How To Mount A Chainsaw On A Bike (Explained)

Mounting a chainsaw on a bike is akin to motorizing your Bike. It comes with many advantages.

One of such is that you wouldn’t waste much energy in pedaling.

You will experience less-stress on a motorized bicycle despite the fact that it is very powerful and convenient.

Once you mount a chainsaw on your bike, your bike can travel at a speed as high as 50km/hour.

If you love trying out new things and if you are eager about converting your Bike into a motorized device, this article is for you.

How To Mount A Chainsaw On A Bike

In this article, we will emphasize on easy methods of installing a chainsaw on a bike.

We know that many of our readers out there have several unused chainsaws in your house and garages.

Some are old and utterly useless, but with this article, you will know how to harness them for the good of your bike.

Important Actions To Take Before Mounting A Chainsaw On A Bike

When on the verge of mounting a chainsaw on a bike, it is Paramount to ensure that you don’t jampack the cyclist.

Ensure that you create a space between the cyclist and the chainsaw.

This is achieved by removing the wing.

Don’t use a driven shaft, but tyre. The tyre drive shaft is very easy and straightforward.

You don’t need many parts because the shaft that controls friction will undertake the transmission of rotation across the engine.

To achieve this, you should ensure that the diameter of the shaft does not exceed 25 mm.

Another pertinent action to take is the checking of the engine. Once the engine is sound, the bike will not have hitches.

The sound of your bike will become roaring once you Mount your chainsaw.

Get ready for this because it will be strange for your neighbors.

In the light of this, we advise that you try out your initial testing in an isolated area.

Forests, Isolated road, and parks are recommended

After mounting, the engine will be placed at your back, so you should be very watchful because it can be very dangerous if there is gasoline spillage.

Fire hazard is imminent if there are leakages on the gasoline tank.

Asides from the gasoline engine, you should inspect every part of the bike.

Its pertinent to be on the know that the weight of the bike will increase once you attach the chainsaw to it.

Any hitch can prove to be very costly.

Check all the joints and be sure to lubricate them to avoid undue friction.

Your safety is paramount; hence, you should inspect all the bolts, nuts, and fasteners and tighten them again to avoid mishap.

You should consider a chainsaw with a minimum power rating of 2 kw so that enough traction for movement can be attained.

Meanwhile, you should note that a very powerful chainsaw will pose more weight and the bike will struggle to move.

While choosing a chainsaw for mounting on your bike, ensure that it is below 6kg in weight.

7 Items required for mounting Chainsaw on a Bike

  1. Firstly, there is ample need to go for a powerful engine that will deliver the required speed. For an average Bicycle, your speed will range between 30 to 40 kilometres per hour and this will only be delivered by a Chainsaw whose engine is rated 1.5 to 2 horsepower.
  2. To curb hazardous scenarios, you should get a metallic gas tank. However, you can make do with a plastic gas tank.
  3. Cable and throttle from an old Bike. Check and be sure that the Cable still delivers good grip.
  4. You need to have a quick ignition, so you must make provision for wires and switch.
  5. There is need to attach the engine to the frame and this is accomplished by acquiring bolts/nuts and brackets.
  6. There is need to connect the wheel of the bicycle to the engine; hence, there is ample need to make provision for Chains, Pulleys, and Belts.
  7. A handle which will serve as throttle adjuster.

Steps in Mounting Chainsaw on a Bike

Step 1

Aggregation of the Drive Shaft

Aggregation of the Drive Shaft implies replacing the tyre of the rear wheel with a tyre of about 2.5 cm in diameter.

Aggregation serves as the gear box and will either assist in increasing or decreasing the speed.

Step 2

Welding of the Metal Stand

This is helpful in installing the Chainsaw’s engine on the Bike and it is best done via electric welding.

Locate the frame under the seat and weld the metal stand. This is the main action in the mounting process.

Your Bike will be more stable when the welding positioning is low.

Of course, it has o do with the stability; hence, you should mount it at a very low position by welding or by using bolts and clamps.

Step 3

Attachment of Gas cable and wires

Connect the gas cables and wires to the engine and secured by the frame.

The gas cables serve as a connector between the engine and the bike.

The engine will shut off once the cables and wires are disconnected.

Step 4

Connect the ignition system with the handles

By using a wire, locate the motor’s ignition system and connect it to the handles of the Bicycle.

Step 5

Establish throttle control

You need an excellent throttle control system.

Do this by connecting the handle of the throttle to the carburetor through a cable.

Step 6

Attachment of protective items

Attach some protective items such as mirrors, flashlight, etc and get started in test-running your chainsaw powered Bike.

Final Words

Holla! I hope you have realized that mounting a chainsaw on a Bike is a Breeze.

Your dream of motorizing your Bike will soon become a reality if you can follow these steps.

There are so many benefits that come with motorizing your Bike. Firstly, your speed will increase and fuel consumption is minimal.

More so, it is versatile, as you can decide to use your pedals in case you run out of fuel.

Meanwhile, your safety and comfort should be atop your priorities while coupling.

Don’t delay, go ahead and tryout these steps on your new Bike.

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