How to Get Aware of Fake Stihl Seller

Stihl chainsaws are a focus for imitator’s attention as it is widely in use.

Most counterfeits are from China and it looks like the STIHL original products that come in the light grey or orange color scheme.

How to Get Aware of Fake Stihl Seller

How to identify a fake STIHL chainsaw?

Identifying a fake Stihl chainsaw is not always possible, yet sometimes these fakes are obvious.

The German manufacturer, Stihl does not use stickers on its products as its logo is directly embossed or printed on the product.

However, now everything is replicated, and to ascertain you are buying a Stihl genuine chainsaw, you may buy the same from an authorized Stihl dealer.

Stay safe from Stihl fake sellers and beware of these imposters

Stihl products are the most in-demand brand products and they feature extraordinary outdoor handheld power equipment.

Sometimes, unfortunately, the target of imposters results in selling counterfeit products of reliable brands. 

Stihl is the number one gasoline-powered brand selling handheld outdoor power equipment.

It is also one of the reasons that the prominence of Stihl calls it to become the victim of counterfeiters and imitators around the world.

Being on guard is necessary as the imposters produce tools or pieces of equipment to capitalize on the quality and excellence built at the compromise of your safety, so ensure you do not become a victim.

The Stihl counterfeit products appear genuine and look real, but share none of the safety and quality features available on the original Stihl equipment.

Buyers looking for Stihl products should ensure they do not buy them from flea markets or street vendors.

Thus, you must keep away from Stihl products that are on sale at discount, in unauthorized shops, or on auction-based websites.

The STIHL products are never on auction or discount, so it is fake. 

The genuine Stihl products are available only with servicing dealers, so never buy from random retailers.

The Stihl products feature safety standards and strict quality that there is no room for imitators.

Even a slight deficiency may cause safety risks, harming your safety.

You can identify the devices are fake when you unbox the counterfeit chainsaw.

The handguard may or may not have the chain brake, the most important safety device or it may be broken.

It means a compromise on overall performance and operating time.

The pirated or counterfeit machines break down or malfunction after a short time of use.

The genuine Stihl products are available from authorized Stihl dealers nationwide and finding any part or getting it repaired with the dealer is not a problem.

However, these imitation products are not for repairing or any service, as the spare parts are not available.

The Stihl genuine products are covered by the warranty policies of Stihl.

The counterfeit tools of Stihl give the grey and orange color scheme of the Stihl and feat the same logo and model name.

Yet the fake products are apparent as they use a sticker, while the original Stihl logo is embossed or printed on the product.

Regardless of any number of counterfeit products, you must buy Stihl tools only from genuine authorized dealers.

It will ensure you get the right quality tool with a warranty.

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