Can I Use Wd40 To Clean Chainsaw?

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Chainsaw is among the popular household items. And It is in use more than often, so its maintenance is the deciding factor. But It is vulnerable to unwanted debris that leads it to rust. So, clean it after every use. Mind it that cleaning it with random fluid might further deteriorate it.

So, you have found out that your chain saw is clogged with dirt plant remnants, sap, and resin that if not clean, it will cause it to rust and inhibit the functionality of the Chainsaw.

But you don’t have chainsaw cleaner and may look for that, “Can I use WD-40 to clean the Chainsaw?”

Then the answer is YES. If you need a quick fix and you’re without a chain saw cleaner then you can definitely use WD-40.


How can we maintain chainsaws?

Cleaning a chainsaw is a long and tedious process. What would be the cost if we came to know that our method just ruined it. To avoid that situation, we should have proper knowledge of what we clean chainsaws. In other words, we need to have answers to the following questions.

Use water To Clean Chainsaw?

Do not wash the part of the chain covered with oil in water. Go for a brake cleaner as it effectively eliminates the dust with oil away. Secondly, water promotes the rusting process in different parts of the chainsaw.

And if chainsaws parts are not allowed to dry properly, it might be impossible to take them out once fitted. For a slightly dirty bar, use soap and water to clean the chainsaw.

But if it is heavily stained, then degreaser solvent would be a better choice to clean away the gunk. And to clean the guide bar, either use a groove tool or a putty knife. 

What is WD40 Degreaser?

The chainsaw is prone to get heavily soiled, so degreaser is the only remaining option. Water displacement 40 (WD40) is a degreaser. It contains an anti-corrosion agent with ingredients for water displacement, penetration, and soil removal. It is the most widely used degreaser. But the question is, can it be used to clean chainsaws?

Can WD40 Be Used to Clean Chainsaw?

Upside of WD40

To avoid friction, and rust lubricate the chain with WD40. Apart from this, it does not allow the formation of future contaminants that are vulnerable after every use. That reduces the wear and tear of the chain. Lastly, it is durable and stays on the chain to allow a smooth use of a chainsaw and avoid overheating.

Downside of WD40

 Just like any other lubricant, WD40 also has downsides. Some users recommend using it only when the chain starts soaking water, to blow away, and then put some renowned lube. It shouldn’t be lube until there is a lump of dirt or, it will cause adverse effects.

While the other says that to avoid spraying it with other lube or cracks will start appearing in the chain. Secondly, never spray it around the seal of the bearing, which can remove grease and leave it to dry.

Alternative of WD40

 Make a lube- ten parts of paint thinner having a low odour, and four portions of Bar oil. Or go for the biodegradable and nontoxic degreaser together with the use of a brush to remove heavy dirt.

How to use WD-40 to Clean Chainsaw?

WD-40 is the go-to product, for displacing moisture, preventing rust, and shields the metal surface against corrosive elements, and loosening the rust to metal bond.

This is a multi-purpose formula with smart straw that provides thousands of uses. The smart nozzle allows you to reach into narrow spaces for thorough coverage on various locations. This cleaner can be used on any unpainted metal. Now “How to clean Chainsaw?”

Here is a step-by-step guide to clean chainsaw:

Before you clean the chainsaw, make sure that there is no power running in the tool. If you are working with Electric Chainsaw – you need to detach any power source.

Cordless (battery)Chainsaw- must remove the battery.

Gas Chainsaw – disconnect the spark plug and drain all fluids (gas and bar oil).

Place Chainsaw at a stable place and kind of flat surface.

Step 1: Remove the Chain and Bar

On some Chainsaw, the chain brake is engaged as you cant remove the cover.

So Prior to removing the bar and chain make sure that the anti-kickback chain brake is disengaged

Then loosen the two nuts that are located on the side cover with the help of a wrench. This will separate the guide bar and chain.

Step 2: Clean the bar and chain of the Chainsaw

To clean the bar you can simply use soap and water on a rag. But if it is heavily soiled then you either use a putty knife, metal, or wrapped piece in order to scoop out all the debris between the rails.

While to remove the grease and rust from the chain, you need to mix a degreasing agent as WD-40 with warm water in a plastic bucket. Soak it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Next, use a soft-bristled toothbrush or wire brush to scrub each section of the chain to remove all the grim. Wipe it with a paper towel to remove all dust. rinse with water and dry with a clean rag then air dry it.

You can also spray the blade with WD-40 that helps protect it from rusting.

Step 3: Lubricate and Reassemble the Chainsaw

Afterward, you can apply 3-in-1 oil to lubricate and protect it from rust. But WD-40 is NOT a true lubricant since its primary use is as a Rust Dissolver. reassemble the parts in reverse order. check that the Chainsaw functions.

How Often Wd40 To Clean Chainsaw Carb

If you use a chain saw hard for a long period, you should clean the carburetor as part of your maintenance schedule. If you have a problem with it, take it to a qualified repair person. A chain saw is a safety device, so keep it in good working condition at all times.


 We begin with the problem in the cleaning of chainsaws and introduce the WD40 together with its pros and cons. WD40 has lots of potential benefits and down effects to the same extent.

So It is recommended to use it only when there is heavy dirt or when the chain is under continuous use for an uncertain period without any maintenance.  So for those who are curious and asking that “Can I Use WD-40 to Clean the Chainsaw?” May this article satisfy your curiosity.

WD-40 is a fast-acting chainsaw cleaner that breaks away the stubborn contaminants. So, if you are ran out of chainsaw cleaners you can use WD-40 to clean it and to ensure that it runs smoothly and safely.

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