Husqvarna 440E Review – Long Lasting Chain With Good Results

Husqvarna 440E Review

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Husqvarna power tools have been in the market for a long period of time.

They offer users some of the most powerful chain saws that function excellently, and one of these is the Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch 40.9cc 2-Stroke X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw which is an efficient lightweight all-round saw.


The 440E chain saw from Husqvarna is known for its exceptional maneuver and start functions.

It comes equipped with state-of-the-art fuel pump and a sturdy auto return stop switch, which enables users a much easier way to start the equipment. 

If you’re a beginner when it comes to handling chain saws, this Husqvarna unit is a great one to start with.

The Husqvarna 440E chain saw offers users with some easy and hassle-free moments while working on the field.

It features a perfect X-Torq engine, which is known to be a powerful engine while maintaining incredibly low fuel consumption. This translates to the fact that users will save a lot when it comes to fuel cost. 

They will also enjoy its perfect performances at all times. 

It is the most preferred chain saw because it functions fast. It is powered to cut tree trunks without the chains getting out of place. 

Husqvarna 440E Review

Its reduced emission levels have also made it a perfect machine that will fit in any environment. There is no worry about air pollution when using this machine.

The Husqvarna 440E does not produce too much noise that may disrupt the user. There is nothing like noise pollution. It was designed by experts who cared much to create low-noise equipment. This makes it an ideal machine for use in residential estates and business premises.

Its sturdy handle makes it the safest chain saw to operate. Users get enough space to start it up and position at the right angle. This avoids unnecessary accidents. Its weight of around 9.8 pounds is ideal for a machine that will be controlled with the use of two hands. The user will not get tired and do shoddy job.

Benefits Of The Husqvarna 440E

This chain saw has been praised by many users in the world. It moves at fast speed to offer the best results. You will never have to worry about replacing its chain any time soon. The chain can function for a longer time while still offering you excellent results.

There are many benefits that you get from using this modern machine. Because it is lightweight and easy to carry, you will definitely save time and energy when doing tasks such as cutting trees.

You will be at a better standing position as you use it. This means that you are safe and you will not get injured.

It does not use much oil and therefore, you will have to save a lot on oil change. Its low-fuel consumption makes it a perfect machine since it saves you a lot of money.

The easy-to-start offers you enough time to do your job. The easy-to-follow instructions make you master its operations and use it immediately. You do not waste time. It does not call for technical operational skills and most importantly, you do not need a technician around you. 

Pros and Cons

When compared to other products, this Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch 40.9cc 2-Stroke X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw chain saw carries a lot of advantages making it ideal for use. The following list shows its advantages over other equipment of its range from rival companies:


  • It has a powerful engine that offers top most vigor. The engine drives it to cut tree trunks without the frustrating failures. Other machines from rival companies seem to struggle and even go off. This is due to their weak engine performance.
  • Its tool-less tension performs well, giving users quick results and ability to finish work on time. Other brands may have tensions on their machines making them harder to perform well.
  • Its 16-inch bar is ideal for covering large surface area. Other chain saws have a shorter inch bar that can be a real hassle for any user at some point during the operation.
  • Designed in a special way to let you carry it around with ease. The replacement of its air filter is also much easier. Other chain saws from rival companies are hard to clean and replacing air filter is a grave task.


  • The need to clean it while still at work can be tedious and troublesome. You will have to occasionally wipe the case box due to leaked oil.
  • Some users complain that starting the chain saw can be a great challenge sometimes.
  • Its powerful engine can make then Husqvarna unit vibrate so hard while operating it. This can be hard for amateur users.


The 440E can be a great option for those who want a chain saw that is easy to operate and maneuver, especially for beginners or for  those who need all-rounder equipment for use on residential ground.

With  the reduced emission levels and low fuel consumption this machine has  to offer, you won’t have to worry about environmental issues.

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