Best Chainsaw For Portable Sawmills For 2024 (Top 5 Picks)

When selecting the best chainsaw for your portable sawmill, focus on key features like longer bar length, brushless motors, robust construction, tool-free chain tensioning, and safety enhancements.

Consider models like the Husqvarna Gas Powered Chainsaw, EGO Power+ Cordless Chain Saw, Greenworks 80V 18 Brushless Cordless Chainsaw, Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Cordless Electric Chainsaw, and Caterpillar DG631 60V Brushless 18′ Chainsaw for efficient woodcutting.

These options offer power, durability, and safety features essential for your cutting needs. Check these out for quality woodcutting results.

Husqvarna Gas Powered Chainsaw, 38-cc 2-HP, 2-Cycle X-Torq Engine, 16 Inch Chainsaw with Automatic Oiler, Orange

Ideal for both beginners and seasoned professionals, the Husqvarna Gas Powered Chainsaw with a 38-cc 2-HP X-Torq Engine and a 16-inch chain is a powerful and user-friendly option for portable sawmill operations.

This chainsaw boasts a fuel-efficient 2-cycle engine that minimizes emissions, making it an environmentally conscious choice. With features like a fuel pump, combined choke/stop control, and an inertia-activated chain brake, this chainsaw guarantees easy handling and safety during operation.

The Air Injection technology and LowVib technology contribute to improved engine life and reduced vibrations, enhancing user comfort. Customers have praised its ease of use, sharp chain, and overall performance.

While some have reported initial running issues and chain slipping, this chainsaw remains a popular choice for both home and commercial use due to its lightweight design and powerful performance.

Best For: Professionals and homeowners looking for a user-friendly and powerful chainsaw for portable sawmill operations.


  • Fuel-efficient 2-cycle engine with reduced emissions.
  • Easy handling and safety features like fuel pump and chain brake.
  • Praised for ease of use, sharp chain, and overall performance.


  • Some reported initial running problems.
  • Issues with chain slipping noted by some users.
  • Mixed reviews on warranty service and power output.

EGO Power+ Cordless Chain Saw 18-Inch with Battery and Charger

For those seeking a cordless chainsaw with power and convenience for portable sawmills, the EGO Power+ 18-Inch Chain Saw with Battery and Charger stands out as a reliable option.

This chainsaw features an 18-inch bar and chain, bright LED lights for improved visibility, and a powerful brushless motor capable of reaching 11,000 RPM.

The tool-free chain tensioning system makes adjustments quick and easy, while the IPX4-rated weather-resistance guarantees durability in varying conditions.

With a 3/8-inch pitch and .050-inch gauge chain, this EGO Power+ chainsaw offers a balance between power and precision. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year tool warranty and a 3-year battery warranty, providing peace of mind for your woodcutting tasks.

Best For: Those looking for a powerful and convenient cordless chainsaw for portable sawmills.


  • Cordless operation for enhanced portability
  • Brushless motor for efficient and powerful performance
  • Weather-resistant design for durability in various conditions


  • Battery replacements may be needed over time
  • Initial investment cost may be higher compared to some gas chainsaws
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty professional use

Greenworks 80V 18 Brushless Cordless Chainsaw (2.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Included)

With its brushless motor technology providing 2x more torque, the Greenworks 80V 18 Brushless Cordless Chainsaw (2.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Included) is a reliable option for those seeking a powerful and easy-to-maintain chainsaw for portable sawmills.

This chainsaw features an 18-inch chain and bar, automatic oiler for proper lubrication, and easy adjust tensioning for maintenance convenience. It can provide up to 150 cuts on a single charge, equivalent to a 42CC gas chainsaw, with a 3.5 hp power source.

The chainsaw offers an easy push-button start and eliminates the need for gas, fumes, carburetor, spark plug, or starter rope. Weighing only 2.05 pounds, this Greenworks chainsaw is praised for its reliability, ease of use, excellent battery life, and cleaner operation compared to gas chainsaws.

Best For: DIY enthusiasts and homeowners looking for a powerful, cordless chainsaw with reliable performance and easy maintenance.


  • Brushless motor technology provides 2x more torque for efficient cutting.
  • Automatic oiler ensures proper lubrication, enhancing chain life.
  • Easy adjust tensioning feature makes maintenance convenient for users.


  • Limited by battery life, may require recharging during extended use.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty professional logging tasks.
  • Some users may prefer the feel and power of gas chainsaws for certain applications.

Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Featuring a lightweight design and a brushless motor, the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Cordless Electric Chainsaw is a top choice for users seeking easy maneuverability and lasting sharpness when operating portable sawmills.

This 18-inch chainsaw comes equipped with an X-Cut chain for durability and a tool-less chain tensioning system for convenient adjustments. The chain brake with an indicator light enhances safety during operation.

With a boost mode providing 25% more power, this chainsaw runs on a Husqvarna 40V lithium-ion battery, making it a reliable choice for woodcutting tasks.

Weighing 10% less than comparable models, the efficient brushless motor ensures peak performance. Experience the convenience and power of the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i for your woodcutting needs.

Best For: Those in need of a lightweight and powerful chainsaw for woodcutting tasks.


  • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability
  • Equipped with a tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Boost mode for 25% more power


  • Battery and charger not included
  • Limited battery runtime depending on the capacity of the 40V lithium-ion battery
  • Higher initial investment due to separate purchase of battery and charger

Caterpillar DG631 60V Brushless 18″ Chainsaw

The Caterpillar DG631 60V Brushless 18′ Chainsaw is a robust option ideal for demanding tree care tasks. It features a 60V battery and an 18′ bar length, along with a Brushless Motor 2.0 that provides 40% more power and 10% longer runtime. This chainsaw has a chain speed of 78.7 ft./s for efficient cutting and safety measures like a bar nose design to reduce kickback and an inertia chain brake.

Maintenance of the chainsaw is easy with tool-free chain tensioning. The slim chain design reduces friction for improved cutting efficiency. Weighing 16.33 pounds with the battery installed, the chainsaw is suitable for tasks such as tree removal, pruning, firewood cutting, storm clean-up, trail making, and fence building.

Best For: Those in need of a powerful and efficient chainsaw for demanding tree care tasks.


  • Brushless Motor 2.0 provides 40% more power and 10% longer runtime
  • Safety features like bar nose design and inertia chain brake
  • Tool-free chain tensioning for easy maintenance


  • Mixed reviews on battery life and durability
  • Some users reported issues with motor failure
  • Suggestions to improve battery capacity

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Chainsaw for Portable Sawmill

When selecting a chainsaw for your portable sawmill, it’s essential to take into account factors like sawmill requirements, power needs, efficiency, and durability.

Ensuring that your chainsaw aligns with the demands of your portable sawmill setup can have a notable impact on your productivity and the quality of your cuts.

Take the time to evaluate these key aspects to make an informed decision that will enhance your sawmilling experience.

Sawmill Chainsaw Selection

Considering factors when choosing a chainsaw for your portable sawmill includes evaluating power source options, chain length, durability, maintenance ease, and safety features.

Start by deciding on the power type that suits your needs: gas-powered chainsaws offer mobility but require fuel, battery-powered models provide cordless convenience, while corded electric ones offer consistent power but limit mobility.

For efficient woodcutting, opt for a chainsaw with a longer bar length, typically 16-18 inches, to handle larger logs with precision when operating a portable sawmill.

Prioritize durability by selecting a chainsaw with features like a brushless motor, automatic oiler, and robust construction for reliable performance and minimal downtime during sawmill operations.

Additionally, ensure ease of maintenance with tool-free chain tensioning, accessible chain and bar cleaning, and straightforward operating mechanisms for smoother sawmill use.

Lastly, give priority to safety features like chain brakes, low vibration technology, and ergonomic design to reduce the risk of accidents and enhance operator comfort during extended sawmill sessions.

Portable Sawmill Requirements

To select the right chainsaw for your portable sawmill, start by evaluating the bar length needed for efficient woodcutting operations. Typically, portable sawmills require bar lengths ranging from 16 to 20 inches for most applications.

It’s essential to take into account the power output of the chainsaw, measured in horsepower, to make sure it can effectively cut through hardwood logs. Look for chainsaws equipped with automatic oilers to guarantee proper lubrication of the chain during extended milling sessions.

Additionally, prioritize models with reliable chain tensioning systems for easy adjustments and maintenance while operating the portable sawmill. Safety features are important, so opt for chainsaws with an inertia-activated chain brake to prevent kickback and enhance operational security.

Chainsaw Power Needs

Evaluate the power requirements of the chainsaw for your portable sawmill by considering factors such as horsepower or volts to guarantee peak cutting performance. Look for chainsaws with higher horsepower or voltage ratings as they offer increased cutting efficiency and performance.

The power output of the chainsaw is essential for handling the demands of cutting logs effectively. Additionally, assess the chain speed and cutting capabilities of the chainsaw to make sure it meets the requirements of a portable sawmill operation. Opting for a chainsaw with a brushless motor can provide improved power delivery and longer runtime, especially when dealing with larger logs.

Prioritize safety features like chain brakes and kickback reduction designs to ensure safe and efficient operation when using the chainsaw with a portable sawmill. By considering these factors, you can select a chainsaw that aligns with the power needs of your portable sawmill for best woodcutting results.

Sawmill Chainsaw Efficiency

Efficiency in selecting a chainsaw for your portable sawmill hinges on key factors that impact cutting performance and overall operational success. To guarantee smooth and precise cutting of logs, consider chainsaw power, chain speed, and cutting capacity.

Look for chainsaws equipped with brushless motors, high horsepower, and proper chain tensioning mechanisms for peak performance. Factors such as battery life, chain sharpness, and ease of maintenance also greatly contribute to chainsaw efficiency.

Choosing the right chainsaw can greatly enhance the productivity and quality of your portable sawmill operations. By prioritizing these aspects, you can streamline woodcutting processes and achieve more consistent results.

Chainsaw Durability Factors

Consider selecting a chainsaw with durable components like a sturdy chain, bar, and housing when choosing equipment for your portable sawmill. These features are important for withstanding the heavy use that comes with cutting large volumes of wood.

Look for chainsaws with brushless motors, as they offer a longer lifespan and increased efficiency compared to traditional motors. Metal bucking teeth on the chainsaw provide added durability and stability during cutting, making them a valuable aspect to ponder.

Automatic oilers are also essential for guaranteeing proper lubrication of the chainsaw’s moving parts, reducing wear and tear over time. Additionally, opt for a chainsaw with a robust build quality that can handle the rigors of continuous woodcutting.

Considerations for Sawmill

To guarantee peak performance for your portable sawmill, carefully consider various factors when selecting a chainsaw. These factors include the power source, chain length, and bar size. Evaluate the power source options – gas-powered, cordless battery-powered, or electric – based on your sawmill’s needs and access to power outlets.

Confirm that the chain length and bar size match your sawmill equipment and the size of logs you’ll be cutting. Look for features like automatic oilers, tool-free chain tensioning, and safety mechanisms such as chain brakes to enhance efficiency and safety during operations.

Assess the chainsaw’s horsepower and torque to gauge its cutting ability when processing logs. Also, take into account factors like weight, durability, and ease of maintenance to ensure comfortable and long-lasting use in a sawmill setting.

Optimal Sawmill Chainsaw

When choosing a chainsaw for your portable sawmill, prioritize compatibility with your sawmill’s power needs and the log sizes you’ll be cutting.

Consider the power source of the chainsaw, opting for a model that aligns with your sawmill’s requirements, whether gas-powered for high performance or battery-powered for convenience.

Evaluate the chain length to make sure it’s compatible with the size of logs you’ll be cutting on your sawmill.

Durability is key, so choose a chainsaw with a sturdy build and reliable components to withstand continuous milling operations. Check for features that simplify maintenance, such as tool-free chain tensioning and automatic oilers.

Safety should also be a top priority, so look for chainsaws equipped with safety features like chain brakes, kickback reduction design, and ergonomic designs to prioritize user safety while operating the sawmill.


To wrap up, selecting the right chainsaw for your portable sawmill is essential for efficient woodcutting. Consider factors such as power source, blade size, and battery life to meet your specific needs.

The Husqvarna Gas Powered Chainsaw and EGO Power+ Cordless Chain Saw are top picks for their reliability and performance. Whether you prefer gas-powered or cordless options, these chainsaws will help you tackle your woodcutting projects with ease and precision.

Make a well-informed decision to enhance your woodworking experience.

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