How To Clean Chainsaw Chain? (Explained)

Do your chainsaw chain look dirty? Do you want it to work efficiently?

Chainsaw chains can become dirty and clogged with debris.

This can cause the chain to slow down or even stop working altogether.

When you use a chainsaw to cut woods, the resins of wood get fastened to the chain lubricant of the chainsaw and the dirt present on it.

All these things affect the proper working of chainsaws.

How To Clean Chainsaw Chain

How to clean sap off chainsaw chain?

There are many ways through which the chain of the chainsaw can be cleaned, however, it will require some tools such as wire brush, paint brushes, grease gun, WD40 spray, universal cleaner, bar groove cleaning tools, flat hand file, small head screwdrivers, scrench, and warm water.

To begin with the first step will be to remove the bar and chain so that internal parts can have easy access but before doing this make sure that the chainsaw is disconnected from the power.

After doing this, loose the nuts using the hexagonal wrench but make sure that before removing the clutch cover the anti-kickback chain brake is disengaged.

Proceeding forward the second step will be cleaning of the bar, after separating the chain from the bar take out the chain and keep aside.

Considering the dirt, one can use a degreaser or solvent.

For example, if a chainsaw was used for cutting trees then a soapy water solution and a clog rag will be sufficient for removing the dirt.

However, if there is some hardened dirt then to remove the same wire brush will be required to scrap away.

Moving further, for cleaning the chain, a solution of turpentine or household ammonia with water will be required.

The solution best works for remove the grease within the links of the chain.

Now with the help of the wire brush and scrape take clean the chain slowly.

Use gloves and eye protection from severe damages to skin.

However, if the chain is not so dirty then scraping off the dirt with the wired brush will be sufficient.

Moreover, one can also take a household Iye solution in a container mixed with half bucket of water.

Take the chain and put it inside the solution for around 20 minutes or longer as per how dirty it is.

After this, remove the chain with the help of hook tool do not engage with bare hands as it can be harmful. Wash with water thoroughly and let the chain dry.

After all these processes make sure that the chain is dip into freshly cleaned chain bar oil, remove the access oil.

This will help in protecting the chain from getting rust. Once all the things are done put all the parts back together.

Turn off the chainsaw

Before cleaning the chain of the electrical chainsaw, ensure to remove all power supplying tools like spark plugs, the battery in the chainsaw to avoid accidents.

And for the gas chainsaw, remove all the fluids present in it.

It will help in easy cleaning of the chain without danger of any unpleasant event.

Remove the chain.

Firstly, lose the two nuts present on the sides of the bar of the chainsaw.

After this, remove the chain from the saw. Place it outside to clean it if it’s very muddy.

Chainsaw cleaning solvent.

It is an important step to clean the chainsaw chain.

All you need is to prepare a solution of household ammonia and water.

While using ammonia, be in an open area.

You keep your eyes and hands covered with glasses and gloves to prevent reactions.

Take a cup of ammonia and mix in excess water. Soak the chain in this solution for 15-20 minutes.

Clean the grease, dirt, and other spots on the chain with a brush.

After cleaning with a brush, place the chain under the water to remove the ammonia solution.

Dry the chain.

You are almost there to clean the chain. Now, you dry the chain with a dry towel.

You need to dry it very well and clear all moisture on it for better results.

Soak chainsaw in oil.

After drying the water from the chain, keep the chain in a tray having oil for lubrication.

Drop the chain in this oil for 3 hours.

 After 3 hours, change the side of the chain and dip the other side for the next 3 hours.

After that, remove the chain and again clean the chain with a dry towel to remove extra oil. It will prevent the chain from rusting.

Finally, your chain is clean, and you’re good to go.


In the above discussion, we talked about the process of cleaning the chainsaw chain.

Firstly we need to take safety measures like turning off all the power running tools in the chainsaw.

Then separate the chain from the chainsaw to clean it.

Then we talked about the cleaning solvent. It’s the solution of ammonia and water. We use it to wash all the dirt.

After this, you placed the chain under the water. Then we dried it.

Finally, we lubricated it and then inserted the chain back to the chainsaw for proper working.  

This process helps to get rid of all the spots of dirt on it. We do this to increase the efficiency of the chainsaw to work.

Cleaning a chainsaw is an easy process however, it depends upon how dirty the chain is.

In some cases, with just a soapy solution the chain can be cleaned but in some cases, it requires a deep solution.

While doing the cleaning process it is important that the person take proper precautions such as wearing a thick glove along with the eye protection gear in order to protect the skin.

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