Stihl Chainsaw Charger Not Working

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Stihl chainsaw is a combination of innovative technology. It is specially designed with the specifications like perfect handy design with low weight, and high power.

These properties of Stihl Chainsaw minimize the burden for the environment and the human. These pieces of equipment are available in a variety and different versions for all purposes, with a good rating of power from 1.3 kW to 6.4 kW.

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Stihl Chainsaw Features

Features of Stihl Chainsaw have some amazing features that include:● They contain a battery technology lithium-ion compact rated Voltage-36V

● Rollomatic E, cutting length-30 cm

● They have a sound pressure level-83 dB(A) to 94 dB (A) and a vibration level of 3.4/ 3.2 m/s

● Rollomatic chainsaw type- Picco micro3, saw chain pitch- ¼ p

Common issues in battery charging

Common issues in battery charging

The charger of the equipment’s battery power shows no imprints of receding soon- both homeowners and professionals can experience the advantages of the battery, with almost no sound or emission and lower vibration.

In case the individual decided to purchase a Stihl Cordless power tool, there are a ton of ways he can make the best use of it. The user needs to take care of the tool and the battery for the best performance and the deliverables of the STIHL equipment. Certain tips he can consider keeping it running for the longest time:

● Keep the machine clean parts that will help with less friction and use less power while working, and the battery will go longer.

● The battery should be at a temperature between 0 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius during charging. Use AL300 or AL500 chargers as the best option.

● LEDs on these batteries show the charge of the battery; one red LED shows the battery is too cold or too hot. Three red LED lights show the equipment’s fault, and four LED red lights to show the fault in the equipment’s battery. There will be no LED flash if the battery is fully charged and some chargers automatically go switched off.

● Charging your battery for less time or till it is fully charged is okay. That will not affect the battery’s performance, and the person can remove the battery from the device anytime.

● In case the battery is drained or deeply discharged, it can damage the battery. Stihl got the batteries’ intelligent system to monitor the lithium-ion battery cells’ voltage, which prevents the battery from drainage or overcharging.

● Don’t store the battery in the equipment; remove the battery and store it separately in a dry, clean, and away from sunlight area. It is suggested to store it in a cardboard packaging, and the temperature should be -10 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius. And in case you don’t have a plan to use it in days, store the battery with some charge around 60% or two green LEDs.

● Stihl chainsaw recommends a unique battery for every cordless power tool, and it might be with a huge capacity and balance the weight.

What if the charger of the equipment is not working

The battery of the Stihl Chainsaw is too warm; the charger will not work; it will only charge if the battery is cooled down. The recommendable charger comes with an integrated system for air cooling that accelerates cooling in the charger.

The right way to charge Stihl Batteries

The battery needs to charge to the level of 80% for operations. It reaches the optimum charge the charger goes slow till 100%. The important thing to take into consideration is that the temperature while charging should be maintained between -5 degrees Celsius and -40 degrees Celsius for better results.Stihl recommends charging the battery fully before using it for the first time and checks on the battery’s LED when it goes down that indicates the battery is fully charged, and you can remove the charger.

Troubleshoot if the charger doesn’t work

In case the chargers of the batteries are not working properly, one can easily consider some steps:

● You should inspect the battery’s contact areas, check, there will be no damage or corrosion in the batteries.

● Inspect debris contacting fans to check if there is an air intake that causes damage.

● Check and verify the switch’s mechanical working by squeezing the trigger and listening to the audible click.

● Check the status of the battery by depressing the status button and light up the LEDs.

● In case you haven’t recognized any of the above issues, then open up the unit for inspecting it further. Test motor with a tester’s help while connecting the black and red motor leads and check the reading that needs to be between 0.2 and 0.8 ohms. If it doesn’t match that criteria and you won’t be able to find out the fault, the motor needs to be replaced.

The battery will get heat up while charging. In case you insert the battery into the charger, the charging process will not start until the battery cools down.

It is necessary to put the battery on charge. You should consider letting the battery cool down, put it on the charger, and it will start significantly charging the battery.

Charging time will depend on the number of factors that include the ambient temperature and the battery condition to get the battery charge in the approximate time.

Please note: never charge a battery that is damaged, leaked, malfunctioning, cracked, or deformed battery. Please check the battery and the charger carefully that they both are dry and well in quality before putting it on electricity.


How do I clean the battery?

Don’t use damp or wet batteries Trying to use a wet battery in your cordless power tool is a bad idea, but if it does get wet or dirty, simply switch off the machine, remove the battery, wipe it down with a cloth, then put the battery somewhere under cover and let it dry.

How can I charge the battery?

Charge the battery in a dry and enclosed location at an ambient temperature between +5°C and +40°C.

How long will a rechargeable battery last?

The service life of rechargeable batteries cannot be generalized because it depends on: proper use of the battery care and storage of the battery the number of charge cycles (a charge cycle is a full charge from 0% to 100%) natural aging of the lithium-ion cells over time For example, STIHL batteries in the PRO cordless system can be fully recharged up to 1200 times.

What is the power of batteries?

Power is defined as the product of voltage and current: Power = Voltage x Amperage –> W = V x A The interaction between voltage and current and the technical implementation of the overall system are the points that determine the performance of a cordless product.

How do STIHL Lithium-ion Batteries work?

The electronic system of the STIHL Lithium-ion Batteries automatically puts the batteries into an idle state, when they have not been used for a long time.

What are the safety mechanisms for STIHL Batteries and Chargers?

Both the STIHL Batteries and Chargers are equipped with protective mechanisms that prevent overcharging and excessive heat.

How much does a Battery charge?

Before using it for the first time, we recommend that you charge a new battery to 80-100%.

What are the benefits of Stihl battery operated equipment?

Stihl offers there battery operated equipment with 3 different options which are as fallows AI SERIES: AI is how Stihl lets you know that that piece of equipment comes with an integrated battery, having an integrated is ideal for small yards, condominiums, as well as people who want the independence to do there own maintenance while knowing they can not work long periods of time….

What decibels do cordless chainsaws have?

Gas-engine chainsaws are loud–about 105 decibels; a cordless chainsaw is roughly equal to a corded electric circular saw, at about 100 decibels.

How do you maintain a battery-saw?

Other than bar and chain maintenance, which is essentially the same with a gas-powered saw, maintenance for battery-powered saws pretty much boils down to keeping the battery charged and properly cared for.

Final Words

Stihl chargers are powerful and can be used in the proper condition. The batteries need to be in proper condition before putting it on the charger. They are automatic and can be used easily. To charge the batteries, they should be cool and put at a suitable temperature for a better result.

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