Can I Run A Chainsaw With A Pacemaker? (Explained)

If you have a pacemaker, you may be able to use a chainsaw safely with proper instruction from your doctor.

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Chainsaws are typically not recommended for people with pacemakers because the vibrations from the saw could cause the machine to overheat and malfunction.

However, depending on the type of pacemaker and cutting requirements, some chainsaws may be safe to use.

Can I Run A Chainsaw With A Pacemaker

What is Pacemaker?

A pacemaker is a medically prescribed device for people with Heart problems.

It is placed within the Heart or abdominal region surgically for the treatment of Arrhythmia.

If the Heartbeat is not regular, too fast, or too slow, the pacemaker is useful in controlling and regulating the beats of the Heart.

The pacemaker works by sending electrical impulses to assist the Heart in pumping normally, and it is efficient in quelling Heart failure.

What Happens After Pacesetter Surgery?

After the insertion of the pacemaker, patients are usually advised not to engage in strenuous activities, but lately, there are some opinions by some people that Handymen can carry out their jobs even with a pacemaker without any negative effect.

It is quite confusing, and many have always been asking whether one can run a chainsaw with a pacemaker considering that the Heart is a very delicate part that requires regular care.

This article will give some good information as to whether it is good to operate the chainsaw when you are on a pacemaker.

Firstly, the Pacemaker comes with instructions advising users not to use power tools, including chainsaws, while they are still on the pacemaker.

After the implantation of the pacemaker, it is pertinent to be watchful of the places you go.

Yes, it is not advisable to work using weighty tools, but you should be cautious about the working environment.

You should avoid places with MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) as possible as you can because exposure to MRI can have adverse effects on the implanted pacemaker.

Strong fields will be produced, leading to shocks and irregular stop-and-start gimmicks by the pacemaker.

We know that the pacemaker is designed to regulate the pulse rate in the Heart, but it can create electric shocks once it comes in contact with electrical impulses or fields around it.

As such, you should avoid equipment that generates large electromagnetic and electrical fields around them as they can trigger the pacemaker to shut off.

In some cases, the interferences produced may be more detrimental to the Heart.

To be on the safe side, it is best to contact your Medical adviser about the chainsaw and seek his or her opinion on whether it is safe for use.

If you are not too sure about your working environment, it is advisable to go for the modern pacemaker.

They are very responsive, and they easily adjust based on what they sense within the environment.

With this type of pacemaker, the Heart rate will adjust in accordance with your activity; hence, you can comfortably use your chainsaw while on this type of pacemaker.

In most cases, the vibration due to the Chainsaw will not be too severe and is almost similar to normal vibrations; the pacemaker will only cause a slight increase in the heart rate and it poses no harm and has almost the same effect as normal circumstances.

On the other-hand, using a chainsaw while on the pacemaker can be very dangerous because of the pacemaker’s sensitivity to Radio frequency (RF).

Once the chainsaw is sparked, it can cause RF energy across various spectrums and interferences.

One to two months after recovery from the pacemaker surgery, it is safe to use some light power tools and the Chainsaw is among this group.

Devices that use high electrical currents are dangerous to use while still on the pacemaker.

In addition, the patients can fully participate in activities involving lifting of objects and other physically demanding tasks but then, they are advised to stay away from contact sports such as boxing to avoid heavy blows to the chest and the trauma that will follow.

I know there are several activities out there and you may be perplexed as per the ones to engage in.

But then, it is very important to decide for yourself considering your physical and emotional state.

You will be exposed to more danger if your chainsaw is powered by Gas.

The ignition of the spark plug creates massive electromagnetic field and this has ample impact on the pacemaker.

This happens invisibly as it is conducted into your body as leakage current.

It happens spontaneously without your consciousness, but it actually passes through the hand at the point of contact with the chainsaw into the body.

Once it enters, he body, it will dislodge the smooth operation of the pacemaker and this might affect your heart beat rate.

The spark plugs are located very close to the handgrip of gas-powered chainsaws and this increases the severity.

I hope you know that consistent tinkering of the heartbeat is very detrimental.

This is tenable in virtually all versions and models of the pacemaker.

Some pacemakers come with defibrillator components and they can be switched off totally when using a magnet and will only get back to work when it is removed.

Some older models were not flexible as they did not return to the normal programming after the removal of the effects.

The switch of the pacemaker will trigger and your pulse rate will increase if you hold the chainsaw close to your chest.

Now, you shouldn’t be surprised because the switch will return to normal once the chainsaw is moved away from your chest.

This underlines how dangerous it is for you to hold the chainsaw close to your chest while on the pacemaker.

But then, the new versions of pacemakers will not pose immense danger compared to the older versions.

I know you can’t wait for your transplant date to come.

But then, you wouldn’t be totally cutoff from your job because you can still use your chainsaw while on the pacemaker.

Final Words

In summary, you can operate the chainsaw while on your pacemaker. It all depends on the circumstance.

The new versions of pacemakers can give you some leverage since you can adjust the rate of trigger.

To be on the safe side, you should avoid keeping the chainsaw close to your chest.

More so, you should put on thick leather apron while using the chainsaw.

You should avoid using the chainsaw like plague if you know that you cannot shield your chest against the electromagnetic radiations from your chainsaw sparks.

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