Chainsaw Bar Sprocket Seized: How To Fix It? (Explained)

Brake cleaner gives the best result for fixing the chainsaw bar sprocket. You can also use Boeshield T-9 or Green Degreaser. Brushing with carpet/wood, flowing oil in large amounts, or greasing can help to unseize the bar sprocket.

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Knowing how to fix a choked bar sprocket is one of those skills that you don’t realize you need until it happens to you.

There are a lot of different chainsaws out there , but all of them seem to have one thing in common, they all have a problem with choking at one time or another.

Chainsaw bar sprocket seized is something that every chainsaw owner has to deal with at one point or the other.

Unfortunately, this is also one of the parts that can become seized up and cause your chainsaw to stop working.

If you’re experiencing problems with your chainsaw bar sprocket, here are some tips on how to free it.

Chainsaw Bar Sprocket Seized

How To Fix Seized Chainsaw Bar Sprocket

The drive sprocket is linked with the chainsaw bar to change the power of the motor and rotation.

The rotation of the sprocket on the motor is possible through a needle or roller.

Chainsaw Bar Sprocket

Sometimes, it stops working and needs to fix the problem.

First, we see that how many kinds of sprockets are and which kind of sprocket is the best for use.

Then, we will talk about the fixation of the seized sprocket.

Kinds of Sprocket

Two kinds of drive sprockets are used on the chainsaw bar .

  • The Spur style
  • The Floating System

The Floating Sprocket System is considered the best system by the technicians for several technical reasons.

Fixation of Chainsaw Bar Sprocket

When the chainsaw bar sprockets stocks and stop working, it needs to be fixed. Several methods are adopted to fix this problem.

Brake Cleaner

Brake cleaner gives the best result for fixing the chainsaw bar sprocket. So it should be used when this problem occurs.

Boeshield T-9

Boeshield T-9 is also good to fix the problem of chainsaw Bars.              

Green Degreaser

Green Degreaser is also given the best results. Green Degreaser easily removes the stains on the bar, and the chainsaw bar starts working again smoothly.

Brushing and Spinning

If the sprocket tip is jammed, we can brush it with the help of carpet or wood. Then, it will start Spinning again.

Flowing The Oil

One method to fix the chainsaw bar is to flow oil in a large amount.

Oil will rinse the dust added, and the sprocket will work again. So, oiling will also work great.


Greasing also plays a vital role in fixing the problem of chainsaw sprockets.

The sprocket should be greased by the gun and then it will start working again.

Tools that are used to fix chainsaw bar sprocket are groove cleaner, flat file or bar, wear dresser, and a grease gun.

Maintenance of Sprocket

Sprocket maintenance is as important as the whole chainsaw maintenance .

Many people ignore its maintenance in return they have to face problems like sprocket jamming.

The sprockets should be changed every 2 to 3 chains.

The drive sprockets must be replaced after 2 or 3 chains or sooner because it is important not to run a new chain on a badly worn drive sprocket.

Whenever sprocket is seized it may be due to lack of lubrication or poor quality of sprocket.

The quality of sprocket can be checked by running a chain rotation test.

In this test, the sprocket is rotated manually by hand.

If the chain rotates smoothly for all time, the sprocket used has a good quality.

But if the chain shows abrupt rotation (smooth rotation one moment and then it becomes difficult to rotate), sprocket may has a worn teeth.

The other reason causing the seizing of sprocket is the lack of lubrication.

Some people forget the maintenance of sprocket and do not lubricate the sprocket.

Some of them think that greasing it will lead to clogging of the chainsaw with dirt and wood due to adhering effect of grease but that’s not true.

Proper lubrication is required for the proper working of chainsaw.

Lubrication should be done by using a grease gun to put grease in the holes of sprocket.

Then the chainsaw is run for 15 minutes so that it becomes fully lubricated.

Lubrication helps in the smooth rotation of chain without stuck or jamming.

It also prevents the chainsaw from trapping moisture in it.

Whenever the sprocket is seized, first you have to remove the chain and then look for any substance trapped in the sprocket, remove it if you find it.

Then you have to put lubricating oil through the holes of sprocket with the help of grease gun.

Then you have to rotate the nose of sprocket by hand to facilitate the lubrication.

If that’s stuck rotate it with force or by rubbing it on the wooden surface.

Once its free run it for 15 minutes so that the lubrication process is completed and no such problem will arise again.

How To overcome the seizing problem

To overcome the seizing problem, one must have to take care of this equipment and tools.

He should take care of the maintenance and replacement of sprocket and the chainsaw.

He must have to clean and lubricate the sprockets every time before using it so that any air or moisture is avoided to get trapped in it.

As the entrapped moisture will cause the sprocket to stuck due to rusting.

Secondly, old and worn sprockets must not be used for new chains as they will ruin it.


The quality of fuel to be used in the chainsaw plays a vital role to move the primary engines and support the working. So make sure to use the best fuel for an unseized chainsaw.

Spark plug

There is a higher possibility of some fault with the spark plug so prefer changing the spark plug and check the new spark plug before installing it in the chainsaw .


Sometimes cold weather can result in a seized chainsaw so get ready for pulling up some sweat and hard work to an unseized chainsaw.

Fuel to oil ratio

People often undermine the value of the fuel to oil ratio but it is crucial to maintain the smooth working of primary and secondary engines.

Final Thought

Sprocket is an important part of a chainsaw and it is made up of wear resistant steel.

It’s function is to drive the proper pitched chain around the bar by transmitting the engine power to the saw chain with little loss of energy.

Hence it is important in the smooth rotation of the saw chain around the bar.

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