Is an MS391 Good for Firewood? (Explained)

The Stihl MS391 is a solid choice for firewood cutting. With its 4.4 horsepower engine, optimized power-to-weight ratio, and IntelliCarb™ Carburetor, it handles larger logs efficiently.

The recommended 20-inch guide bar and 3/8 inch OILOMATIC® chain enhance its cutting capacity. By maintaining the chainsaw regularly, sharpening the chain, and using quality fuel and bar oil, you secure its longevity and cutting efficiency.

Don’t forget to address clutch bearing and sprocket issues promptly for peak performance. The MS391 offers a smooth firewood cutting experience.

MS 391 Engine Power

With 4.4 horsepower, the MS391 chainsaw boasts sufficient engine power for efficient firewood cutting. When purchasing your MS391, it’s recommended to visit a Stihl dealer for expert guidance on selecting the right chainsaw for your needs. The MS391’s power-to-weight ratio is optimized for handling firewood cutting tasks with ease, providing you with a reliable tool for your projects.

The 2-stroke engine design of the MS391 guarantees that you have the necessary power to process firewood effectively. This engine type is known for its robust performance, making it ideal for demanding cutting applications.

Additionally, the MS391 comes equipped with an IntelliCarb™ Compensating Carburetor, enhancing fuel efficiency and extending the runtime of the chainsaw. This feature is particularly beneficial for longer firewood cutting sessions, ensuring that you can work uninterrupted.

Guide Bar Length Recommendation

For peak efficiency in cutting firewood with the MS391, it’s essential to adhere to the recommended guide bar length of 20 inches. Using the correct guide bar length is vital for maintaining a balance between power and control when processing firewood.

A 20-inch guide bar offers a good mix of reach and maneuverability, allowing you to handle different sizes of wood effectively. Deviating from the manufacturer’s guide bar recommendations can impact the saw’s performance and your comfort while cutting firewood.

Longer guide bars may lead to decreased efficiency and could make the saw more challenging to handle during extended use. To maintain safe and efficient firewood cutting with the MS391, always stick to the specified guide bar length.


Maintaining peak efficiency in cutting firewood with the MS391 involves using the recommended 3/8 inch OILOMATIC® chain size for best performance. This chain size pairs perfectly with the suggested 20-inch guide bar on the MS391, offering a balanced combination of cutting efficiency and power delivery.

When it comes to firewood cutting, the 3/8 inch OILOMATIC® chain is a popular choice among users due to its versatility and durability. To guarantee smooth operation, it’s vital to properly maintain and sharpen this chain regularly.

Handling Larger Logs

To effectively process larger logs for firewood with the MS391, consider the best chain size and guide bar length for maximum effectiveness.

The MS391’s 4.4 hp power output makes it capable of handling larger logs, but pairing it with a 20-inch guide bar is recommended for efficient cutting of firewood.

The 3/8 inch OILOMATIC® Chain that comes with the MS391 is well-suited for processing firewood from these larger logs.

Proper maintenance, including regular sharpening, is essential for ensuring that the MS391 can effectively cut through hardwood logs for firewood.

Users have found success in processing firewood with the MS391, especially when using a quality chain and bar oil to keep the tool running smoothly.

IntelliCarb™ Carburetor Benefits

Experience enhanced engine performance and fuel efficiency with the IntelliCarb™ Carburetor in the Stihl MS391 chainsaw.

This innovative technology automatically adjusts the air-fuel mixture to optimize engine performance, providing consistent power output and fuel efficiency during firewood cutting tasks.

The IntelliCarb™ system not only guarantees emissions reduction but also ensures smooth operation while processing firewood, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient cutting experience.

By delivering a precise fuel mixture, the IntelliCarb™ Carburetor enhances the longevity and reliability of the Stihl MS391 chainsaw, making it a durable and dependable tool for your firewood cutting needs.

Users can benefit from improved engine response and overall cutting efficiency thanks to the IntelliCarb™ technology, which streamlines the chainsaw’s performance while tackling various woodcutting challenges.

Trust in the Stihl MS391 with IntelliCarb™ Carburetor for a more efficient and effective firewood cutting experience.

Toolless Fuel and Oil Caps

Enhance your firewood cutting experience with the convenient toolless fuel and oil caps featured on the MS391 chainsaw. These toolless fuel caps provide quick and easy access for refueling and oiling, eliminating the need for extra tools during maintenance.

The MS391’s toolless design streamlines the process of checking and replenishing fuel and oil levels, saving you time and effort when operating the chainsaw for firewood tasks. Users appreciate the efficiency and convenience that the toolless fuel caps offer, allowing for seamless refueling and oiling without any hassle.

With the MS391, you can focus more on your firewood cutting tasks and less on the maintenance process, thanks to the user-friendly design of the toolless fuel and oil caps. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of searching for tools to access your fuel and oil caps—make the most of your firewood cutting experience with the MS391’s innovative toolless features.

Smooth Firewood Cutting Experience

With its 4.4 hp power output, the MS391 smoothly handles firewood cutting tasks, providing users with efficient performance. When processing firewood, the MS391 guarantees a smooth cutting experience due to its powerful engine. Users have reported that with the right chain size and sharpness, the MS391 can deliver clean and precise cuts, making it a reliable choice for firewood cutting applications.

The power-to-weight ratio of the MS391 further enhances its ability to tackle firewood cutting tasks effectively. To maximize the smooth cutting experience, it’s crucial to perform proper maintenance and ensure adequate chain lubrication. By keeping the chains sharp and well-oiled, you can maintain the MS391’s performance at its peak, guaranteeing that your firewood cutting tasks are completed efficiently.

The combination of power and precision in the MS391 allows for a seamless cutting experience, making it a valuable tool for handling firewood.

Maintenance Convenience Features

The MS391 offers convenient maintenance features that simplify upkeep tasks for users. With toolless fuel and oil caps equipped with retainers, accessing these essential components for your chainsaw is a breeze.

Additionally, the side-access chain tensioner allows for easy adjustments while you’re in the midst of cutting firewood, ensuring that your chainsaw operates smoothly and efficiently.

The pre-separation air filtration system in the MS391 also plays an essential role in maintaining peak engine performance during your firewood cutting sessions.

Moreover, the presence of bumper spikes on the chainsaw provides stability and control, enhancing your cutting experience.

To top it off, the anti-vibration system integrated into the MS391 reduces fatigue and enhances user comfort when tackling extended firewood cutting tasks.

These maintenance convenience features combined make the MS391 a reliable and user-friendly tool for your firewood cutting needs.

Cutting Efficiency for Hardwoods

To efficiently cut hardwoods, the MS391‘s 4.4 hp power output and 20-inch guide bar make it a reliable choice.

The new MS391 is designed to handle hardwoods effectively, thanks to its powerful engine and robust guide bar.

With a 3/8 inch chain pitch, this chainsaw can tackle larger hardwood logs with precision and ease.

The MS391’s IntelliCarb™ Compensating Carburetor ensures that the fuel mix remains at its best, providing consistent cutting performance in challenging hardwood varieties.

Users have reported successful firewood processing experiences with the MS391, highlighting its ability to handle tough hardwoods effectively.

To maintain cutting efficiency, it’s important to perform regular maintenance on your MS391, including sharpening the chain and using high-quality fuel.

Productivity in Firewood Processing

For peak productivity in firewood processing, consider the MS391’s capabilities and maintenance requirements. The MS391 is equipped to efficiently handle a 25-inch bar, making it suitable for cutting firewood of various sizes.

However, users have reported issues with clutch bearings and the use of Rotary brand sprockets, affecting its performance in firewood cutting. Compared to other Stihl saw models like the MS250 and MS261, the MS391 may feel heavy and slow during firewood processing tasks.

To enhance productivity, choosing the right bar size, such as 16-inch, 18-inch, or 20-inch, based on your specific cutting needs is important. Additionally, proper maintenance is essential. Regularly sharpening the chain and using high-quality bar oil can greatly improve the MS391’s performance in processing firewood efficiently.


To sum up, the MS391 is an excellent choice for cutting firewood. With its powerful engine, recommended guide bar length, and OILOMATIC® chain size, it offers a smooth cutting experience and efficient processing of larger logs.

The IntelliCarb™ carburetor guarantees top performance, while maintenance convenience features make upkeep easy.

Whether cutting hardwoods or softwoods, the MS391 delivers productivity and reliability for all your firewood processing needs. Choose the MS391 for a dependable solution to your firewood cutting tasks.

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