How To Take A Link Out Of A Chainsaw Chain? (Explained)

To remove a link from a chainsaw chain, gather the necessary tools: a chain breaker tool, a ball peen hammer, and a solid piece of metal. Place the chain on a stable surface with the targeted link accessible. Position the chain breaker tool over the rivet of the link you want to remove (the small pin holding the links together) and use the ball peen hammer to strike it with enough force to break the rivet, being careful not to damage the chain. Once the rivet is broken, separate the chain links and remove the desired link. If you need to rejoin the chain, use a chain spinner tool to press a new rivet into the chain, connecting the two ends.

A chainsaw is a very useful tool or a piece of equipment for the folks who are fond of landscaping.

If they like to do all the tree work by themselves and do not want to hire professionals, they will find the chainsaw to be of immense help to cut trees or wood.

take a link out of a chainsaw chain

How is a chainsaw a handy tool?

A chainsaw is a handy tool as it helps in bringing down a dead tree, removing heavy branches fallen, and cutting up firewood.

Though it is a handy tool, the chainsaws always do not work correctly .

They also need a bit of alignment of blade or adjustment of links.

Is it possible to take a link out of a chainsaw chain?

Yes, it is possible to take a link out of a chainsaw chain. It is specifically a necessity when the chainsaw chains are reduced.

The chainsaw links connect using a small metal pin on the link each side.

After the chainsaw operates for some time, the chain stretches. Thus, removing a link from the chainsaw chain becomes inevitable.

It saves you more money than buying a new chain.

However, removing a link from the chainsaw chain must be done correctly. It is also dangerous to use a too long or loose chain.

Fortunately, you may remove a link and adjust the chain to its tension and proper length.

Can a chainsaw chain be shortened?

Yes, a chainsaw chain may be shortened.

Depending on the shortening of chain reason, you may consider it safe to do.

The chain having a master link requires you to remove it.

Thus, you may remove the correct length of the chain and keep essential links.

If the chain lacks a master link, there is a need for a special rivet tool to help you shorten the chain.

Chainsaw chains are shortened, and the difficulty begins in understanding if there is a master link in the chain or not.

It is necessary to discuss and decide on worn chain shortening as it may be dangerous.

How to Shorten a Chain Featuring a Master Link

The chainsaw chains feature a master link that is designed specifically to remove easily so that the chain requires shortening.

Without a master link, reducing a chain is easy, as the master link is not involved.

Removing the Master Link

Allow the chain to cool

Working on a chainsaw or a car, the foremost step is to allow the equipment to cool.

Recently, if you did not use your chainsaw, it is not essential. Nevertheless, if it has been in use, allow it to cool.

The engine and the chain must cool to the extent that you touch them without discomfort.

Remove spark plug

The second step relates to safety.

Remove from the chainsaw the spark plug . It prevents the chainsaw from firing up as you work on it.

Some skip this step, but it is recommended to be safe than sorry.

Remove the master link from the location

The third step is to locate the master link and remove it.

The master link should be removed from the chain links to shorten the chain.

The master link is easy to find, and it is different from other chain links.

The master links vary in design in different chains. It is tough to remove the master links.

Conversely, some chains are to snap, or a few can clip to keep them secure.

Pop it helps to keep the hands open, or you can use pliers and consider unlocking the master link.

As the chain-link becomes free, disconnect it from other links.

It is done using a pair of pliers, a needle-nose vice grip, or channel locks.

No matter, what tool you choose, you have to pry gently and use strength to maneuver the chain link to free it.

As the master link is disconnected completely from the links, you can get a disconnected chain that is ready to be shortened.

Shortening the Chain

Shortening the chain is to remove the correct additional links from the chain once the master link is free.

The links should be simple to remove. Reconnect the chain, remove the links and reconnect the chain. 

Attach the master link on the chain’s other end. Check the chain tension after reassembling it completely.

It is essential to check the chain tension and the test done is known as a snap test.

You may check the chain tension as your spark plug stays disconnected.

In one hand, hold the chainsaw, and with another grasp the chain on the bar topside .

Pull the chain from the bar and release it.

A tensioned chain snaps back very quickly into place and has no sag at the bottom of the bar.

If your chainsaw passes the snap test, it means the chain is adequately tensioned at the right length.

Continue adjusting the length and repeat steps 1 to 3.

Reconnect the spark plug, ensure the correct length, check tension, and get back to work.

Shortening a chain without a master link

Chains feature a master link and require a special tool to disconnect the chain to shorten it by removing links.

If the chain lacks a master link, get a rivet installation tool.

It allows you to release the links to free the chain and to give you access to other free links.

You may pick up a tool at the hardware store or local saw shop.

Using the tool, take out the rivets from the chain links and reconnect. Ensure and secure the connections.

Wrapping up

Discussing whether you need to shorten the chainsaw chain by taking a link out is important.

If you need to do it, it means the chainsaw chain is too long with many links.

If so, reducing the chain is a good idea and safe. Shortening the chain is necessary as it stretches with use and wears over time.

Shortening a chain worn-out does not fix any problem, such as rectifying worn parts.

The shortening of the chain is because it is dangerous to use and needs replacement.

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