How to clean a Stihl chainsaw?

A chainsaw is an engine-driven power tool and buying it is no less than an investment.

However, remember that you need to spend time to maintain it.

Ensure to keep the Stihl chainsaw in tiptop condition.

Poor maintenance affects the chainsaw safety, besides increasing the performance.

Make your Stihl chainsaw new now.

How to clean a Stihl chainsaw

Steps to clean a STIHL chainsaw

Dirt, sawdust, and excess bar lube may restrict your chainsaw’s effectiveness.

Thus, cleaning it is the key to chainsaw care.

The plant remnants, the resin, and sap get stuck and the dust accumulates in the engine components.

Without cleaning, these unavoidable things stuck on the tools will inhibit the chainsaw functionality.


Cleaning a Stilhl chainsaw begins with assuring the switch is off. You may take enough time to clean the chainsaw.

There are three specific requirements in cleaning a chainsaw:

  • Battery chainsaw- requires you to remove the battery and apply for the chain brake.
  • Electric chainsaw- requires you to unplug it
  • Gas chainsaw – allow the piece of equipment to cool, besides switching it off.


You may wear work gloves made from sturdy material. 

You need the following tools:

  • A soft cloth, a clean paintbrush, filing gauge, and a multi-spray.


  • The cleaning of the chainsaw is necessary using a damp cloth, after each use. For battery models, use a damp cloth to clean the battery slot and the battery. Using a paintbrush you may clean the electrical contacts.
  • Check the air vents and clean using the paintbrush or use some compressed air to ensure the intake vents work correctly. It is essential to check and keep the intake vents intact as it prevents overheating of the engine. 
  • Remove and clean the sprocket cover. Use Stihl SuperClean resin solvent to eliminate stubborn dirt.

Regular cleaning helps combat premature wear to the chainsaw. While you plan to clean the Stihl chainsaw, you may follow these steps:

  • Remove the chain saw and the bar.
  • Remove dirt and oil residue from the oil channel and outlet port
  • Clean the bar groove and oil inlet hole (You may use the SuperClean resin solvent or a filing gauge, both are effective.)
  • For your chainsaw’s optimal protection, ensure long-term care. Spray the cutting attachment with multi-spray after cleaning.
  • Dry the cutting attachment after cleaning and replace the sprocket cover.

Clean your chainsaw by offering a thorough clean before considering long storage.

You may follow the above-mentioned cleaning process for any chainsaw, no matter if it is an electric, battery, or petrol chainsaw.

how to clean chainsaw chain

  • Clean the chain and guide bar from the saw. Check both components’ conditions. Look for burrs and if you find remove them using a flat-file carefully.
  • You can sharpen it yourself or visit a Stihl dealer to get it sharpened professionally. To clean it spray the guide bar and the saw chain using a Multispray, and store them from the housing separately. Ensure there are no stubborn resin deposits and protect it from rust.
  • Clean around the sprocket area; remove sawdust and dirt from the chainsaw housing. Check if the air intake vents are clean and clear using a paintbrush.
  • Clean the oil tank it should not have a blockage in the oil conveyor system. Contact your Stihl dealer or clean the oil channels.

Furthermore, to these steps, you should perform these cleaning measures.

how to clean Battery Chainsaws

  • Ensure the battery is correctly stored for cordless chainsaws.
  • Clean the battery using a damp cloth and inspect for any external damage to the battery housing.
  • Check the battery charge level at LEDs two illuminated for storage. It will help avoid deep discharge, thereby damaging the battery service life and its functionality.
  • Separately store the battery from the charger and the chainsaw.
  • Wipe the charger using a damp cloth. If essential, clean using a paintbrush and the electric contacts.

Steps to clean Petrol Chainsaws

A little effort ensures the complete cleaning of a petrol chainsaw. The steps to cleaning are:

  • Empty your chainsaw fuel tank in a well-ventilated place. 
  • Safely dispose of remaining fuel through waste disposal facilities ensuring no harm to the environment.

Fortunately, if you are using MotoMix of Stihl, it has two years storage life and has no ethanol.

Therefore, it is left during seasonal storage in the machine.

On emptying the fuel tank, allow the chainsaw to start and to run for a short time idle so that there is no petrol in the fuel system, and switch off the chainsaw.

It will keep the diaphragms and the carburetor away from sticking. However, for a deeper cleaning:

  • Check the air filter
  • Check the cool air intake opening and the spark plug, and clean if required.

Ensure your chainsaw performance does not reduce with time by following a regular cleaning of the air filter.

Remove it from the housing, tap it and get any dirt out. 

Fortunately, Stihl tools last longer, and providing proper care at regular times with servicing by the local Stihl dealer will ensure the tool stays with you in good working condition for many more years.

How to tighten your STIHL chainsaw chain?

The most important efficiency and safety checks in your chainsaw chain are in the tightness.

You may assure the tightness of the chainsaw chain by setting it to proper tension.

Here are the steps to ensure correct tension by tightening your chain:

  • Loosen the side clutch cover on both hex nuts allowing the bar and chain to move freely.
  • Use a scrench to insert it into the tensioning stud and until you get the proper tension to turn it clockwise.
  • You can achieve proper tension by seeing the three drive lengths approximately. While tightening the chain of the chainsaw ensure you hold the bar nose so that it does not drop.

Final Thought

Cleaning a Stihl chainsaw is important and so is the storing of the chainsaw.

Keep it away from direct sunlight; store it away from children in a safe place.

Keep protective dust bags to store them in a dust-free environment. A chainsaw well looked at is the safest and will last longer.

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