What Are Type A & Type C Chainsaw Trousers (Pros & Cons)

Type A and Type C chainsaw trousers are two different types of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to provide leg protection for chainsaw users. The main difference between these two types of trousers is the coverage they offer. Type A chainsaw chaps/pants are designed for occasional chainsaw use by non-professionals while Type C chainsaw chaps/pants are meant for professional frequent chainsaw use.

Whatever brings you to the need for a chainsaw, the most important thing to remember is your protection.

Chainsaw trousers can assist with this by providing sufficient leg cover in the case of an accident.

Chainsaw Trousers, like most protective garments, are made by stitching several layers of shielding materials together.

Polyamide is a sensible method, but aramid fibres are also available.

In case of an accident, this process encompasses the legs and lowers the risk or seriousness of injuries.

This article would be helpful if you want to learn more about chainsaw trousers and the differences between the two styles of trousers.

What Are Type A and Type C Chainsaw Trousers

Type A and Type C Chainsaw Trousers comparison

Type A Chainsaw TrousersType C Chainsaw Trousers
Also known as Type A chainsaw chaps/pants. Designed for occasional chainsaw use by non-professionals.Also known as Type C chainsaw chaps/pants. Meant for professional frequent chainsaw use.
These trousers are designed to protect the front of the legs.Type C trousers offer all-around protection for the legs, including the front, back, and sides.
Made of layers of nylon/polyester fabric bonded with rubber threads.Made of specially engineered fibers such as Dyneema/Kevlar laminates.
Protect against chain speeds up to 20m/s.Protect against high chain speeds up to 25m/s.
Typically provide cut protection on the front of the thighs and around the groin and buttocks.Provide cut protection on the front and back of both legs and thighs as well as the groin and buttocks.
Lighterweight and more affordable option.More expensive but offer complete leg protection.
Often have extra reinforcements in high-wear areas.
Meet stringent PPE safety standards for professionals.

Why you should wear Chainsaw Trousers

We all know that running a chainsaw is a risky process, and there are a variety of factors to consider in addition to the heavy, powerful, and hazardous machinery.

These concerns include the possibility of damaging chippings, dropping objects, operating at levels, and functioning in remote locations.

While all of these factors play a role in the design of chainsaw trousers, the form of protection provided is essential.

Here’s what you should be aware of the importance of wearing protective pants.

While being on the workplace, employees in the tree sector are expected to wear the required safety clothing.

Lumbering specialists must wear adequate leg safety, protective helmets, chainsaw gloves, boots, and jackets while using chainsaws.

It’s important to consider the distinctions between the two styles of trouser before making your next purchase.

The EN381-5 requirements must be met by chainsaw safety trousers.

Trousers made of a durable and strong material with some kind of flexibility in it.

This material must be both resistant to chainsaw cuts and comfortable to wear.

Type A and C chainsaw trousers are the two styles available. Here, we look at the variations between the two.

Type A Chainsaw trouser

Type A chainsaw trousers are commonly made for ground workers and firewood cutters because they are made in that manner to protect the front of your full-length legs you can easily wear in regular work clothes.

All the chainsaw trousers aren’t’t made same each and every Chainsaw trouser is created with high quality.

Type A Chainsaw trouser have several designs that are available in market all the available design and option have only brand and fibrous material difference and of course all the designs are used to protect your legs area.

Everyone has their own choice for choosing the right kind of Chainsaw trouser for safety.

Type A Chainsaw trousers are highly preferred to protect the front portion of the legs because it has sheath in that specific area.

It is provided chaps and can be wear as common trouser.

These trousers are specially designed for the chainsaw operators for their logging timber filed work.


  • As compared to type C’s, it is lighter and ideal for a common man as daily work clothing to protect the legs front area.
  • Type A Chainsaw trousers are cheap in rates as compared to the type C trousers.


  • It has an ability just to cover the front of the legs and very much suitable especially for grounds man. With this, it is not versatile enough to be used by everyone in the lumbering field.

Type C Chainsaw trouser

Type A and type C trousers both are similar in some manner because both have their own characteristics to design in different criteria both have purpose to wear, they are not good or bad in any sense.

Type C chainsaw trousers are designed for those people who are working in difficult angles for example tree climbers.

Type C trousers have extra protective layer around the legs area which gives you protection with chainsaw during your work at any unusual angels.

Most arborists consider wearing the Type C trousers when working in different heights or handling wield extremely heavy-duty stuff in their line of duty.

In many arborist training institutions, the management prefers using a Type C protective chainsaw pair of trousers.

Besides, anywhere where the trainees and experienced operators are working, the Type C trousers must be used.

It is clear that the Type C trouser is the most preferred by the arborists. What is the secret behind the emphasis on the use of Type C trousers?

Let’s shed some light on the advantages of Type C trousers.


  • The trouser offers total leg protection.
  • It is the most recommended trouser among many organizations
  • It offers excellent protection when operating the chainsaw, even if it is in an awkward position.


  • It is slightly expensive compared to Type A trouser
  • You cannot put it on over another garment
  • It is extremely heavier than the Type A trousers

Variations Between Type A and Type C Chainsaw Trousers

It is essential to understand that both the Type A and Type C chainsaw trousers are given out in different chainsaw classes to sustain varying chainsaw speeds.

This means that the two types of trousers are explicitly meant to slow down the speed of the chainsaw in case an accident occurs.

This means that the trouser might not be in a position to prevent all the injuries.

The Type A chainsaw trouser is meant to protect the front part of the leg, while Type C protects the leg’s whole surface.

Since each type of trouser is better than each other when doing specific tasks, it is vital to choose the trousers in consideration with the given task.

Final Words

The chainsaw trousers vary from one place to another.

Different professionals have a different choice depending on where they work.

However, the Type A trouser is mainly used by the groundsman while the climbers use Type C.

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