Can you cut with the tip of a chainsaw?

Do you want to cut a tree; is it an old tree, or some knotty tree that is big for your chainsaw?

It may be tempting to cut and try it using the tip of a chainsaw.

Cutting using the tip of a chainsaw is a risky technique and one should not attempt it.

Can you cut with the tip of a chainsaw

Can you cut with the tip of a chainsaw?

The answer is No and yes:

No. It is risky. You should know when to use the chainsaw tip. It is best to avoid using the tip of a chainsaw.

The risk of kickback is at its highest if it means cutting with the chainsaw tip.

Yes. You can look at the chainsaw tip. If the shape is in a half-circle, you can use the chainsaw.

It is because only the top half may kick back. It means to stay safe first insert the bottom half.

If you are cutting any tree limb number, then no doubt, chainsaws are the most efficient and fastest.

However, chainsaws are extremely dangerous tools and are best used by people having a proper understanding of the chainsaw and its safety measures.

Chainsaw Injuries:

The chainsaw injuries show an average of 40000 injuries across the United States alone and deaths every year.

There may be several reasons for causing injuries and the main is the user’s lack of training or understanding of the chainsaw defects. 

Another reason is the users fail to give good maintenance for the chainsaw and do not follow the instructions of the manufacturers on using the chainsaw.

The most common injury is by a kickback.

It takes place when the chainsaw contacts an object and the guide bar receives a force that results to kick back.

The kickback is extremely violent and fast that it mostly comes upwards towards the face or chest of the user.

It happens within a split second that the user has no opportunity to save him or avoid it from happening.

Thus, it is important to use the chainsaw only on learning the best practices and to adhere to the safe use techniques recommended.

It will reduce the injury chances in the first place.

Cutting with the tip of a chainsaw

It is a risk to cut with the tip of a chainsaw.

The risk is that the tip on the top quarter of a chainsaw will kick back as it contacts a branch. The kickback is a high risk to the operator.

You can negate modern chainsaws equipped with a chain brake as the design is different and it stops the chain from detecting a kickback.

Thereby, the occurring is stopped.

Though there is a safety measure, it is not recommended to use the chainsaw front tip to cut a branch.

Safety: A paramount consideration is the safety of a chainsaw and the common injuries are to the upper arms and thighs.

You can be safe and eliminate by taking proper precautions.

  • First, wrap around the front handle of your thumb anytime while you are cutting. Wrapping the thumb means creating a solid grip and gaining full control if there is an unexpected kickback. Thus, you can prevent the chainsaw from touching your body or face.
  • The second is to move between branches so that your right hand is away from the handle and use your left hand to carry the chainsaw by holding the handle.

By doing this, even if you fall or lose your balance, the chainsaw’s engine cannot accelerate or start the chain to spin, which eventually may result in injury.

Maintaining your Chainsaw:

Equally important is to ascertain whether the chainsaw is appropriate for the job.

The thumb rule is the chainsaw blades should be 2 inches longer approximately than the tree or item you wish to cut.

Bear in mind that having a bigger blade makes it harder to control.

Thus, anyone using the chainsaw for the first time should get only a smaller size chainsaw that is suitable for the job to complete the job.

Cutting methods

Using a chainsaw means the most common way of cutting is by using the bottom of the bar.

It leads to a natural feeling and you will realize the chainsaw is slightly pulling forwards.

However, you will still have full control and there is a firm grip to hold the chainsaw feeling of full control while allowing you to firmly grip and keep holding the chainsaw.

The chainsaw will push back towards you.

However, you can get into a well-braced position such that there is a firm hold on the chainsaw.

It is a safe way of making cuts and operations.

All said and done, use a chainsaw with utmost care and with zero negligence.

Wrapping Up

Using a chainsaw and getting work done faster is correct.

However, as a new user, you should not use a chainsaw before you are 100% confident.

Ensure to take a friend with you or let someone watch you as you are operating. It is because they can help you before you get into problems.

Lastly, hold a solid position keeping both feet firmly on the floor before starting to cut.

Do these until you get confident enough to cut into difficult positions and ensure you are prepared and know what you want.

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