There are several ways to sharpen a chainsaw chain. Here is a brief:

Using a File

You can sharpen the chainsaw chain.

It ensures the power tool becomes sharp and can go-ahead to complete its tasks.

However, before using the file, get consistent and accurate results by mounting it on sharpening as per the guide.

The sharpening guide gives a flat surface, and you get to control the file depth and rest the file as you sharpen the chainsaw chain.

Look for a file that matches the diameter of your chainsaw chains teeth and sharpen the tool.

Electric Sharpeners

Electric Sharpeners are gadgets powered by electricity and require plugging into an electric source.

You can attach to the bench, wall, or table the sharpeners, while others are portable.

If you wish to keep things in your control, finish sharpening faster the chainsaw chain and handling the sharpening work perfectly.

Use a Grinder

Carefully as it is not simple as using a file. The tools remove metal and replace the chainsaw chain.

Using a grinder to sharpen decreases the chainsaw chain longevity and takes more time to sharpen than a file.

Using the grinder after using it for a minimum of 40 sharpening sessions the file guide is best.

The professionals use grinders to eliminate the chainsaw’s imperfections and it is not required to use a grinder regularly to sharpen the chainsaw chain.

Wrapping up

Choosing a grinder, a file guide, or an electric sharpener, does not overlook the right way of using the sharpeners.

Sharpen the chainsaw chain only when they are wall or bench mounted.

It allows work easily. A chainsaw is sure to become dull and may result in serious complications.

So buying a chainsaw sharpener is necessary, and you must maintain the chainsaw well by sharpening it regularly, though it takes little extra effort.

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