How Many Chainsaw Accidents Happen in A Year

Chain saws are a standard instrument used at home as well as in several professions. Accidents occur frequently, and they happen so swiftly. Every year, chainsaws hurt thousands of people all around the world. Sadly, far too many people are killed. On the other hand, this  article will provide readers with a broad overview of … Read more

How to Replace Fuel Lines on a Poulan Chainsaw

Chainsaw is portable gasoline, electric, or battery-powered saw with teeth placed atop a chain drive that rotates. It travels along a guide bar. It is used in tree felling, limbing, and pruning, among other assorted things. Chainsaws are bar and chain combinations that are specially designed for use in chainsaw art and chainsaw mills. Poulan … Read more

How Often to Clean Chainsaw Air Filter?

As a lumberjack, a DIYer, a student, or someone trained in the use of chainsaws, you’d agree that chainsaws are pretty important when it comes to activities like tree felling, pruning, cutting, and bucking, amongst others. It is, therefore, necessary to take good care of your chainsaws. Chainsaws are similar to automobiles, in that, the … Read more

Can I Use Wd40 To Clean Chainsaw?


Chainsaw is among the popular household items. And It is in use more than often, so its maintenance is the deciding factor. But It is vulnerable to unwanted debris that leads it to rust. So, clean it after every use. Mind it that cleaning it with random fluid might further deteriorate it. So, you have … Read more

Is the Stihl Manscaping Kit Real

Stihl Manscaping Kit Real

Creativity is a must in every aspect of life. And when it comes to business, it becomes even more necessary. But when creativity is coupled with a little humor and marketing strategy, it is sure to become the talk of the town. Similar things happened with Stihl as soon as it declared its ‘manscaping kit’. … Read more

How To Skid Logs by Hand

Skid Logs by Hand

Before we begin to understand how to skid the logs with our hands we first need to make a few things clear, first of all, what exactly is skidding? Skidding is a process involving the transportation of chopped trees out of the forest. Logs are the chopped trees. Skidding Logs Logging is a very important … Read more

Chainsaw No Spark: Causes & Solution

Chainsaw No Spark

A chainsaw is a saw that has sets of teeth connected with the chain that rotates along the guide bar. Chainsaw is especially used for cutting, feeling, harvesting activities, and forests management. Various types of chainsaws are used according to circumstances such as electric, petrol, and battery-powered saw. A chainsaw is a useful cutting tool … Read more

How Much Compression Should a Chainsaw Have

How Much Compression Should a Chainsaw Have

A chainsaw is portable gasoline or battery-powered saw used to cut the trees, bucking, limning, cutting firebreaks, and pruning in harvesting firewood. Chainsaw cuts with the teeth linked together also called “saw blades”, is attached to a spinning chain-driven along a guide bar that guides the chainsaw with slight friction loss to form an endless … Read more

Chainsaw Primer Bulb Temporary Fix

Chainsaw Primer Bulb Temporary Fix

Need to use your chainsaw but cannot buy a primer bulb right away? Don’t know how to repair the existing one? Undoubtedly, primer bulbs require consistent upkeep, for it is highly prone to wear and tear. If the primer bulb malfunction is restricting your chainsaw engine from starting, here is what you can do to … Read more