What Size File for a .325 Chain (Explained)

According to the size and pitch of the .325 chain, the ideal file is 3/16 inches (4.8 mm), and the depth gauge is .025. You can use a plastic roll made by Oregon/stihl to check the size of the Clutch, Chain, File & Bar.

When you’re in a pinch, a chainsaw comes in handy.

The .325 main cutter and tie strap are thinner, making it easier for the saw to move and requiring little power from the user.

Because it generates less drag, it works well with tiny saws with a high RPM.

What Size File for a .325 Chain

File Size Chart By Oregon

File/Kit Size Chain Size Oregon Chain Type
5/32" (4mm) 3/8" x .050" (1.3mm) 91
1/4" x .050" (1.3mm) 25
11/64" (4.5mm) 3/8" x .043" (1.1mm) 90
3/16"(4.88mm) All .325" Chains 20,21,22,95
7/32" (5.5mm) 3/8" x .058" (1.5mm) 73
3/8" x .063" (1.6mm) 75
.404" x .063" (1.6mm) 59,27
There are also 1/8" (3.22mm) Oregon files in boxes of 12 which are for the Stihl 1/4" X .043" (1.1mm) chains

File Size Chart By Stihl

Chain Pitch File Diameter File Guide Part Number Sharpening Kit Part Number
3/8 PMN 5/32 (4mm) 5/32 (4mm) 5605 007 1001
1/4 3/8 PM 5/32 (4mm) 5605 750 4327 5605 007 1027
0.325 3/16 (4.8mm) 5605 750 4328 5605 007 1028

How To Check Chain Details

Oregon and Stihl offer a plastic roll tool that can be used to check the size of the clutch, chain, file, and bar. This tool is designed to provide a convenient and accurate way to measure and maintain your chainsaw’s components. In addition to checking sizes, this tool can also be used to clean the bar, making it a versatile and practical accessory for chainsaw owners

Stihl Chain & Bar Check Gauge

Finding Best Size File for .325 Chain

.325 chain is the compact top incisor and fastening strap with enough balls on its saw.

This chain helps draw less energy, especially from the user, and can work between 40CC and 60CC.

Choosing the wrong size file can wash out the metal and can damage the saws of the chain.

So, it is essential to pick the correct size file for sharpening of .325 chain.

How to Choose the Precise Size for .325 chain

There are precisely two methods for picking the size file for the .325 chain:

By finding the chain type, the size file can be picked.

On the cutter’s side is a significant number called chain type.

Match this number with the file size on the file chart available.

The pitch of the chain also helps in determining the right size file for a chain.

The Pitch of the Chain is also called the chain’s size and can be calculated by finding the distance between any three succeeding rivets and dividing this distance by 2.

Precise Size file for .325 chain

According to the size and pitch of the .325 chain, the ideal size file for this chain is 3/16 inches (4.8 mm), and the depth gauge is .025.

This size file removes all the blunt material and metal from the saws of the .325 chain.

This file size quickly sharpens the chain’s total area and ensures the efficient working of the chain by keeping the performance of the chain saw at its peak.

So, the 4.8mm size file is the optimal solution to sharpen the .325 chain.

Oregon 3/16-Inch Chain Saw File

3/16 inch (4.8mm) size file chain made by Oregon company is the best and right size file for sharpening the .325 chain.

The characteristics of the Oregon 3/16 (4.8mm) chain file are:

  • It can be around or flat file designed for precise sharpening of .325 chain.
  • This brand file removes more material than other combative companies.
  • The Oregon size file gives an edge to the upper side of the blade to cut through.
  • It is superior in its performance, resists clogging, and accurately sharpens the file.

This file has sharp teeth with solid bite and is a long-stay sharp file.

It has 4X3 pieces in packs.

Sharpening the chain saw is essential no matter how much the strong chain is.

So, with the help of precise file size, the chain can work efficiently without leading to damage.

For this, Oregon 3/16 (4.8mm) chain size file can effectively sharpen the curves of Chain .325 due to its characteristics and make the difficult task simple.

Choose the Correct File Size

Fueling the chain saw is usually done simultaneously as filling the chain.

When cutting through mud or pebbles, however, it would be easy for the blades to wear out quickly.

It’s time to apply the blades if wood debris starts falling away from the chain in form of dust instead of chips.

When sharpening a chain saw of .325 model, using the proper file is crucial.

Using the improper file, say a file with wrong size in sharpening of the edges might cause the metal to rust.

Using the appropriate file, on the other hand, helps you to follow and stick to the rule of 80/20, which states that it is ideal for a greater percentage of the file – 80%  to be beneath the cutter and 20% should be above.

Sharpening the chain with a file that is substantially bigger or smaller than suggested might badly harm the edges.

The metal will appear chopped up and won’t work well until the chain is completely reformed.

Select the Chain Saw File’s Precise Size

First and foremost, you must understand that the right file size is determined by the chain size of the chain saw.

Depending on the chain saw model, different manufacturers will propose various shapes.

Fortunately, there are standard chain sizes that are often universally accepted. We’ll take a look at the infamous .325 pitch chain saw.

A 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) chain saw file is the best option for this blade.

You’ll be astonished at how much metal comes off with only a few swipes with this file.

A 3/16″ file works well for correctly fitting the blade design and honing the whole surface area of the chain.

It will also provide the teeth a well-honed edge, making the experience more efficient.

You must remember the file form you desire in addition to the diameter.

A square file is required for a chisel cutter with a square edge, whereas a circular file is required for a chipper cutter.

Switching Has its Benefits

You may change your chain size up or down depending on the situation.

Although the.325 is smaller and quicker, it may not be the ideal choice for your regular needs.

As a result, it’s one of the most popular switches among chainsaw owners who want to get the most out of their machine.

If you wish to change the chain size on your saw, make sure you have the appropriate sprocket and bar.

Final Thought

Cutting with a chain saw with dull blades is impossible, regardless of its strength or size.

Sharpening the chain also saves a lot of time and effort, making one of the most time-consuming jobs simple and even enjoyable.

It’s game-changing to figure out the exact size of the file used to sharpen the chain.

All chain enthusiasts know that regular chain sharpening is a necessary process for the efficient performance of the chain because, after some time, its performance became dull and hampered.

For this purpose, various chain sharpening size files are used.

So, we can find the appropriate size files by considering the particular chain’s size, length, and pitch.

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