Chainsaw Age Limit For Kids (Parents Guide)

Age Requirement For Operating Chainsaw

You may be afraid of giving your kids because you probably watched movies where chainsaws are used for killing people and other dirty deeds…. But in real life, a chainsaw is used to cut wood, trees, and logs. For me, when it comes to kids, the only concern ​that makes me afraid, ​ …a chainsaw … Read more

Removing Chainsaw Spark Arrestor For Increasing HP(Upto 40%)

Removing Chainsaw Spark Arrestor

In this post, you are going to learn the risks (fire, fine, bugs & more) and benefits(More HP & torque) of removing spark arrestor screen. You will also learn how to remove spark arrestor properly. … that maximizes the output while minimizing the risks. These are exactly the same guideline I follow to increase the … Read more