How To Extend A Chainsaw Bar And Chain Life? (Explained)

Chainsaws are a great piece of tool for handiwork.

They are quite expensive, and virtually everyone wants their chainsaw to last for a long time.

To achieve this, important care and proper maintenance steps should always be maintained.

The chain and the chainsaw bar are among the essential parts of the chainsaw, and great attention should be given to them.

Chainsaws can quickly wear out or become blunt if they are not appropriately maintained.

Blunt and torn chain saws are usually replaced; hence, chainsaw owners would surely extend the lifetime of their chainsaw if they pay apt attention to the chainsaw bar and the chain.

Adequate maintenance would not only extend the lifespan of the chainsaw, but it would boost its efficiency.

You will enjoy using your chainsaw if the chain bar and chain are sharp.

Here are some of the maintenance tips that will extend the lifespan of your chain bar and chainsaw.

How To Extend A Chainsaw Bar And Chain Life

Regular sharpening of the chain saw

Sharpening of chainsaws is a critical practice in chain saw maintenance.

The chain saw should move freely, and it should be routinely sharpened daily or weekly to maintain excellent efficiency.

The chain can be damaged if the sharpening process is done wrongly.

Wrong sharpening can cause kickbacks; hence, chainsaw users must read the user manual for instructions on how to sharpen correctly.

While sharpening, you should ensure that all the teeth are given the same attention.

You can either use a hand file or a mechanical grinder.

You should apply the same up number of strokes on all the teeth, and the same volume of metal should be removed.

Look at the chain closely to find the etched line.

Follow the path while sharpening and ensure that the teeth are filed at an accurate angle.

Read the users manual of the chain saw packaging to learn more about chain saw sharpening strategy.

Proper attention should be given to the depth gauge.

The gauge should be used to ensure that the heights are the same and well-aligned.

Else, the chain will not cut, or it will kickback.

The chain will not decrease if the rakers are too high, and they might receive a payment if the rakers are too low.

The pattern of sharpening can cause the bar to worn evenly or unevenly.

Uneven wearing can be avoided by flipping the bar regularly during the chain sharpening.

​Always check the tension in the chain

Your chainsaw chain can cut easily if it is too right, and it can cause injury if it sags.

The pressure should be perfect for ideal cutting.

It is imperative to always check the tension in the chain before using the chainsaw for cutting.

You can quickly check the tension on the chain manually.

Slide the chain while placing your hand on the top to feel the pressure.

You will feel a little snug, but the snug will not affect free sliding.

Place your hand at the top of the middle of the chain and lift the middle tooth.

Go ahead and hold the bottom of this tooth and pull it up.

If the root of the tooth can be pulled out of its groove upwards, then the tension in the chain is reduced.

It is recommended for the tension in the chain to sag at the bottom while cutting.

If you are storing the chain for long, then you should loosen it up.

Always ensure that the tension in the string is low if you are not going to use it for a long time.

Before storage, continually readjust the pressure until the chain is sagging.

Always check to confirm that the tension is okay before every cutting.  

It is also recommended to check the voltage while cutting because the chain will warm up, and this might affect the pressure.

Ensure accurate lubrication

The chain bar functions well when it is lubricated. You should always lubricate the chain bar before using it.

The chain bar will overheat and become weak when operated with no oil.

Inadequate lubrication will not only reduce the lifespan of the chain bar and chain, but it might cause serious injuries.

The recommended routine is for you always to lubricate the chain bar whenever you refuel your chainsaw.

You should watch out for spillage of oils while ensuring that the oil is well sprayed across the nose of the chin bar.

You should always check to find out whether the oil well sprayed by holding the chain bar above leaves or above the snow.

You should routinely clean the hole of the oil reservoir if you discover that the chain saw is not spraying oil.

Always check the brake grips

The chain bar may experience some kickbacks if the brakes are not working well.

You should always check the braking system of the chain bar before every use.

The procedure is straightforward.

You should ignite the chainsaw and allow it to operate as though you are using it for real cutting.

The chain saw should be stable. You can achieve this by placing it on a surface that is fixed at a point.

Hold the throttle of the chain saw while using one of your hands to hold the handle.

While the chain is running, you place one of your wrist against the chain brake.

The chain should stop rotating if everything is fine.

Failure to stop implies that the chain brake is not right. Don’t attempt to use the chainsaw if you discover this.

It is very dangerous.

The chain bar would quickly get damaged, and it might lead to severe injuries to the operator.

​Proper operation and proper storage

Wrong operations would cause the chain bar to damage.

Improper maintenance will cause the chain bar to bend, break, or pinch.

Be careful while using the chain bar. Ensure that you don’t drop it on the floor. You should not place heavy items on the bar.

Always store in a dry place devoid of moist. Exposure to wet will cause rusting of the chain bar.

Rusted chain bars will deteriorate quickly, and you would soon need a replacement.

​Wrapping up

Extending the lifespan of your chain bar and chain is not quite a tricky thing.

It involves regular maintenance and care.

You should maintain a routine and ensure that you adhere to the upkeep above tips.

A well-maintained chainsaw bar is efficient, safe, and long-lasting. Please read your user instructions for more tips.

Thanks for reading.

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