Can you use a chainsaw for ice fishing?

Fishing in a frozen lake sounds difficult, as the layer of ice may be hard. It is not easy and dangerous.

The very thought of ice fishing may be overwhelming and interesting, but breaking the ice using a shovel may be a disaster recipe.

There is a need for thoughtful actions and care.

Can you use a chainsaw for ice fishing

What is ice fishing?

It is a sport rewarding participants with food than trophies.

Ice fishing is a casual sport for people loving to be on the frozen water.

It is done in the winter months when the surfaces are frozen. The sport takes patience and pays off as the people grab a giant fish.

Apart from ice fishing being enjoyable, it is a perfect choice for anglers who wish to get on in winter for their fish.

It is one of the addictive ways of fish catching and is a favorite activity among seasoned fishers.

Can you use a chainsaw for ice fishing?

Yes, you can cut the ice using a chainsaw. You need not apply mineral oil to prevent water pollution.

The aim is to prevent the blade from rusting and to look after the chainsaw.

Ice fishing is not easy as the ice blocks are not easy to break using a shovel.

The sheet may crack and there is the possibility of hypothermia and drowning.

The safest and easiest way of doing it is by using a chainsaw to cut the ice.

There is a need for a long bar on the chainsaw so that it kicks the water out.

However, you should be careful where you stand and ensure you do not get wet.

There is a need for an ice bar or ice pick to extract the cube of ice.

Is a chainsaw powerful to cut ice?

Yes, a chainsaw is powerful for cutting the ice. It cuts with ease the ice.

Cutting the ice means revving your chainsaw and to insert the bar within the ice.

It will chew straight into the ice.

In the day’s end, ice is merely frozen water and cannot withstand the force of a chainsaw.

Fish catching may be intimidating as you have to stand on an icy platform that has cold water covering it.

Thus, it is essential to check the ice you are standing on is thick.

You may do this by piercing the ice using an auger or a spud bar.

Looking out for rotten ice is helpful as there will be holes, cracks, and water flows.

The rotten ice appears blue and thick, while the fresh ice is risky as it is thin and crispy.

Steps to cut ice with a chainsaw

  • Shoving the chainsaw into the ice is not enough to see success. There is a necessity for a clear plan to cut. It will be incredibly difficult to see a circle cut. Instead, you can cut a rectangle or a square.
  • You may decide the place you wish to cut, enter the cut below the bar tip. It will give you full control. Enter the cut at the bar tip, but bear in mind, that you may experience a kickback, as you will not have much control.
  • Once you cut into it, push using a crowbar keeping the object down to get rid of the ice.
  • If the ice is thick, make multiple cuts. 

After lifting the ice, use a chainsaw to cut through the ice next layer. You may come to the ice bottom and see the water coming up.

Push the ice down and get out of the way or get the water out using a bucket.

Preventing the chainsaw from rusting

  • As your chainsaw immerses into the water, it rusts quickly, especially if you do not take good care of it. 
  • Ensure the entire chainsaw dries quickly and dry it using a rag. 
  • Take off the chain from the bar and let it dry. Finally, apply motor oil to keep it functioning smoothly.

There is no recommendation to cut ice using an electric chainsaw as the water could get into the chainsaw and it will damage beyond repair.

The best to go with is to use a gas chainsaw.

It is because they can withstand more beating than any electric chainsaw.

Is ice cutting legal?

The laws on ice cutting vary with each location.

Before setting foot on the ice, it is necessary to observe safety measures for a chainsawing successful session.

It means you will get in your basket plenty of fish. Your clothing must be warm, waterproof, and insulated.

It helps you do ice fishing as you put on a pair of boots and gloves.

Worldwide, in many places, the chainsaw is in use to cut ice.

It is illegal as it discharges into the waterbody, the harmful lubricating oil, and will harm the marine life.

Before planning to cut the ice with a chainsaw, you should determine if the river or lake is on private or public property. 

Check your local state or the council law before planning for ice fishing.

It is because if you cut into some restricted area you have to pay heavy fines.

Ask for permission before making a hole in the ice using a chainsaw because it may be some endangered fish species breeding area.

Use a GPS or map to check the stability of the ice sheet because if there is a shallow area or a hot spring nearby, you will be in the freezing water that can drown you or you will get pneumonia.

Final Thought

Ice fishing is interesting and using a chainsaw to cut the ice further helps.

However, you must select an ice-cutting chainsaw specially designed and features a non-slip handle.

Ice chainsawing is not different from wood chainsawing, and it is easier.

Creating a corner requires you to hold the upward and downward straight the chainsaw and to make slower and shorter strokes.

Bear in mind to avoid making two holes very close as it may weaken the entire ice sheet and start cracking.

It may risk your and other’s life. 

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