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Husqvarna Chainsaw – For Any Need (In TOUGH Condition)

Husqvarna has a leading worldwide reputation for having one of the widest ranges of chainsaws on the market today.

The Husqvarna chainsaw line was made with professionals in mind​...

...but they didn't leave out customers who just needed a chainsaw now and again. 

Husqvarna chainsaws, such as the Husqvarna 455,  have built a sound reputation and are progressing day by day in the world of technological breakthroughs. By being innovative and designing cutting edge tools these chainsaws aid a man in his daily life activities. The company has invested in making the tools, when used by the buyer would make him come for more and with a stronger confidence on the name HUSQVARNA.

The company is a leading manufacturer of outdoor goods. Having its headquarters in Huskvarna Sweden, the company is a proud owner of various products that score a spot on the top selling list as soon as they hit the shelf. A number of models of chainsaws can be cited here as an example.

The second most selling chainsaw belongs to this company. The Husqvarna 316E (16inch) 1600 watt prosumer Electric chainsaw is the number 2nd on the list with only Remington as its contender on the charts. Out of 100% of the chainsaw buyers, 15% of them extend their hands towards a Husqvarna chainsaw. The chainsaw scored a 4 star reputation on the scales and deserves this repute as the company builds some top notch features for each model.

The company symbolizes not only power but also comfort, efficiency and the best feature of all, having a heart for the environment. The tools designed by the company are indeed shining examples of good tools. Apart from the best selling list, the company’s products have valuable repute on the ‘top rated’ list as well. According to one of the websites the company has been given an A- for its vast array of chainsaws and their diversity pertaining to their use and efficiency in cutting, pruning and trimming of trees.

Suffice it to say, Husqvarna is a company which has built their repute on very fine standards and is building its future on those very pillars which mark a company’s excellence. The company is demanding a fair price for their products. The company has designed several products which are worth talking about such as the regular gas powered chainsaws to cordless chainsaws. In their newer gas operated chainsaws they have incorporated such a design that is very fuel efficient and reduces the amount of pollutants thrown into the atmosphere. Also, they have designed much more comfortable handles with multiple gripping positions so that the handler gets a good experience.

Husqvarna boasts about their easy start, as the resistance in the starter cord was reduced by up to a whopping 40%. That's the last time you rip your arm out of its socket trying to start a chainsaw. The low fuel consumption is attractive, as less exhaust is emitted during operation. The low emissions are in line with some of the strictest environmental regulations.

You'll find these chainsaws have a double-acting chain brake, a right hand guard and chain catcher, and an inertia-activated chain brake - all excellent safety features. These features make these chainsaws good for frequent use, plus they are quieter than less expensive electric models. Equipped with an anti- vibration handle, they are good for longer cutting sessions.

One of the popular models is the Husqvarna 136 chainsaw or the Husqvarna 450 e-series chainsaw. The major con for most people is the limited cutting radius of about 100 feet from an electrical outlet. The muffler tends to get exceedingly hot, making it a bit dicey to re-start when needed and it does at times come loose. The decompression button is a bit awkward to start with, but that sorts itself out later.

Hopefully our Husqvarna chainsaw review will help you decide if a Husqvarna chainsaw is right for you.

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My name is Chris Ross. I'm an arborist by profession & a blogger by passion.Currently I live in Austin, United States. Being in the cutting services for more than 10 years, I know a thing or two about chainsaw. I love to write about chainsaw for homeowners and professionals. I hope my epic guides will help you to choose,buy and maintain chainsaw.

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