15 Chainsaw Storage Ideas (Explained)

Here are some effective chainsaw storage ideas to keep your equipment organized and in good condition. You can mount chainsaws on the wall using vertical or horizontal shelves for space-saving and safe storage. Utilize chainsaw hangers, hooks, or log stands for easy access while keeping them off the ground. Consider chainsaw cases for secure and portable storage, especially during transportation. For frequent users, a sturdy chainsaw bag with handles provides a convenient option.

A chainsaw is essential for people who are into cutting wood or if you have a huge garden and many trees.

However, the storage of a chainsaw is equally vital if you want the machine to be in tip-top shape.

The reasons may be anything, but chainsaw storage is essential.

Tools are required, and as things are strewn all over, there may be less space in the workshop or the garage room.

You may lack proper facilities to hang the hooks, etc. Here are great DIY ideas that do not require spending money.

15 chainsaw storage ideas

How to prepare a chainsaw for storage

A chainsaw needs preparation before storage so that it is ready to start working anytime you need them. It includes:

  • Removing and cleaning the chain and guide bar
  • Ensure the fuel tank is empty
  • Ensure rust is removed
  • Spray protective oil on moving components, particularly the chain

15 storage ideas

Protective case

Storing your chainsaw in a protective case ensures it is safe. Ensure the area is dry and does not receive sun.

Storing in areas where children cannot get near is important.

Vertical orientation

A chainsaw may be stored inside a garage in the vertical orientation.

Remember, it is robust, and placing it vertically means the tool should be safe.

Take precautions to keep the tool safe, and it should be free from fluids and dust in the shed.

Larger toolbox

Placing your chainsaw in a larger toolbox is good as it has enough room to hold accessories, and allows stacking a few things.

Soft case

A chainsaw is a tough tool, and placing it in a soft case with cushioning facilitates transport storage.

Ensure the fabric is thick and it offers mild saw protection.

Backyard shed

Store your chainsaw vertically and hang it by the handle.

If there is a chain and bar oil in it, and the fuel may leak or run down the saw or bar, so place a drum beneath the chainsaw.

If not, drain from the saw the chain oil so that there is no leaking.

You may hang it and come back, allowing them to burp the oil and fuel tanks. 

Garage rafters

Storing a chainsaw in the garage or barn rafter works perfectly.

Just ensure to be careful as they are heavy, and the chains are sharp to cause injury.

Keep the garage or barn locked and secure from children or intruders.


In the tool shed placing the chainsaw vertically is helpful as chainsaws take up a lot of space.

Considering space, savings store it vertically. Remember, chainsaws are robust.

Long-term storage implies hanging on a wall the chainsaw.

So ensure it is away from dust, combustible fluids, or direct sunlight.

In the basement 

Most homes lack basements.

The old houses built decades ago featured a basement or the regions that get each year tornadoes had a basement.

However, if you are lucky and have a basement, it is the ideal place to store a chainsaw.

Make sure you can manage to carry it upstairs when you need it.

If the chainsaw is too heavy, lifting the saw to the first floor perhaps needs reconsideration.

Open car shed

Hanging a chainsaw from a hook means it is possible to access without removing other pieces of equipment.

There is no need to move other tools, and the floor space is free.

Suspending the chainsaw from the rafters or ceiling is best, put place some cover or some thins soft cloth on the chainsaw to keep it free from dirt.

Homemade wooden box

Storing a chainsaw in a homemade wooden box is a DIY version that is good than purchasing one.

You can use an old toolbox, use some purpose plastic, or store it in a large storage container for your chainsaw.

It is suitable to store in general-purpose plastic or wooden toolbox or some large storage container.

The chainsaw should fit inside comfortably, and if the box is large, place all the supplies and tools inside.

Truck Bed Storage Rack

A truck bed rack as chainsaw storage works great to store a chainsaw in the short and long term.

A chainsaw storage rack ensures the new purchase is not damaged by weather.

It is also safe from other hazards or thieves when the truck is parked at work or home.

The racks in the truck to store the chainsaw is at the truck’s front end bed, close to the rear cabin window.

Original case

The chainsaws mostly come in a plastic storage case or box.

These are perfect to place the chainsaw during shipping or even later or store in your cluttered garage.

They come in the chainsaw shape featuring a long bar compartment sticking out.

It opens from the side of the top and has a padlocked area or a locking mechanism attached.

The chainsaw storage boxes feature compartments for tools, bar oil, and the manual.

Chainsaw storage bag

These storage bags are easier to transport a chainsaw. Thus, you can save from the arm and hand strain.

They feature a long zipper for opening and are made of waterproof thick oxford cloth.

The chainsaw storage bags fit gas and battery-powered chainsaws.

Chainsaw Storage Rack

The chainsaws are stored in different designs and sizes of racks.

Alternatively, DIY storage racks are one of the best ways to store chainsaws.

You can make a chainsaw storage rack using a two feet long plywood board; ensure it is four inches wide.

Ensure it holds the weight of the chainsaw by keeping low-profile wall hangers.

The chainsaw storage racks are great for workshops and garages.

They also accommodate hammers, gardening trimmers, and safety PPE.

Under a workbench or table

Storing separately the chain and the chainsaw is important. It is best to keep it under a table or workbench.

It may be covered with protective oil and can be stored under a workbench or table.

As the chainsaws attract dirt and moisture, keep it away from potential moisture sources such as windows, dirt floors, or concrete walls.

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