How Often Should I Oil My Electric Chainsaw? (Explained)

Regularly oiling your electric chainsaw is crucial for its smooth operation. Guidelines include oiling before each cut (for models with manual oiling), checking the oil reservoir every time you refuel, inspecting it after every 20 minutes of use (for corded models), and filling it when you refill the gas tank. Always use recommended bar and chain oil to prevent damage. Regular checks on the oil reservoir are vital to prevent it from running dry, which can lead to heat buildup and potential damage to the chainsaw.

Most gas chain saws operate properly only with a premixed gas-and-oil fuel. Electric chainsaws do not need any addition of oil.

However, the chain and the bar need proper lubrication.

Electic chainsaw uses the same lubrication type for the chain and bar as gas-powered chainsaws.

Thus, oiling is an important part, not worth ignoring.

How often should i oil my electric chainsaw

Why does an electric chainsaw need oiling?

Electric chainsaws get their power from electric sources and so there is no requirement for fuel to function.

The bar and the actual chain require lubrication so that the chain is safe and does not burn.

It may burn if there is much friction, and causes frictional force in the chainsaw motor.

How often should I oil my electric chainsaw?

To keep your electric chainsaw running smoothly, it is important to oil it regularly. Here are some guidelines based on the search results:

  • Before each cut: If your electric chainsaw has a manual oiling system, you should lubricate the saw chain by pressing the bulb on the oil reservoir cap before each cut.
  • Every time you refuel: According to some manufacturers, you should check the bar and chain oil reservoir every time you refuel your electric chainsaw and refill it as needed.
  • After every 20 minutes of use: A good rule of thumb for corded electric chainsaws is to check the oil reservoir after every 20 minutes of use and refill it as needed.
  • As you fill the gas tank: If your electric chainsaw has an oil reservoir, you should fill it each time you fill the gas tank of your chainsaw.
  • When the oil reservoir is empty: The need to oil an electric chainsaw is when the oil reservoir is empty. Thus, fill the oil reservoir each time as you fill the gas tank of your chainsaw.

It is important to use the manufacturer’s recommended bar and chain oil to ensure proper lubrication and avoid damage to the chainsaw. Additionally, make sure to check the oil reservoir regularly to prevent it from running dry, which can cause heat buildup and damage to the chainsaw .

What is the advantage of an electric chainsaw?

An electric saw is cleaner as it does not run on gasoline.

Thus, it keeps the surroundings clean; the air you inhale is cleaner.

People love it as it requires plugging in and it is ready to use, eliminating gasoline and mixing oil in a canister and pouring it into the fuel tank of the chainsaw.

What is lubrication?

Electric chainsaws feature specific bar and chain lubrication oil .

The oils are designed to keep the chain and bar running efficiently and smoothly.

These lubricants are safe for the environment.

Many lubrications or oils may damage the oiling. So, avoid such kind of lubrication.

The chainsaws to cut wood are in different brands .

Most reputable chainsaw manufacturers produce their bar and chain oil brand for their chainsaws.

The manufacturer offers for their model the best lubrication.

Some companies producing chainsaws do not produce the lubricant and yet suggest a particular brand of lubricant.

About periodical oiling of electric chainsaw

Fill the chain, and bar oil reservoir for regular use, and periodically check to assure it is not empty.

One good rule is to check the oil reservoir as you change the batteries.

The oil use is difficult to understand with corded chainsaws in use as you do not run out of power.

Thus, with electric chainsaws, the best is to check them after every 20 minutes the reservoir.

You will notice that the filling relies mostly on the use.

Manual lubricating is possible on an electric chainsaw. It is the same as any other cutting tool.

You may use a spray lubricant as temporary lubrication.

It is because manual lubrication wears out quickly.

It will require frequent lubrication and so manual lubrication on electric chainsaws is not recommended and the electric chainsaw features an automatic lubricating mechanism.

However, if you still wish to opt for manual lubrication, avoid using WD-40. It appears like a lubricant but is not.

The chainsaw will attract more dirt and destroy the moving parts.

Refill the Oil in a Few Easy Steps

Begin by unplugging from the electric socket the electric chainsaw.

It will prevent accidents and the accidental starting of the chainsaw.

Remember to place the chainsaw on a flat surface.

Dropping it from some height may damage the chainsaw and there is the possibility of causing an injury to the person oiling it.

Refilling the chainsaw while using it in between may be a requirement. If so, let the chainsaw cool down.

It is because a hot chainsaw causes painful burns and slows down accomplishing work goals.

Before oiling, clean the chainsaw top.

No matter, if you were using it continuously or it was in the garage accumulating dust.

Cleaning the top of the chainsaw before removing the oil cap is essential so that no debris enters the oil tank.

Thus, you can avert any damage to the lubricating system.

Take the cap off, set it on a clean surface, and ensure no contamination of the oil by using a clean funnel of the right size fitting on the chainsaw opening.

Add the bar, chain oil through the funnel, and avoid wasteful spilling of oil. Fill it to the full mark on the reservoir and replace the cap.

Remove the funnel, and neatly place it on a paper towel. Ensure that no oil drips from the funnel, ensure the oil tank cap is secure, and tighten so that there is no fear of leakage.

Therefore, although electric chainsaws need no oil or use gasoline like a gasoline-powered chainsaw, it needs lubrication for the bar and chains like any other chainsaw.

This oiling ensures it runs properly, enjoys a long life, and offers high performance in your work or home tasks.

Prolong the life of the electric chainsaw by using the manufacturer’s recommended bar and chain oil.

The foremost is the fast-changing chainsaw chain . It is the circular track causing stress on the chain.

The chain will likely bind and not be able easily to glide on the track. 

The friction is experienced between the guide bar and the chain.

It causes damage permanently to the chain bar owing to the heat deformation.

The guide bars are made to suit a particular thickness chain. However, if the guide rail damages no matter what, you cannot use the bar.

There is no choice but to consider a replacement.

Nevertheless, when it is not in good condition, there is smoke emitting from the chainsaw.

Likewise, concentrating on lubrication pays, if not the engines need to work harder, and this may damage internal components.

Wrapping up

Electric chainsaw requires bar and chain oil from the same manufacturer that manufactures the electric chainsaw as it works to be the best for your tool.

To keep the chainsaw in shape and to glide easily, use the manufacturer’s chain and bar oil.

Avoid using other oils on the electric chainsaw. It will result in lots of friction.

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