Best 8-Inch Electric Chainsaws For 2024 (Top 5 Picks)

For effortless yard work, consider these 8-inch electric chainsaws. The Mini Chainsaw Cordless 8 inch is lightweight and offers tool-free chain tensioning. DeWALT’s 20V Max Battery version boasts a powerful brushless motor and automatic chain lubrication. The Mini Chainsaw Cordless 8 Inch swiftly handles logs and is portable.

With two 21V 3.0Ah batteries, the Mini Chainsaw 8 Inch is efficient but may have battery concerns. The Brushless Mini Chainsaw offers interchangeable 8” & 6” chainsaw options. Evaluating power, safety features, battery performance, and practicality is key when selecting the best chainsaw for your yard work needs.

Mini Chainsaw Cordless 8 inch With Oiler, Tool-Free Chain Adjustment, 21V MAX* Rechargeable Cordless Chainsaw with Battery and Charger

Looking for a lightweight, user-friendly chainsaw that offers effortless yard work? Consider the Mini Chainsaw Cordless 8 inch with self-oiler, tool-free chain adjustment, and a rechargeable battery.

This Zeeksaw product is designed for ease of use, featuring a self-oiler system for chain lubrication and tool-free chain tensioning for quick adjustments. With a chain speed of 25 ft/s, this cordless chainsaw is suitable for a variety of tasks including deforestation, pruning, gardening, and carpentry.

Weighing only 2.8 pounds, it provides a comfortable cutting experience. Powered by a 21V MAX* battery, this chainsaw is a versatile tool for cutting branches and trees in your farm, garden, or home.

The positive customer feedback on its performance, battery life, and lightweight design makes it a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts, gardeners, and woodworkers.

Best For: DIY enthusiasts, gardeners, and woodworkers looking for a lightweight and versatile chainsaw for cutting branches and trees.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Tool-free chain tensioning for quick adjustments
  • Comes with two lithium-ion batteries for extended use


  • Limited chain length of 8 inches
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty cutting tasks
  • Additional batteries may be needed for prolonged use

Mini Chainsaw Cordless for DeWALT 20V Max Battery

For those seeking effortless and efficient yard work, the Mini Chainsaw Cordless for DeWALT 20V Max Battery stands out with its powerful 850W brushless motor and lightweight design.

This cordless chainsaw offers an automatic chain lubrication system for smoother cutting performance and is designed for easy one-handed or two-handed operation, making it a convenient tool for various yard tasks.

With multiple safety features in place, you can work with peace of mind knowing you’re protected during use. Additionally, this chainsaw comes with a 12-month warranty, eliminating the need for a return.

The Mini Chainsaw Cordless for DeWALT 20V Max Battery provides a reliable and efficient cutting experience, perfect for tackling your yard work with ease.

Best For: Those looking for a powerful and efficient cordless chainsaw for effortless yard work.


  • Powerful 850W brushless motor for efficient cutting
  • Lightweight design for easy one-handed or two-handed operation
  • Automatic chain lubrication system for smoother performance


  • Limited to DeWALT 20V Max Battery compatibility
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty commercial use
  • Warranty details may vary based on seller or region

Mini Chainsaw Cordless 8 Inch Electric Chain Saw

The Mini Chainsaw Cordless 8 Inch Electric Chain Saw is ideal for users seeking a lightweight and portable tool for effortless yard work. With highly efficient cutting capabilities, this chainsaw can tackle an 8-inch diameter log in just 10 seconds.

The powerful motor provides increased torque and longer running time, while the auto oiler system guarantees proper chain lubrication. Safety is a priority with features like a security lock and automatic braking.

Weighing only 7 pounds and designed for one-handed use, this chainsaw offers convenience without compromising on performance. Customers have praised its design features and ease of use, although some suggest including a spare chain and an additional battery pack for longer operations.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a lightweight and efficient chainsaw for quick and easy yard work.


  • Highly efficient cutting capabilities, able to handle an 8-inch diameter log in just 10 seconds.
  • Lightweight and portable design for convenient one-handed use.
  • Powerful motor with increased torque and longer running time.


  • Lack of spare chain and additional battery may limit longer operations.
  • Some users may find the need for spare parts and accessories.
  • Battery life could be a concern for extended use without backup options.

Mini Chainsaw 8 Inch with 2x21V 3.0Ah Battery

Ideal for homeowners seeking a lightweight and versatile tool for yard maintenance, the Mini Chainsaw 8 Inch with 2x21V 3.0Ah Battery offers effortless cutting with its powerful brushless motor and ergonomic design. Weighing only 4 lbs, this chainsaw is equipped with safety features like a unique safety button, blade guard, and human-engineered handle for comfortable use.

The 900W power brushless motor guarantees a low noise level of 50 dB while providing efficient cutting performance. With an auto-oiling system for smooth wood cutting and the ability to use two large-capacity batteries (21V, 3.0Ah), this chainsaw is suitable for various outdoor tasks. Additionally, it’s compatible with a telescopic pole for tree pruning, adding to its versatility.

Best For: Homeowners looking for a lightweight and versatile tool for yard maintenance.


  • Lightweight design makes it easy to handle.
  • Safety features ensure secure operation.
  • Powerful brushless motor provides efficient cutting performance.


  • Issues reported with battery life and charging.
  • Mixed experiences with customer service.
  • Some users experienced compatibility issues with accessories.

Brushless Mini Chainsaw 8 inch &6 inch Electric Cordless Chainsaw with 2Pcs Battery Powered and Fast Charger Included

With its high-efficiency brushless motor and interchangeable 8” & 6” chainsaw, this cordless electric chainsaw is tailored for those seeking effortless yard work.

The brushless mini chainsaw comes with features like an auto-lubrication system and multiple safety protections, ensuring a smooth and secure operation.

The package includes a 4.0Ah battery, a 2.0Ah battery, a fast charger, a tool kit, a 6” bar and chain (already installed), an 8” guide plate and chain, a protective glove, and goggles.

Ideal for garden pruning, this chainsaw is backed by a 1-year after-sales guarantee and a 30-day return service.

Manufactured by Jinhua Maikesiman Technology Co., Ltd, this 5.74-pound cordless chainsaw runs on a 550-watt power source with two included lithium-ion batteries.

With a customer review rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 43 ratings, it ranks as #40,597 in Patio, Lawn & Garden and #160 in Power Chain Saws.

Best For: Homeowners looking for a versatile and efficient cordless chainsaw for garden pruning tasks.


  • Interchangeable 8” & 6” chainsaw for flexibility in cutting tasks.
  • High-efficiency brushless motor for smooth operation.
  • Auto-lubrication system and multiple safety protections for user convenience and security.


  • Limited battery life may require frequent recharging.
  • Some users may find the tool kit lacking in essential accessories.
  • The weight of 5.74 pounds may feel heavy during prolonged use.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an 8 Inch Electric Chainsaw

When selecting an 8-inch electric chainsaw, there are key factors to evaluate. You’ll want to assess its power and efficiency, ensuring it meets your yard work needs.

Additionally, don’t forget to look for safety features, check the battery performance, and think about its practical applications.

Key Selection Criteria

Consider important factors when selecting an 8-inch electric chainsaw for your yard work to guarantee efficiency and safety.

First, think about the power source. Electric chainsaws are lighter and quieter than gas-powered ones, making them more user-friendly.

Next, chain length plays a significant role. An 8-inch chain is ideal for small to medium cutting tasks around the yard.

Checking the motor power is essential as higher wattage motors provide increased cutting efficiency.

Safety features shouldn’t be overlooked. Look for models with automatic chain lubrication systems and safety locks to guarantee protection during operation.

To conclude, consider the weight and design of the chainsaw. Opt for a lightweight and ergonomic design to enhance comfort and control while using the tool.

Power and Efficiency

To guarantee top performance and efficiency when selecting an 8-inch electric chainsaw, prioritize key factors like motor power, chain speed, and safety features.

Look for a chainsaw with a powerful motor, ideally between 500-900 watts, to ensure efficient cutting of small to medium-sized branches and logs. Consider the chain speed, typically around 25-30 ft/s, as it contributes to quicker cutting performance and smoother operation.

Checking for features like an automatic oiler system is essential for consistent chain lubrication, ensuring prolonged chain life and reliable cutting performance. Opt for a lightweight design that offers easier maneuverability and less fatigue, especially important for one-handed operation.

Additionally, choose models with multiple safety protections such as security locks and automatic braking to enhance user safety during cutting tasks. By focusing on these power and efficiency aspects, you can select an 8-inch electric chainsaw that meets your yard work needs effectively.

Safety Features

Look for chainsaws equipped with essential safety features like chain brakes, kickback guards, and hand guards to enhance user protection during operation. Chain brakes are vital as they stop the chain from rotating if kickback occurs, reducing the risk of accidents.

Kickback guards help prevent the chainsaw from jerking back towards you, enhancing overall safety. Hand guards shield your hands from debris and accidental contact with the chain.

Additionally, consider models with automatic chain lubrication systems to keep the chain running smoothly and efficiently while minimizing maintenance requirements. Look for safety switches or buttons that need to be engaged before the chainsaw can be activated to prevent unintended starts.

Opt for chainsaws with ergonomic handles and grips to decrease fatigue and improve control, reducing the likelihood of mishaps. Furthermore, prioritize chainsaws with safety certifications like UL or ETL to adhere to industry safety standards, providing further peace of mind.

Battery Performance

For peak performance when selecting an 8-inch electric chainsaw, prioritize evaluating the battery capacity, voltage, and type to guarantee extended runtime and consistent power output. Look for chainsaws with fast-charging capabilities to minimize downtime between uses.

Additionally, consider if the chainsaw comes with extra batteries for uninterrupted work sessions. It’s important to assess the battery life and performance under various cutting conditions to make sure it meets your specific needs.

Make sure the battery is compatible with the chainsaw model, and think about investing in spare batteries for extended work periods without interruptions. By focusing on these battery-related factors, you can ensure that your 8-inch electric chainsaw delivers reliable power for efficient yard work, giving you the freedom to tackle tasks with ease and precision.

Be thorough in your evaluation to select a chainsaw that offers both convenience and performance in equal measure.

Practical Applications

When selecting an 8-inch electric chainsaw, prioritize assessing its practical applications to make sure it aligns with your specific cutting needs and tasks. An 8-inch electric chainsaw is a versatile tool suitable for various applications such as pruning, cutting small to medium branches, and light carpentry work. It’s ideal for farm, garden, and home use, catering to DIY enthusiasts, gardeners, and woodworkers.

The efficiency it offers in cutting through branches and trees makes it a convenient solution for landscaping and maintenance tasks. Its lightweight design and ease of handling make it recommended for both personal and commercial use. Whether you need it for deforestation, gardening, or other cutting needs, an 8-inch electric chainsaw enhances productivity and precision in outdoor tasks.

Consider the practical applications of this tool to make certain it meets your requirements and aids you in completing your cutting tasks effectively.


To sum up, when selecting an 8-inch electric chainsaw for your yard work, consider factors such as:

  • Power source
  • Battery life
  • Chain adjustment mechanism
  • Included accessories

Look for a model that meets your specific needs and preferences, whether it be:

  • Cordless
  • Brushless
  • Compatible with certain battery brands

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can guarantee that your yard work is done efficiently and effortlessly with the right 8-inch electric chainsaw.

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