How To Apply For Chainsaw Reimbursement From Fema (Guide)

Fema, the federal government helps individuals during their necessity.

It has approved people who spend on items such as chainsaws and generators.

The program according to Louisiana Congressman will cover up to $250 for chainsaws and $800 for a generator when it is in use for a cleanup.

How to apply for chainsaw reimbursement from fema

What is Fema assistance?

Fema assistance includes generators and chainsaws reimbursements.

It helps with clean-up and safety but is complete only on fulfilling eligibility requirements.

It matters because FEMA assistance offers financial relief in natural disaster times.

You can contact FEMA to get the reimbursement process for the chainsaw.

Process in general

Any chainsaw owner facing damage may be due to some recent disaster can receive the chainsaw repair or replace financial assistance.

Chainsaws bought after the disaster should provide access from or to the home or/and eliminate imminent danger caused by the hurricane to the home.

The proof of purchase rules and the homeownership applies.

FEMA does not give double benefits if the reimbursement for the equipment is already received by another source.

The chainsaw reimbursements are more specific.

The applicant for chainsaw reimbursement can get for rent or buy a chainsaw for up to 250 dollars.

However, you may get the document exactly as required.

The chainsaw is eligible to get reimbursement from the FEMA when it was used for the home to gain access to reach the home.

If not, it should be in use to remove hazards to reaching home.

It may be anything buying a chainsaw to move a tree that fell in your yard harmlessly and aimlessly.

Likewise, Fema does not reimburse or pay for the expenses covered already under the insurance of the homeowners and it is because of the benefits rule duplication.

It also applies to other aids of the government you receive.

Fact Sheet 

Reimbursement of chainsaw and generator is available for the hurricane survivors.

It should be the survivors who bought a generator or rented a chainsaw due to the Hurricane to get the Fema reimbursement.

At the same time, if the equipment has already been received from another source such as flood relief, homeowners, or another insurance type, the Fema reimbursement does not apply. 

The applicants cannot get reimbursements or duplicate payments if they already have assistance from insurance or other sources.

The law does not allow paying for the same tool twice.

Thus anyone interested in the chainsaw reimbursement should register with the Fema as the first step.

They need not visit the government office personally, instead of file it to disaster assistance .gov online by downloading the app of Femamobile or calling the helpline of Fema at 800-621-3362.

There are multilingual facilities also available to help the operators you can TTTY 800-462-7585. People using 711 or the video relay service may contact 800-621-3362.

Applicants renting or buying a chainsaw or a generator within a month after the incident, or the natural disaster are eligible to get reimbursement as financial assistance.

  • The applicant should meet the general Fema eligibility requirements for Individuals stating it should be used for the household program.
  • The home is the primary residence of the applicant and he or she is located in a parish designated for the Households and Individuals program.
  • It is the reason; the chainsaw or the generator rented or bought due to an electrical utility service disruption caused by Hurricane becomes eligible to receive the reimbursement from Fema.
  • It requires the applicant to submit the item’s rental receipts or proof of purchase. Fema reimburses for both chainsaws and generators.

As Generator Safety is expected, the survivors do not use it inside a garage, home, crawlspace, basement, or any area that is enclosed partially.

Keep outdoors the devices, away from windows, doors, and vents allowing carbon monoxide to enter indoors.

Other Reimbursable Items from Fema include dehumidifiers, carbon monoxide, humidifiers, weather radios, and smoke detectors.

The applicants wishing to receive reimbursement from Fema should apply online perfectly, and the lines stay open from 6 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

Fema is responsible and gives the reimbursement, but it depends on the chainsaw rent or purchase.

Either it should have got damaged due to the disaster or even if you buy new to clear the disaster caused to your household the applicant is given financial assistance.

Wrapping up

FEMA’s financial assistance to your tool is a big relief.

Getting reimbursement for the tool after a disaster is a great relief coming from the government.

They are trying to help people so that the damage burden does not burn the individual’s savings.

However, you must give them the rental receipts or the purchase evidence while applying so that it authenticates you are the owner of the tool and the household.

The happy news is that FEMA reimburses the applicants up to $250 for chainsaws and $800 for generators. 

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