How To Store Chainsaw Without ANY DAMAGE (Upto 10+ Years)

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Storing a chainsaw is not just storing any other power tool…

…because over time, your saw will start getting damaged.

Since I own 5-6 chainsaw, I need to store some of them for a specific period of time in a year.


I tried a number of different methods…some are good for a few weeks and some for a few months…Finally, I got the PROPER way to store a saw without damage for 10+ years(I stored for 7 years, but it should be fine for 10+ years too)

The best part, this offers storage without ANY DAMAGE. After 7 years, the started with just 3 pull of cords.I’m going to tell about the exact methods that I use to store my chainsaw. If you wonder what’s the problem in storing a saw just like any power tool…


You can store the saw the way you like it…


The time when you want to start it again, it will not work as it should. In most cases, it would not start.If you just keep the saw unused without proper storing process, you will face gummed up card, degraded rubber, hard anti-vib mounts. Along with, some parts will be rusty.And today I’m going to show you how I did it……and how you can do the same thing.

​You may need to store a chainsaw for using it in a “rainy day”. some people cut firewood at a specific time of a year. They keep the saw in storage until the next year comes. ​Some people who suffer from CAD have so many saws that they cannot use all of them. Without proper storage, your chainsaw might not start when you try to use it.

Why just storin​g the saw is a bad idea

You cannot store a gas chainsaw as it is like an electric and battery chainsaw. Battery powered saws, apart from being highly portable, are easier to store than their gas counterparts. The main problem with gas chainsaw is fuel. If you store your saw with fuel/gas, you will face a lot of problem.

The main problem with newer gas is that it will varnish up the tank and carb. It will make the carb gum up.

The fuel also harms the rubber due to additives and Ethanol. You may face rubber degradation. Except for fuel, sunlight and air also cause degradation.

The material at anti-vib mounts also becomes as hard as rock over time. ​Some parts become rusty.

How to store (For 1 – 4 months)

1st step: Test your chainsaw

​There is no need to store a damaged chainsaw. Make sure your chainsaw is working well. You can test the compression. Don’t ever store a chainsaw without carrying out a compression test. Storing without crosschecking is baseless. If it is not possible to carry out a compression test, ​you should take a look at and cross-check the piston. Confirm everything is good to go.If your saw seems to be damaged, you need to repair it before you store it.

2nd step: Drain tank

You have to drain the tank so that there is no fuel left in the tank. You can use a siphon or turn the saw tank down on a funnel to remove the fuel.

3rd step: run it dry

Then start up the saw and run it till it dies. Make sure it is under zero load and at low RPMs. You can wait for it to sputter

4th step: choke

After it dries, choke it to get last drops.

5th step: applying oil

Take some saw mix oil. Put some drops in the cylinder. Pull the starting cord a few times. This will keep the cylinder from gumming up.

Store for medium-long time (​10+ Years)

Quick Method

Put StaBil in the premix and run it through your carb. It can keep the gas fresh for more than 1 year.

Step 1: start the saw

​Start the saw and let it run until it gets warm.

Step 2: spray fogging oil

Remove the air filter. ​If you don’t know how to do it, watch some air filter removing videos on youtube.

Buy a can of fogging oil. The can is just like aerosol can. Do not press very hard to spray on the can. Doing it will stop the engine. ​

You have to spray so that the engine smokes much but runs. After 30 seconds, blast the spray can to stop the engine.

Step 3: remove fuel & disassemble

​Drain all fuel. if possible, disassemble the card and clean it so that there is no trace of fuel.

Step 4: buy a complete kit and apply oil

​You can buy a complete kit for the carb and apply oil to all metal parts and gasket on the gas cap with oil(2-stroke). Replace all gaskets, fuel lines, the primer, air filter, and the spark plug.

Tip: For steel fuel tank, drop some oil in it and then shake it.

How To Empty the tank and run dry before storage

Drain all the fuel in the chainsaw before storing the machine. If some fuel is left in the tank, then you have to drain the tank and run the machine until it switches off on its own. Don’t use it to cut any wood. Simply allow it to rotate on its own under low torque.

Now that you have succeeded in draining out the fuel. Go ahead and detach the sparkplug from the chainsaw. Unscrew the spark oil and you will have access to the cylinder. Apply light oil to the plug and the cylinder.

Draining fuel from the tank is not ideal for every situation. Supposing, you wish to use your chainsaw within 6 months, this method will not be effective. 

In this case, you should fill the tank with a small quantity of ​gas and run once every month. Just pull the ignition and run it for about 5 minutes and switch it off again. This will allow the gas to circulate and spread across vital parts of the engine.

In cases where you may not use the chainsaw for about a year, you should remove and run out the gas from the engine and apply fog to the cylinder.

Extensive storing is not good for any item. Chainsaws should not be stored for too long. 

The diaphragm will be worst hit. The situation is worsened if it is still soaked in fuel. Diaphragms can be damaged beyond repairs if unused for a few months.

If you will not use your chainsaw for a long time, it is advisable to drain fuel from the engine and allow it empty.

​Tip: Put the spark arrestor screen on the exhaust if you remove them earlier for increasing power. This will help to keep bugs away and prevent them coming ​through the exhaust ​holes.

​How to apply oil to chainsaw

Oil is a very strong protective cover for metals. I use to apply oil to the vital parts of my chainsaw and it has been working like magic.

Oil is not as effective on rubber as it is on metals. Normally, Oil is supposed to also offer protection for rubber materials, instead, it only reduces the rate of damage.

One thing is for sure, rubber will definitely undergo degradation. It is only a matter of time; hence; it is only safe to say that application of oil only reduces the rate of degradation. Most people achieve this by leaving massive volume of oil as residue.

Leaving left-over oil on the ​chainsaw is useful in protection against exposure to water and sun. Exposure to harsh weather brings about oxidation which in turn leads to rusting. If you don’t have access to much oil, then you can use a little amount to rub on the rag. Use the rag to clean the metallic part of he saw.

You can’t argue the fact that oil is very important in protection against rust.

You can lay hands on other forms of oil such as virgin olive oil. When mixed with cod liver oil, the olive oil can protect the metallic part of the saw from rust.

The core thing is for you to rub any oily item on the saw. It will form a coating and coverage against oxidation. Cleaning the saw is fun, especially when using the air nozzle.

The 2-stroke oil method is very efficient for storing the machine for a very long time. You can store this machine for 10 years with this method without squabbles. This is achieved by running the machine until the gas and fuel dries up. Go ahead and oil the cylinder with Gas by squirting 2-strokes of oil into the cylinder before pulling it over.

I don’t think I would sound hyperbolic if I say that this approach will offer indefinite storage. Meanwhile, you have to be conscious and ensure that the gas cap is well tightened. With this, your chain will fire up immediately without hitches.

Without any doubt, it is troublesome for most people to store a gas chainsaw properly. So, if you are an average homeowner and use a chainsaw for trail & home, try to stick with a corded or cordless chainsaw. You will get rid of a lot of hassle in the long run.

How to maintain a stored saw

Don’t expose to dumpy areas or direct sunlight

Exposure to water can be very detrimental to the life of your saw. I have ample experience in this. My residential area is dumpy. I live very close to the ocean so I can attest to the fact that metals corrode easily when exposed to rain and sun.

Ultraviolet is dangerous to the saw, So I try my best to ensure that I cover them against direct contact with the rays of the sun.

Don’t store on the concrete floor

You should avoid storing your chain​saw on the concrete floor. You have to avoid this in entirety because the chainsaw is similar to battery.

Concrete floors are easily damp and this can cause extended damage to the chainsaw. Hanging on the wall is recommended. If you cannot hang it, then you should place them on wooden platforms before placing on the ground.

​moisture and dust

Avoid areas that are filled with moisture and dust. Moisture and dust are not healthy for the life of the chainsaw.

Cosmoline or petroleum jelly is another excellent material that will prevent your chainsaw from rust. Your Chainsaw is very valuable, so don’t bother about the cost of the oil.

If you are traveling for a long time, then it is possible that you will not use your chainsaw for a long time. You can boost the life of your chainsaw by applying a few drops of oil into the crankshaft and the cylinder. The oil you should use should be specially formulated for chainsaws.

Apply Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) For ​Corrosion

Less I forget, I can remember how salt usually clings and cluster in my car. This does not affect my car or my chainsaw. I protect them​ against rust by applying the Automatic transmission fluid (ATF). ATF is specially made to fight corrosion. It is very friendly on metals and with rubbers.

With ATF, there is no need to fret about the beauty of your car or chainsaw because it does not peel the paint coatings.

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