How Much Compression Should a Chainsaw Have

A chainsaw is portable gasoline or battery-powered saw used to cut the trees, bucking, limning, cutting firebreaks, and pruning in harvesting firewood. Chainsaw cuts with the teeth linked together also called “saw blades”, is attached to a spinning chain-driven along a guide bar that guides the chainsaw with slight friction loss to form an endless chain.

  A chainsaw is a saw that has sets of teeth connected with the chain that rotates along the guide bar. Chainsaw is especially used for cutting, feeling, harvesting activities, and forests management. Various types of chainsaws are used according to circumstances such as electric, petrol, and battery-powered saw.

What is the ideal compression limit should a chainsaw have?

Chainsaw contains two types of engines, 2-stroke engines and 4-stroke engines, and the engine uses gasoline as its fuel. The compression varies according to the model and brand of each chainsaw. If a chainsaw has a small engine, it requires a small amount of compression, and if a chainsaw has a large engine, it will require a large amount of compression for running the chainsaw.

The temperature and motor capacity of the chainsaw defines the compression requirement levels of its engine. For a 2-stroke engine, the minimum pressure level is within 100-160 psi, and maintaining the level within the range of 90-110 psi is usually recommended. Therefore, the ideal compression measurements for the 2-stroke engine is 110 psi.

Also, some individual engines might be running a bit lower or higher, so the temperature can vary and affect readings. A cool chainsaw runs low, and the hot engine will be higher.

What must you consider when it comes to the compression of the chainsaw?

Chainsaw runs with the engine, so you constantly have to input power, and if you have to work in a remote area with a chainsaw, you have to compress air with it. What should matter for the compressor of the chainsaw is moto-capacity in terms of temperature and cc. Some compressor runs on low cc motors, and some compressors have high motor power, i.e. 150cc. Moreover, for the chainsaw that runs around 50cc, there will be required compression is 140 to 150psi from the air compressor, and higher you will need more compression from the air compressor that depends on the power motor.  When it comes to temperature, the cool chainsaw will run low, and the hot chainsaw will be needed more compressors from the air. There is one more thing for your information the cool chainsaw usually requests for 85 to 100psi and the hot chainsaw requests for more than 150 to 160psi from the compressor.

Understand the compression requirement of your chainsaw

You can understand the compression requirement with the pressure test. Now, look at how this test can function.

  • The first step is to prepare your chainsaw by removing the spark plug, and you can use a notch and remove it; also, place the gauge on the spark plug area.
  • The second step is to get an accurate reading from the seal, and you can do it by pulling the starter rope of the chainsaw; it will start working, and you will be able to see the needle that is moving.
  • The final step is to take your final readings once you get a stable gauge number that will indicate the perfect compression needed to run your chainsaw.

Compression Ability of Chainsaw:

           If we converse about the compression ability of chainsaw, then we know for high compression a large engine is required and for small scale compression, a small engine is required. Compression depends on the models of chainsaws. Various models have different compression abilities. The Compression ability of the Chainsaw depends on the capacity of the motor and temperature. The cold chainsaw works slowly than a hot chainsaw because the cold chainsaw has a lower compression ability than a hot chainsaw.                      

           A cold chainsaw will have a compression range of 85-100psi and a hot chainsaw will have a compression range of 160psi. The minimum pressure level for 2 stroke engine that is used in chainsaws should in the range of 100 to 160psi. According to the standard system about chainsaw the range of compression ability is between 90 to 100psi. Each model of chainsaw does not have the same motor capacity. 

           A compressor has low engine power such as 30cc, where some different models have high engine power such as 150cc. In the event that you are working with a distant kind of trimming tool like Husqvarna 545, the engine power is around 50.5cc. For a trimming tool named chainsaw that works around 50cc, the necessary pressure is 140-150psi from the compressor of air. In the event that you go a higher cc engine, for example, 60cc, you may require a pressure of 160cc from the air compressor.

   Need of Compression for 2-strokes engine:

             Proper pressure and compression are required for chainsaws in the 2-strokes engine for the fuel ignition. A two-cycle engine works with just a single-piston of cylinders. The cylinder piston goes here and there inside a shaft. On the main stroke, the air is compacted on one side and fuel is sucked in on the other. On the subsequent stroke, the fuel is lighted and ignited on the bottom, and exhaust is pushed out the top. The compressed air from the principal stroke makes a vacuum that pulls in the fuel. Without appropriate pressure, fuel can’t get sucked into the engine. 

  Test of Compression in Chainsaw:

                                                You can test pressure effectively with a basic pressure testing measure. Eliminate the spark plug by utilizing a wrench and spot the measuring gauge in its place. Gauges come in different sizes, so you might have to utilize a connector between the measuring gauge and Chainsaw. In any case, the seal between the two should be tight to get an exact perusing. Pull the starter rope a couple of times until the needle of the gauge stops going here and there. The gauge number the needle chooses is the right perusing.


There is no definite answer to this question that How Much Compression Should A Chainsaw Have? You have to understand the compression level for your engine and the requirements of your chainsaw or do the pressure test to measure the compression needed to run the chainsaw.

               Compression matter for the effective working of the engine. You will understand the compression level range for working smoothly. Chainsaw’s engine works smoothly and effectively as ideal working at 110psi compression or pressure. Choose the model of motor for working at standard compression.

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