Are all 14-inch chainsaw chains the same?

A chainsaw blade is a part that is useful in cutting wood logs. It has a bar and a chain.

After using it for many years, there may be a need to replace the blade.

It is the time you try to know, if any chain can fit in the 14-inch chainsaw, are all the chains in 14-inch similar?

Are all 14-inch chainsaw chains the same

Is it right to use any 14-inch chainsaw chain?

No. It is not right to use any chain in a 14-inch chainsaw.

It includes several factors to take into consideration such as the drive lugs size and the distance along the chain from each other.

This is a doubt arising when there is the need to change the chain of a chainsaw.

It is to know if they are type and brand-specific.

The chainsaw chain size does not correspond to the guide bar size.

Thus, determining the right chain size is necessary for a chainsaw of a 14-inch guide bar.

The fact is not all the chainsaw chains or bars fit another saw. It is not the same size to fit right for every other saw.

The large chainsaw bars are the best in work as they are powerful saws.

They need more energy around a long bar to drive a chain.

It is the reason the electric saws use 18” and shorter bars, while the chains in the chainsaw are measured so that they fit the bars exactly.

Is it possible to interchange the chainsaw chains?

No. You cannot interchange the chainsaw chains as the blades of the chainsaw are not universal.

Thus, not all the chains and bars fit your chainsaw machine.

The chains in the chainsaw must feature the correct specification to fit the chainsaw bar.

If the chain is too narrow or too long, it will not fit in either way.

Mixing the chain brands is not a problem if they are compatible.

The bars in the chainsaw are designed to suit a specific model and brand.

It is necessary to assure they fit the model and so check and confirm before buying.

If you are lucky, sometimes you may find a chain or a bar from the other brand matching your specifications for the home-grade chainsaw.

However, it is imperative to go through the specifications of the manufacturer, before buying a chainsaw blade as a replacement for the original.

If you wish to buy for your machine a spare chainsaw blade or if you are a repair technician of chainsaws, you may explore the chainsaw blades grittiest and nattiest features.

How to find a suitable replacement 14-inch chainsaw chain

Knowing the specifications of your chainsaw chain is important.

You may check the chainsaw bar and not the kinds of numbers mentioned on it.

The chainsaw blades differ in design, style, teeth combination, and size.

If you wish to buy a new chain fitting your chainsaw, carefully pay attention to the chain fitting the chainsaw bar.

Locate the chainsaw bar numbers and if you are using the original chainsaw bar, yet, you can get the details in the user manual.

The fact is true that every bar or chain does not fit the saw.

Electric saws use shorter or 18” bars and the larger chainsaw is more powerful taking more energy while driving a chain.

Chainsaw chains fit certain bars, so you may try fitting a chain to the bar.

The fitting is of importance because if it fails to fit, the chainsaw will not work.

You can get the required information as you wish to get a replacement chain or bar in the manual of the chainsaw.

However, if you do not have the manual anymore, you can measure the bar and the chain before you get the replacement parts.

Measure the chainsaw bar

Measuring the chainsaw bar is essential if you consider a replacement bar for the chainsaw, and the same is for the chain, as well.

Determine the bar size by measuring the useable bar length. It is known as the cutting or called length.

You can find the said chainsaw chain and bar length by measuring it from the front tip to the way back to the saw body keeping to the closest of the cutter.

You may round the measurement to the nearest inches in even number, such as an 18 ¾” measure may be taken as a 20” bar measure.

You may start looking for a 20” bar length.

Measuring the chainsaw chain becomes essential when you consider replacing the chainsaw.

There are two ways to know the replacement chain size, and it is possible without accessing the product manual.

You may measure the chain and look for other saw parts for the measurement.

To measure a chainsaw chain, you require two numbers:

  • Pitch: the distance of the chain’s drive links
  • Gauge: the groove width where the chain fits the bar

Measure the chain pitch by taking the distance of three consecutive rivets and dividing by 2 the result.

Measure from first to third, divide the number into half, and get the chain pitch.

The common measurement of a pitch is 325” and 3/8”.

Determine the chain gauge with this trick:

  • Find a dime or a penny, slide it into the chainsaw bar groove and determine the bar groove fitting without force.

For chain measurements, get the chainsaw bra information and find the stamp on the back of the bar.

Getting the right parts for any job is incredibly useful.

You may consider buying a laminated bar as it is corrosion resistant and get a carbide-tipped chain to fulfill heavier jobs.

Wrapping Up

 Finding a perfect chainsaw chain as the replacement is a wish for any woodworker. However, that is a bit difficult to happen.

Yet you may consider interchanging blades from different chainsaw models, and there are minor details worth considering.

You cannot overlook the pitch, gauge, and drive links number on the chainsaw blade, if you are looking to buy a spare chainsaw chain.

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