Best Chainsaw For 4wd

Cutting firewood or clearing dropped trees off the track in 4wd or camping is a painful task.

While choosing the chainsaw, try to keep the weight and space down. It should be small and lightweight so that you can pack it up real easy in the back of the cruiser, in the tinnie, or use a chainsaw case to carry it with you.

Among all the other factors, safety must be a core factor in buying the chainsaw for 4wd as it will be hard to find medication aid outdoor. In this article, I’ve discussed and recommended a few chainsaws for 4wd.

Best Chainsaw For 4wd

Top 5 Chainsaw For 4WD of 2023

A chainsaw is a tool that many people may not think about when they are in need of one. Chainsaws are usually used for cutting down trees, but there are other ways to use them as well.

A chainsaw can be helpful in the event of an emergency, such as when you have no power and must cut through tree branches blocking your path.

There are many different types of chainsaws on the market today which makes it hard to choose between them all. This post will help you make a decision with our list of chainsaws for 4wd!

We have analyzed the top 5 chainsaws for 4WD based on their power, bar size, weight, and other features like prices, rating, and everything. Here you go and pick the right one.

The market offers us wide possibilities in chainsaws for 4wd of different qualities, uses, and prices. If you are interested, you can take a look at the chainsaws that we offer you in the following list.

Also, we have provided a quick buying guide so that it will be easier for you to choose the best according to your needs and price range.

Husqvarna 135 Mark – 2 Chainsaw

The Husqvarna Group is a multinational of Swedish origin. Mainly specialized in manufacturing machines and tools for the gardening, forestry, and agricultural sectors, offering a wide catalog of quality professional and semi-professional machines, among which we can highlight its chainsaws.

This chainsaw model is lightweight and compact. It features an exclusive x-torque engine that reduces both gasoline emissions and fuel consumption. Also, it has an air filter with quick release for easy replacement and cleaning.

Husqvarna is synonymous with high-quality, reliable tools for home and professional use, and if you are looking for such a chainsaw, this model deserves your attention.

With a powerful engine, this tool is relatively light and weighs only 4.7 pounds. Thanks to these features, you can handle a heavy workload more quickly and use your chainsaw for longer without tiring quickly. It is easy to control and cut.

By the way, the manufacturer has endowed this tool with a series of features that make it more comfortable to use.

Husqvarna 14-inch 120i Chainsaw

This model stands out for its power. It has a 40-Volt battery which offers a super performance.

This model is of high quality and stability, providing clean cuts with excellent performance, and its ergonomic grip provides safety and comfort even for the most complex jobs.

Among its safe functions is the soft start. The chain can be changed and tensioned easily, without the need for tools and the refillable oil tank allows automatic greasing of the chain.

120i Chainsaw is a cordless battery and it is built for the owners who require a lightweight yet powerful machine that can easily cut feelings and branches.

The cover for this tool is included with the product. However, chain oil and bar must be bought separately.

Ryobi P546 Chainsaw

The Ryobi P546 Chainsaw is characterized by its functionality, ease of use, and affordability. Also, this tool is from a world-renowned manufacturer, it can boast as good performance as most of its more expensive counterparts.

Let’s see its main characteristics. The powerful motor helps you cut even the widest tree trunks quickly.

This type of versatile chainsaw for 4wd from leading manufacturers is becoming fashionable because of how cheap and practical they are.

Since the weight of this chainsaw is only 7.48 pounds, handling it for a long time can be heavy, but with an effective anti-vibration design, the load on the arms will be reduced.

It also has an anti-kickback chain which reduces the chances of kickback and the injuries it can cause.

A Few More Chainsaw Recommendations

  • If you’re only going to be doing occasional cutting, get an 18V cordless car charger – then you don’t need to transport fuel, just bar oil. Those can handle 4-6″ stuff decently and can be found around the $100 mark. (Ryobi or B&D)
  • Another cordless option would be a “Sawzall” with an 8″ piranha blade – again, will cut up to 6″ stock for firewood, and no fuel or oil to mess with. Packs flatter, too. You can also use this one at home for trimming storm damage & pruning the neighbor’s fruit trees
  • If you want a cheap alternative, use a cheap Chinese chain saw. It can cut a lot of firewood for you and the occasional branch across the track.

Factors To Consider In Buying A Chainsaw For 4wd

Do you think you need a chainsaw for 4wd in your gardening tool kit? Do you usually saw logs for firewood in winter? Are there wooded areas on your property, with overgrown trees and branches?

It never hurts to have a chainsaw at home that makes it easier for us to cut bushes and slice logs. Before venturing out to buy yours, consider the following factors.

Type Of Propulsion

This may be the first point to consider since the ease with which you start the machine depends on it. You have already been able to verify that there are gasoline, electric, and battery saws.

Each design offers advantages and disadvantages, so you must choose considering your particular circumstances.

For example, if you plan to go into a wooded area or cut branches and logs far from home, it is better to buy a gasoline chainsaw. You can take it anywhere, have a high cutting power, and slice logs of good thickness.

Of course, remember to give it constant maintenance and use the recommended fuel and oil.

Now, if the chainsaw will provide its services close to home or an electrical source, maybe yours is an electric or battery-powered model.

Some electric chainsaws have a lot of cutting power and are very easy to use. They do not emit toxic gases, weigh little, and do not require special care.

However, you’ll still need bar oil, basic tools, a chain sharpener, and maybe a spare chain if you’re on the road for a long time.


Go with a 14″-16″ or maximum 18″ bar for camp use. It is realistic, handy, and capable. A 14″ bar can cut up to a 24″ log “safely”, and the 16″ can cut 18″ logs.

If you are dealing with big stuff then go larger, but you will also want to go larger on the motor too. Keep in mind that a bigger than an 18″ bar is plain overkill. You wouldn’t clear 3-foot diameter trees from tracks.

If you’re worried about space you could make do with a 14″ bar. Or, you could remove the bar and store it in two pieces until you need it then you could carry any size bar you saw can handle. It only takes a minute or two to re-bar the saw if you want to go longer.


The dimensions of the machine and the materials of manufacture directly affect how heavy it is. Why should this detail matter to you?

Because, unlike other garden tools, chainsaws do not have a harness or strap to reduce the effort of holding them. You will have to activate the mechanism and make the cuts holding the tool only with your hands and arms.

Gasoline chainsaws tend to be heavier than electric or battery-powered ones. They hardly exceed 7 or 8 kilograms, and have two handles, one at the back and the other at the top, to hold them comfortably.

Choose the model taking into account who will be the frequent operator and how long the working day will be.


In the same way, the power of the chainsaw will depend on whether it is electric or gasoline and, particularly, on the manufacturer brand. Of course, do not conclude that only combustion engines offer greater power and quality of cut.

Brands such as Bosch or Black & Decker have presented electric chainsaws with a power of 2200W, nothing to envy to gasoline models.

Take a look at saws that are in the 40-50 CC range. These are a nice balance of power vs weight, don’t buy an underpowered saw as they become tiring to use during a day of woodcutting.

Smaller saws are better used for small jobs and landscaping when they may need to be carried up into the tree for limbing

No matter how much power your chainsaw offers, you will always need to take safety and security measures to operate it.

In addition to wearing gloves, a helmet, safety glasses, and suitable clothing, remember to verify that the machine is in perfect condition and ready to be used.

Chain Brake

chain brakes are designed to engage under excessive inertia, like during unexpected kickback; so you just get hit in the head with a bunch of sharp teeth rather than those teeth running at a million miles an hour.

Fortunately, most new chainsaws have a chain brakes but old models lack it. Most chainsaw accidents are horrible.

Additional Features

Finally, a good chainsaw has additional features that extend its useful life and improve the user experience. For example, most have an automatic oil release mechanism to lubricate the chain while cutting.

Another valued feature is the system that stops the chain immediately when the flow is interrupted.

Accessories You Can Buy For 4wd

Along with the chainsaw, you might need the below stuff to pack in or fit onto, before you head off-road. The crucial bits of gear will be: –

  • Drag chain: Even a drag chain will help clear the track if it’s small enough if not build up either side of the tree and winch over it. You can use it for shifting around big bits of lumber.
  • Twin-cylinder 4WD compressor
  • 1.5 KV inverter generator
  • Shovel
  • Tire gauge


  • Don’t buy a large chainsaw as it will take huge space to fit in the back of the 4wd along with all other camp gear.
  • If you like to travel with your family or friends, it will be hard for you to make a big room in the back of the truck for a chainsaw. Other members will fill up the back quickly with their stuff.
  • You can pack the chainsaw in a waterproof box and store it on the roof rack but there is a security issue. It can be stolen anytime.
  • For safety, use PPE such as good gloves, chaps, hard hats, boots, safety glasses, and maybe a face shield, and earplugs or muffs. (NRR 26 or better). It is seen some idiots in thongs and shorts cutting… what a stupid way to drain all of your blood out of a hole in your leg.
  • If the saw is only for occasional use, don’t store it with fuel in it – it screws up the carb.
  • Before going out camping, make sure you have proper tools (and a spare plug).
  • Use Hi-Test fuel and good 2-stroke oil (Amsoil). You can use any oil for bar oil if you use enough of it, but the oil formulated for that sticks well.
  • If you have not learnt it yet, learn how to sharpen the chain
  • Pick up a couple of wedges, an extra chain, a file w/file handle that has the correct sharpening angle built-in, and possibly a file guide. A small ax for driving the wedges.
  • Make sure the teeth are sharpened before going out and do service it as much as possible so it doesn’t let you down
  • Before going for a 4WD, ensure that taking chainsaws is allowed there. You can be fined for taking a chainsaw into a National Park and it has to be disabled by removing the cutting bar and chain.
  • Always try to keep the chainsaw clean, and lubricated, and sharpen the chain regularly
  • Try to use a safety chain

How To Carry Chainsaws In Trucks When You Go 4wd?

  • It should depend on where you are going. If it is heavy, you can carry the chainsaw in the camper or occasionally in the truck. For a lightweight chainsaw, you can put it on the case and carry the case with you.
  • Put the saw between the back of the middle row of seats and the drawer, easy access from the passenger door.
  • You can use a chainsaw holder. The chainsaw holder is universal and can be mounted on the front or rear rack of an ATV or UTV but also on other vehicles with a tubular mounting point.
  • You can just chuck it in the toolbox in the back of the 100 series tie the box down and off I go.
  • Don’t forget to take a chain sharpening file and guide, screwdriver, ring spanner, a cleaning cloth, and a small container of bar lube.

Final Words

Now that you have read about the bases to take into account when choosing a chainsaw for 4wd, we recommend that you especially analyze your case and study the most important factors to take into account, to acquire the perfect chainsaw for 4wd for your needs.