5 Best Chainsaws for Cutting Down Trees (Tested & Rated)

If you’re in the market for a reliable chainsaw to tackle tree cutting tasks, the choices can be overwhelming. However, before you make your decision, it’s essential to understand the key features that set each of these top chainsaws apart. From power and battery life to ease of use and engine efficiency, each model brings something unique to the table. So, before you head out to the next section, let’s break down what makes these 5 best chainsaws stand out and how they could potentially transform your tree cutting experience.

SKIL PWR CORE 40 Brushless 40V 14″ Lightweight Chainsaw Kit (CS4555-10)

powerful cordless chainsaw kit

For those seeking a lightweight and powerful chainsaw for tree-cutting tasks, the SKIL PWR CORE 40 Brushless 40V 14′ Chainsaw Kit (CS4555-10) is an excellent choice.

This cordless chainsaw comes with a PWR CORE 40 2.5Ah lithium battery and Auto PWR JUMP charger, offering convenience and efficiency.

The digital brushless motor provides powerful performance, while the PWR CORE 40 lithium battery technology guarantees longer run time and battery life.

With tool-less chain tensioning and auto-lubrication features, this chainsaw is designed for ease of use.

Additionally, the anti-kickback brake enhances safety during operation.

The SKIL PWR CORE 40 Chainsaw Kit is praised for its power, performance, and user-friendly design, making it a reliable option for various tree-cutting needs.

Best For: Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts looking for a lightweight yet powerful cordless chainsaw for tree-cutting tasks.


  • Powerful performance with the digital brushless motor.
  • Long run time and battery life with the PWR CORE 40 lithium battery technology.
  • Easy to use with tool-less chain tensioning and auto-lubrication features.


  • Mixed user experiences reported.
  • Some users mention the need for additional batteries for longer runtime.
  • Comparison to other brands may lead to varying satisfaction levels.

Chain Saw, Gas, 14 In. Bar, 30.5CC

gas powered 14 inch bar chainsaw

The Chain Saw, Gas, 14 In. Bar, 30.5CC from ECHO OPE is a powerful and compact option ideal for homeowners tackling tree cutting tasks. This gasoline-powered chainsaw boasts a 5.3 hp engine with a 30.5cc engine displacement, offering a balance of power and maneuverability.

With a 14-inch chain length, it’s suitable for cutting small to medium-sized trees and branches. The saw features convenient elements like an automatic chain oiler, anti-vibration handle, lanyard ring, and an inertia-type chain brake for safety.

Users have praised its ease of use, performance, and minimal smoke emission during operation. While some plastic parts are noted, the overall cutting efficiency and starting effort have received positive feedback.

If you’re looking for a reliable gas chainsaw for your tree cutting needs, this model could be a suitable choice.

Best For: Homeowners looking for a powerful yet compact gas chainsaw for cutting small to medium-sized trees and branches.


  • Powerful 5.3 hp engine with 30.5cc displacement for efficient cutting.
  • Features like automatic chain oiler and anti-vibration handle enhance user experience.
  • Positive feedback on ease of use, performance, and minimal smoke emission during operation.


  • Some plastic parts noted in the construction.
  • Limited to cutting small to medium-sized trees and branches due to 14-inch chain length.
  • Potential issues with E-gas usage in the chainsaw.

EGO Power+ CS1611 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw

cordless chainsaw with power

Ideal for homeowners or professional landscapers looking for a powerful and versatile chainsaw, the EGO Power+ CS1611 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw offers efficient cutting performance and easy maneuverability. With a 16-inch bar and chain, a chain speed of 20m/s, and a tool-free chain tensioning system, this chainsaw is designed for convenience and effectiveness.

It features an IPX4-rated weather-resistant construction, a low kickback chain design with brake indicator, and an automatic oiling system with a spill-free reservoir. Equipped with robust metal bucking spikes, this chainsaw is powered by a 56V ARC Lithium™ battery, providing equivalent power to a 40CC gas chainsaw.

Customers appreciate its easy chain tension adjustment, battery attachment/detachment, efficient cutting abilities, good battery life, and lightweight maneuverability. This EGO chainsaw is a reliable option for various cutting tasks and clean-up jobs.

Best For: Homeowners and professional landscapers seeking a powerful and versatile cordless chainsaw with efficient cutting performance and easy maneuverability.


  • Easy to adjust chain tension for optimal cutting performance
  • Lightweight design for easy handling and maneuverability
  • Reliable battery system with good life and quick charging capabilities


  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty professional logging operations
  • Limited run time compared to gas-powered chainsaws
  • Initial investment cost for battery and charger may be higher

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX* Brushless Chainsaw Kit (2.0 Ah) (DCCS670T1)

dewalt powerful cordless chainsaw

If you prioritize portability and ease of maintenance in your tree-cutting tools, consider the DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX* Brushless Chainsaw Kit (2.0 Ah) (DCCS670T1) for your needs.

This chainsaw features a low kickback 16-inch Oregon bar and chain, making it suitable for various cutting tasks. With tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening, maintenance becomes hassle-free. The auto-oiling function guarantees continuous lubrication, while the chain brake provides kickback protection for safety.

You can expect up to 70 cuts per charge on a 6-inch x 6-inch pressure-treated pine wood, thanks to its powerful battery. Compatible with 60 V MAX tools and backward compatible with 20 V MAX tools, this chainsaw offers versatility in your projects.

Overall, users appreciate its ease of use, battery life, and performance, making it a reliable choice for clearing trails and yard work.

Best For: Those who prioritize portability, ease of maintenance, and reliable performance in their tree-cutting tools.


  • Hassle-free maintenance with tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening.
  • Continuous lubrication ensured by auto-oiling function.
  • Versatile compatibility with 60 V MAX and 20 V MAX tools.


  • Occasional reports of issues like burning smell and missing parts.
  • Some users recommend having an extra battery for continuous use.
  • Mixed feedback on product longevity and durability.

Husqvarna 440 Gas Chainsaw, 18 Inch, X-Torq Engine

powerful gas chainsaw model

With its powerful X-Torq engine and lightweight design, the Husqvarna 440 Gas Chainsaw is an efficient choice for professional arborists and homeowners tackling tree-cutting tasks.

Featuring a slim body and easy starting, this chainsaw boasts a 40-cc, 2.4-HP engine that reduces emissions by up to 60% and enhances fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

Equipped with Air Injection Technology for improved engine life, the Husqvarna 440 also includes a Smart Start feature for effortless start-up and an inertia-activated chain brake to reduce kickback.

Its side-mounted tensioning system and LowVib technology contribute to easier handling.

With an 18-inch chain length, this gas-powered chainsaw weighs 11.68 pounds, making it a versatile tool for various cutting needs.

Best For: Homeowners and professional arborists seeking a powerful and efficient chainsaw for tree-cutting tasks.


  • Easy starting and lightweight design for user convenience.
  • X-Torq engine reduces emissions and increases fuel efficiency.
  • Smart Start feature and chain brake enhance safety and ease of use.


  • Some users may experience issues with starting.
  • One user reported receiving an older, non-operational chainsaw.
  • Price may be a concern for budget-conscious buyers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Chainsaw for Cutting Down Trees

When selecting a chainsaw for cutting down trees, there are several key factors to take into account. The power of the chainsaw is vital for efficiently cutting through different types of trees. Additionally, the length of the bar, engine efficiency, weight, handling, and safety features are all important aspects to think over before making your purchase.

Tree Cutting Power

Consider the chainsaw’s horsepower as a key factor to assess the power output necessary for efficiently cutting down trees. A higher horsepower signifies the ability to handle tougher cutting tasks.

Look for features like a high chain speed and torque, as these are important for effectively managing thick tree trunks. Additionally, checking the engine displacement is essential since a larger displacement generally means more power for cutting down trees.

Evaluate the chainsaw’s cutting capacity by examining the bar length and chain size to make sure it can handle the sizes of trees you need to cut. Choosing a chainsaw with advanced technology, such as brushless motors, can provide increased power and performance when tackling tree cutting tasks.

Bar Length Importance

When selecting a chainsaw for cutting down trees, one important factor to keep in mind is the bar length of the chainsaw. The bar length determines the maximum diameter of the tree that can be cut with your chainsaw.

Longer bar lengths are vital for cutting larger trees, offering greater reach and cutting capacity. On the other hand, shorter bar lengths provide increased maneuverability, making them suitable for tight spaces.

Bar lengths typically range from 10 to 24 inches, so choosing the right size depends on the trees you plan to cut and the level of control you need. It’s essential to strike a balance between reach and control to ensure efficient and safe cutting of trees.

Consider the size of the trees in your area and your comfort level with handling the chainsaw to select the most appropriate bar length for your tree-cutting needs.

Engine Efficiency

Engine efficiency is a key factor in a chainsaw’s performance and fuel consumption. It’s important to choose models with high horsepower ratings for better cutting performance. Look for advanced engine technologies like X-Torq, which not only reduce emissions but also increase fuel efficiency.

Opt for a chainsaw with a more efficient engine to enjoy longer run times and reduced maintenance, saving time and effort. Chainsaws with smart start features ensure easy starting and smooth operation during cutting tasks.

Prioritizing engine efficiency in your chainsaw selection enhances performance, longevity, and environmental friendliness.

Weight and Handling

To guarantee ease of use and comfortable operation when selecting a chainsaw for cutting down trees, prioritize the weight and handling features of the tool. Opt for a lighter chainsaw model as they’re easier to handle for extended periods.

Look for ergonomic handles and anti-vibration technology to enhance comfort and reduce fatigue while using the chainsaw. Balanced weight distribution in a chainsaw can offer better control and maneuverability when tackling tree cutting tasks.

Consider the overall design and construction of the chainsaw to ensure peak handling and ease of operation in different cutting scenarios. Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to test out the chainsaw in person to determine if the weight and handling suit your comfort and cutting needs.

Safety Features Needed

Consider selecting a chainsaw with essential safety features to guarantee a secure cutting experience when taking down trees. Look for anti-kickback features to prevent sudden recoil that can catch you off guard during operation.

Make sure the chainsaw is equipped with an inertia-activated chain brake that stops the chain immediately in case of kickback, adding an extra layer of protection. Opt for models with low vibration technology to reduce fatigue and enhance control while operating the chainsaw.

Choose a chainsaw with easy-start mechanisms such as Smart Start or electric ignition for safe and effortless starting, minimizing the risk of accidents. Additionally, prioritize chainsaws with automatic chain oiling systems to ensure the chain stays lubricated for smooth operation, enhancing both performance and safety.

Battery Vs Gas

When selecting a chainsaw for cutting down trees, weigh the factors between battery and gas power sources to make an informed decision.

Gas-powered chainsaws are known for their robust power, making them ideal for heavy-duty tree cutting tasks. On the other hand, battery-powered chainsaws offer benefits like quieter operation, lighter weight, and easier maintenance compared to their gas counterparts.

Gas chainsaws require regular refueling and maintenance, while battery chainsaws need recharging and occasional battery replacements. Additionally, battery chainsaws are environmentally friendly with zero emissions, making them a greener choice.

However, gas chainsaws provide longer runtime and consistent power output, making them suitable for extended cutting sessions without the need for frequent recharging. Consider your specific needs, such as power requirements, maintenance preferences, environmental concerns, and intended usage duration, to determine whether a battery or gas chainsaw is the best fit for your tree-cutting tasks.

Maintenance Considerations

Regular maintenance tasks play a vital role in guaranteeing the peak performance and longevity of a chainsaw used for cutting down trees. Keeping your chainsaw in top condition involves regular chain sharpening and tension adjustment to maximize cutting performance.

Additionally, cleaning the air filter and inspecting for fuel leaks are essential for safe and efficient operation. Properly lubricating the chain and bar is necessary to prevent wear and tear and extend the chainsaw’s lifespan.

Regularly checking and replacing the spark plug when needed improves starting reliability and overall performance. When not in use, store your chainsaw in a dry, secure place and adhere to manufacturer guidelines for maintenance intervals.

Brand Reliability

To make an informed choice when selecting a chainsaw for cutting down trees, factor in the brand’s reputation for reliability and durability in the industry. Prioritize brands with a proven track record of producing high-quality chainsaws known for their performance and longevity.

Conduct thorough research by delving into customer reviews and ratings to assess brand reliability based on real user experiences. Additionally, prioritize brands that offer extensive warranties, reliable customer support, and easy access to replacement parts for long-term reliability and support.

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