Best Bucking Chainsaw

How many of you have ever been in a situation where it is so cold outside that your hands are numb and the only way to get warm is to sit next to a hot fire?

The problem with this solution is that it also makes for an extremely unsafe environment. What’s the best solution then? Keep reading!

In my research, I found out about these bucking chainsaws. Bucking chainsaws are designed to cut through large logs without getting stuck on knots or splitting off little bits of wood.

Their teeth can go through anything because they’re serrated which means there’s no limit as to how thick the log can be.

Best Bucking Chainsaw

Top Bucking Chainsaw in 2023

You’re looking for a good bucking chainsaw? Well, you better be prepared to say goodbye to your paycheck because this is not a cheap purchase.

But if you are serious about getting some work done, then this is an investment that will definitely pay off. Just make sure to test it out before buying!

The table below is a comparison chart of the good bucking chainsaws. This table contains the reason for pick, highlighted features, weight capacity, and item weight of these chainsaws.

Husqvarna 20-inch Gas Chainsaw

This is a gasoline chainsaw for forest felling, this gasoline chainsaw equips 55. 5cc 20 inch gas chainsaw cutting equipment.

This machine is specially designed for forestry tasks, such as felling trees in the forest, but always intended for sporadic use.

Due to the functionality for which it has been prepared for small gardening tasks, it becomes a somewhat heavy and somewhat uncomfortable machine to manipulate due to its large sword, qualities that will be essential for felling.

It comes with an automatic oil pump that is adjustable providing constant greasing to the bar and chain. It has an anti-vibration system so stability and comfort are guaranteed by silent blocks that reduce user fatigue.

It comes equipped with a 2-cycle engine and gives you a better grip. Easy access for servicing the air filter, spark plug, and carburetor.

Poulan Pro 20-inch Gas Chainsaw

It is an ideal chainsaw for domestic and professional work. This is a practical and easy-to-use product thanks to its devices that simplify ignition, an issue that in other equipment is somewhat uncomfortable.

This is a 20-inch bucking chainsaw that is easy to start and easy to operate. Newly designed handle with damping system

It comes with a 2-stroke engine.

Also, it features chain lubrication, which allows a 20% lower fuel consumption. In its, rear handle, a combi tool is also integrated, it is always there for you when you will require it for maintenance.

Also, it has an effortless pull starting system that reduces pull forces by 30% for an easy start and reduces wear on its starting mechanism.

Makita 61 cc Chain Saw

This equipment is versatile with a power of 4.6 HP, which makes its use very suitable for continuous work such as pruning trees in the garden. It is one of the most popular gasoline chainsaws today.

It features 13,800 RPM that offers fast acceleration for more professional and precise cutting performance. One of the awesome features of this model is that it has a compact design with smooth surfaces that offers operator comfort and easy cleaning.

Its advanced vibration dampening system is designed to reduce vibration. If you are looking for a bucking chainsaw that is affordable yet offers powerful performance, we recommend going with this model.

It’s heavy-duty air filer system extends filter life and improves its durability.

Factors To Consider In Buying A Bucking Chainsaw

There are many factors to consider in buying a bucking chainsaw, check out the following points.

Noise Level

This aspect is essential if you are in a residential area, these tools are generally one of the loudest. So, you do have to use them near homes and for a long time, you should not use one with too much horsepower due to the level of noise it causes outside.

To do this, you should consult the datasheet for the noise level generated by the internal combustion saw, in this way you will have greater security in the purchase, especially if you use it for long work sessions.

Operating The Gasoline Chainsaw

Internal combustion engine chainsaws are more powerful than electric chainsaws in the same price range and can handle both basic and semi-professional or professional jobs.

The Difficulty Of Use

This is an element that you should keep in mind if you are not used to using this type of work tool. They have some difficulty, are usually heavy and even on ignition it can be difficult to ignite when you are not familiar with the equipment.


The latter refers in particular to the mechanical maintenance of the engine. In essence, you will not only have to fill the diesel tank, but also the oil tank. Preventive maintenance will make the combustion chainsaw last over time.

Odors And Smoke

If you are going to buy gasoline-powered chainsaws, remember that, they emit fumes from the exhaust, due to the use of fuel to provide the energy necessary for the movement of the chain.

Try to choose the one that has the least emissions, currently all new equipment has this controlled aspect.

Dimensions And Weight

These two aspects must be carefully evaluated, based on your body constitution. If you have relatively little strength in your arms, then you should consider choosing a lighter, lower-volume chainsaw.


In the case of gasoline chainsaws, a good value to take into account is horsepower, always considering that a non-professional chainsaw will have a power of about 1.80-1.90 horsepower.

  • 3-2.0 kW Power for household saws is used to prune plants or small-diameter trees
  • 0-3.0 kW They are semi-professional for medium and large-diameter trees.
  • 0 kW or more for Professional Large Diameter Tree Saws.


Another piece of information that you must take into account to evaluate the power level of a chainsaw is the RPM, which is set at an average of 10,000 revolutions per minute, for medium-power engines.

The Size Of The Bar

It is important to evaluate the length of the bar, this determines the length of the cut. Non-professional chainsaws usually have a bar length of 35-40 cm, but it is not difficult for you to find models, with bars of greater length if that were the case, such as a 55-60 cm.

Final Words

Today, there is a wide variety of chainsaws on the market, adapted to the specific needs of each potential user. To choose the most appropriate one, the following aspects must be considered:

  • Frequency of chainsaw use: daily, a few days a month, a few days a year.
  • Type of use: private or professional.