How to Extend The Battery Life Of Cordless Chainsaw

Cordless chainsaw gives more convenience and ease of use than its wired versions.

Of course, they can be carried anywhere without any hassle.

To determine how long its battery lasts depends mainly on how you’re using it.

Another factor is its storage method when it’s not in operation.

How to Extend The Battery Life Of Cordless Chainsaw

7 Ways to expand the battery life

There are some practices to increase the battery life of cordless chainsaws.

These can help you extend the life of the battery for a considerably longer time. It’s going to be a one-time investment.

You don’t want any sort of inconvenience or battery damage.

It can be a burden on your pocket to buy it frequently when the battery gets out of order.

Follow these steps to improve battery life of cordless chainsaw:

Plug and use frequently

The best practice is to use a chainsaw often. When the battery is reduced to 70%, it’s good to recharge it.

When the tool is used frequently, it will consume more energy and require added recharging.

This will keep it healthier for a longer time.

So, you need to make sure it doesn’t stay idle for weeks or months as it can harm its performance and life.

The battery can drain even when it’s not in operation. Never let it stay idle for a longer time.

Keep temperature moderate

The battery can be damaged in a heat or extremely cold atmosphere.

So, it’s always a wise option to use it at a moderate temperature. It should be tolerable to ensure the battery works fine.

In the same way, the temperature during charging also affects its lifespan.

So, keep it normal.

When using outdoors in winters, charging may cause irreversible damage, leading to its shorter life.

The same thing happens when charging in summer.

When you’ve charged in extreme temperatures, make sure it rests for a few hours indoors to bring down the cold or hot effects it has been exposed to.

Finding a place with room temperature will save it from getting dead.

In case, the chainsaw battery gets heated during usage; turn off the tool immediately.

Then, bring it to the room temperature before giving it a recharge.

Some chargers don’t charge before they reach the perfect room temperature.

So, prefer having those as they are safer than the other ones.


Some batteries automatically turn off when used under high heat. The motor can come under heavy load while in operation.

Due to getting overheated, its lifespan can be shortened drastically.

The newly introduced lithium-ion batteries work quite intelligently.

When they are under continuous load, they shut off automatically before getting overheated.

A light flashes in the battery. It means that you must cool it down before reusing it.

The light flashes differently when the battery is about to run out of power due to load.

Careful storage

Make sure you keep the batteries in separate bags or boxes.

They can get damaged easily when roughly handled. Padded bags are ideal to keep them safe.

Protect them from water, rain, direct sunlight, and exposure to any other hazardous chemicals.

Avoid keeping in a hot car or vehicle. When storing at home, keep them in clean bags where no dust touches them.

The temperature should also be moderate. Covering its terminals with a dry plastic bag is a good practice.

The cap can prevent any scratches, short circuits, or moisture, keeping the battery in a good condition.

Place the battery in an area with no conductive materials around.

Protect the terminals to avoid any fire breakouts.

When you store the batteries carefully, their lifespan will be improved to a considerable level.

Avoid overcharging

Be watchful when the battery of the cordless chainsaw is recharging. Make sure the charger is plugged out when it’s fully charged.

In case, it’s left overnight and continues to charge more than the required time, it can get damaged in a short time.

Frequent overcharging will shorten its lifespan drastically. So, make sure it’s charged only till it’s full.

Turn off the charger as soon as it reaches the maximum level. It’s good to charge the battery when you’re around.

Plugging in during the night can be risky as you will fall asleep and the battery will keep charging beyond its limited capacity.

This will harm its life.

If you want to extend the battery life of your cordless chainsaw, make sure it’s charged only to its full capacity and then removed from the charger instantly.

Also, look for the voltage. It should neither be too high or low. Keep it to the normal level to ensure the safety of your battery.

Avoid moisture

Water or liquids are enemies of your chainsaw battery. They can quickly damage it causing it to stop working.

Avoid putting the battery outdoors, near the swimming pool, water pitcher, or under the rain.

Keep in mind that heavy rain can cause electric shocks. It can also ruin the battery as well as the chainsaw.

The terminals can corrode easily when stored in a humid, damp place.

When terminals are corroded, it’s hard to recharge.

When the water seeps inside the battery, it causes permanent damage to it.

Never use a battery that is submerged or have any signs of moisture damage.

High-quality battery

Always buy good batteries. Choose reputed brands only.

Searching online and reading customer reviews can help make the right decision.

Invest in the high-quality cordless chainsaw only.

If you are having a poor-quality tool, its battery time will be shorter than those of well-known manufacturers.

So, be smart and buy the quality ones only. This will surely give you peace of mind.

Final Words

By following some tips and guidelines mentioned above, it’s quite possible to extend the battery life of a cordless chainsaw.

Buy from a good brand. Handle carefully. Avoid overcharging.

Keep away from sunlight, moisture, and extreme cold.

Store in a dry place with a moderate temperature. Avoid using outdoors during rain.

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