Cordless Chainsaw Won’t Start

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A decent chainsaw helps save both time and energy, but the smoothness in its workability would be inhibited by bottlenecks in the ignition system.

Bottlenecks and issues in the ignition system can be really distracting and extremely irritating. Yeah, we’re here to assist you with getting stuff rolling once more.

Without first needing to yell at your saw, you should channel your energy towards revamping your chainsaw’s ignition system. Security is the first worry if the chainsaw continues to display issues.

Malfunctioning chainsaws are very risky, so when you search for problems, keep your protection in mind. Before you explore the root of the issue, it may also be a smart idea to eliminate the chain first.

Origin of the problem

When your chainsaw doesn’t function, your initial action is to decipher its reasons for failing to initialize. For particular purposes than those who require gasoline, such as gas and an engine with air philters and plugs that spark, an electronic chainsaw will stop running.

The troubleshooting mechanism is entirely a unique scenario if you have a saw that works on petrol. Understanding your sight, the chainsaw’s utilization of strength, and how they go in alignment is important.

Chainsaws run either on a battery while others depend entirely on corded electricity. However, the energy is deduced from charging the battery or from the corded outlet.

On to troubleshoot

Issues with chainsaws are very dicey; don’t rush to replace the chainsaw parts when the chainsaw appears to be dead. Spend ample time in crosschecking the different body parts to be sure that they are not beyond repairs. Your chainsaw can behave like this if you stress the battery and the motor on regular basis.

Lubrication is a key contributor to an effective chainsaw, so lubricate it properly and make sure that it is not overstressed. The chainsaw exerts much energy in moving an unlubricated chainsaw; hence, your chain should be sharp.

The chainsaw can experience overheating if the chain is dull. When the chain is dull, the motor of the chain will experience immense stress leading to the imminent death of the engine.

However, you shouldn’t meddle with the life of your chainsaw; hence, don’t rush over the troubleshooting steps. When your chainsaw sleeps or withers away in a coma, one of the first steps to take is to detect the instigator of the anomalies.


You should be watchful of the battery of your chainsaw; Spend a few minutes to check and be sure that the battery is fully-charged before concluding that it’s dead.

If it’s dead, then it would become irresponsive despite the that it’s fully charged. Check for another array of batteries because this is a key anomaly that you would experience on your chainsaw.

There is a limitation to the life of the battery, and it might appear as though the charges are building, but this is just a mirage because when it develops issues, it will no longer hold charges. This helps to extend the battery life of the chainsaw.

Also, search the battery’s attachment points. You will surely notice some unclean materials that will activate a bad link and interrupt control.

You can circumvent the unreliable battery by plugging the chainsaw into a power source close to you. If this succeeds, then the next thing is to expect the chainsaw to jerk into motion; the battery is certainly a concern.

Note: that there may still be a weak relation to an extension cable, so switch it and be unobvious whether it brings any new change. Lay hands on another gadget which you’re sure are in a perfect working state.

By now, you should be on the verge of moving on to analyze another site of the issue; should in case none of this works.

A short fuse

A fuse may be exploded in the next form of an issue. The user manual is the best reference for where to find the fuses as well as the ideal fuses for the chainsaw.  Without smashing the bank, you will typically easily find substitutes in shops.

Also, verify that you have not left a protection switch in service. If it is pressing or closed, certain saws are endowed with switches that keep it from the beginning.

Why not suspect the switch?

The starter turn is normally another culprit. Duelling your chainsaw is may not be the issue here, because it might still misbehave when the fuel tank is full. The engine is erroneous and would not be able to detect the available fuel in the tank.

Typically, you may call for or request new parts while repairing defective switches easily.

The best approach to the issue 

On the whole, the best option is for you to call a professional close to you, as with any topic outside your capacity. Whether the control, Fuses, and switches have been checked thoroughly.

Most producers give outstanding warranties and warranties to use it as long as you can. If you lack the professionalism or wherewithal in cutting things apart and properly congregating them, do not fiddle with a chainsaw. A bad saw in your tool shed isn’t anything you like.

Maintenance of Chainsaw

A chainsaw is made of several moving parts inside the engine, much like every other power tool. Many individuals prefer to neglect repair and treatment, assuming that high-quality computers are designed to function effectively. Using the chainsaw over time will bring wear on the pieces that should be tested daily.

  • Making the required modifications to tighten nuts and chain tension
  • Clean and extract all the required components from the garbage, sawdust, etc.
  • Inspect the sharpness of the blade of a cord
  • Make sure that all moving components such as gears and the chain are properly lubricated as needed.

Final word

Hopefully, when your chainsaw is in a coma, our few suggestions can allow you to overcome some of the simple issues. Keep your repairs correct, as it serves to offer an appropriate lifetime for your saw.

Peruse the user guide keenly to decipher how to maintain the chainsaw entirely, the battery requires excellent storage and charging.

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