What Is a Bow Chainsaw Used For?

A modern bow saw refers to a metal-framed crosscut saw. It is in a bow shape featuring a coarse wide blade.

It is a saw type known as a Finn Saw, Swede saw, or bucksaw.

It is a rough tool useful for cross-cutting firewood or branches, up to (150 mm) six inches in diameter.

What Is a Bow Chainsaw Used For

What is the need for a bow saw chainsaw?

A bow saw is a saw a handheld device. It is useful to prune small to medium-sized branches.

The bow saw comes into play usually when the branch size exceeds the pruner’s and lopper’s capacity.

A bow saw is a tool in the shape of a bow and it features handles on both ends of the blade.

Holding the bow saw on a side resembles a bow and arrow.

Not all bow saws are the same; they may be large or small. There are bow saws allowing to fold, facilitating storage.

When Should I Use a Bow Saw? 

A bow saw is highly useful as it is a versatile tool. It helps in a myriad of projects.

The bow saw is mainly used in cross-cutting of small logs and for limbing trees. Using a bow saw helps in woodworking projects.

People bring on a camping trip the bow saw and loggers carry a bow saw ready to cut small shrubs and trees.

While the gardeners use it to prune unruly branches.

A few other times to use a bow saw include:

  • Cross-cutting firewood
  • Pruning medium to small branches
  • Felling of a small tree
  • Cutting out old bush

The more you use the bow saw, the more you will become comfortable and the more projects will come to mind. 

How to use a bow chainsaw

Using a bow chainsaw is not different from using any other saw.

Nevertheless, there are a few steps to assist you to use the chainsaw smoothly.

Guidelines to use a bow saw


The bow chainsaws may be dangerous, even if they lack proper power by a battery.

If the wood chips fly or the chainsaw slips, you will easily cut yourself.

Thus, it is best to wear safety glasses and gloves for your hands


Ensure the saw is sharp before starting the work.

Ensure the screws hold things tight and are together. Do not let it fall apart while using.

If you observe the rust build-up is a lot on the saw, you may use a sandpaper piece to remove the sawdust.

A smooth saw does not create a lot of friction and ensures easy cutting.

Use of oil

Preparing a big day of cutting using the bow chainsaw means applying to the blade some cutting oil is the recommendation.

In case you are cutting a log, balance the log to ensure no pinch points.

The material should just fall from the blade away.

Steadily cut, by giving pulls and pushes, get into the routine, and allow the saw to work.

What are the Pros of Bow Chainsaws?

Bow chainsaws are not universal tools.

The bow saws are useful for specific purposes and it makes the chainsaws special.

Thus, if it is not used as per the intended purpose, the result may be frustrating and you will injure yourself or the tool may break.

Here are four pros:

Bow saws are inexpensive

A good bow chainsaw requires you to spend some money but is worth spending as it goes for a longer time.

You can always effectively clear your backyard or front.  

However, buy a good quality bow saw, as going for a cheap one may be frustrating.

Portable and light

People frequently going on camping trips can pack a bow saw as it helps cut firewood easily.

Nowadays, the latest bow saws facilitate folding and storing.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance is an integral part of any tool.

It is a must to take good care of a bow chainsaw as it is a tool you may need anytime that it becomes invaluable.

However, it is to clean, store dry, and oil them.

Performs a range of cutting tasks

Bows are handy in maintaining a landscape. It can be anything ranging from cutting a dead tree or bush to tree pruning.

Tips to Maintain Your Bow Chainsaw

Any quality bow chainsaw gives you a service of many years of hard use. It is expected of you to maintain a tool properly.

There is a need to remember several things to maintain the bow chainsaw:

Keep the tool away from moisture

The bow chainsaw is the same as any other tool. A bow chainsaw also rusts if it gets exposure to water.

Thus, it is best to store in a dry and cool place the saw.

Keep the bow saw in lubrication

The bow chainsaw has moving parts and to keep it in good working condition on the wood, lubrication is essential.

It prevents rust and keeps the slicing process through the material perfect.

Use blade cover

The bow chainsaw teeth become dull and bent when it receives exposure due to accidental bumping and dirt.

A blade cover is helpful to keep you safe from scrapes and cuts.

Placing a simple blade cover in cardboard is enough to keep the blades protected.

Periodically, remove the blade for long-term storage and cleaning.

Routinely inspect

The chainsaw requires routine inspection. It has many screws holding in place everything.

The screws become loose with the use or they may rust in place, thereby keeping a routine inspection to prevent blade frequent replacement.

Final Thought

The varieties of bow chainsaws are many.

Ensure to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer so that routine care follows a schedule.

It may be a repeater, and you have heard it many times.

However, it is essential to take good care of the bow chainsaw so that it is useful when you need it.

For good working conditions, it is best to ensure good maintenance.

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