Chainsaw Helmet Lifespan

chainsaw helmet lifespan

All handymen know that safety is paramount. This is tenable in lumbering and all chainsaw related tasks. The Helmet is one of the key safety items that you must use when using Chainsaws to work. Just like everything else, safety gears like helmets also have their expiration date, which is necessary to discourage their usage … Read more

What Are Type A and Type C Chainsaw Trousers

what are type A and type C chainsaw trousers

Whatever brings you to the need for a chainsaw, the most important thing to remember is your protection. Chainsaw trousers can assist with this by providing sufficient leg cover in the case of an accident. Chainsaw Trousers, like most protective garments, are made by stitching several layers of shielding materials together. Polyamide is a sensible … Read more

Are Carbide Chainsaw Chains Worth It?

are carbide chainsaw chains worth it

Carbide is one of the compounds used in adding brittleness to chainsaws. It is a solid compound whose density is two times of steel’s density. When coated with Carbide, the chainsaw cannot be sharpened with ease but with the use of coated files and discs. Diamond is usually harnessed as the coating material for the … Read more

Can I Run A Chainsaw With A Pacemaker?

can i run a chainsaw with a pacemaker

Pacemaker is a medically prescribed device for people with Heart problems. It is placed within the Heart or abdominal region surgically for the treatment of Arrhythmia. If the Heart beat is not regular, too fast or too slow, the pacemaker is useful in controlling and regulating the beats of the Heart. The Pacemaker works by … Read more

Motor Oil vs Chainsaw Bar Oil

chainsaw bar oil vs motor oil

If you are a handyman or a one-off Chainsaw user, I am quite sure you know that oil is the food of the chainsaw engine. It lubricates the chainsaw and makes it function at a top level for a long time. Buying a chainsaw is one thing, but maintaining it another thing and oiling the … Read more