10 Ways To Hang Chainsaws

Chainsaws are a bar-and-chain combination.

It is useful in activities, such as cutting firebreaks in fire suppression, pruning, bucking, tree felling, and firewood harvesting.

The chainsaw is a robust and portable tool available in varying lengths as a toothed chain.

A professional or skilled person uses it to cut through a wood in a circular motion.

10 Ways To Hang Chainsaws

10 ways to hang chainsaws

Use a protective case

A protective case ensures the chainsaw is in the right condition. The protective case should have a strong hook to hang the chainsaw.

These protective cases protect them from drops and falls that may be disastrous.

Keeping the chainsaw hanging in a hook within a protective case helps having the tool safely.

Place a clip type on the sides, so that the chainsaws stay in one place.

Even if you consider transporting, you can hold the case, and when not in use, the chainsaw is safe inside the protective case.

Thus, you can avert potential damage from unnecessary dropping or knock over of chainsaw accidentally.

Hang in the Storeroom

Storing it outside or experiencing harsh conditions for the chainsaw is not acceptable.

Make sure the storeroom has no leakage or excess water.

It is necessary to ascertain the storeroom is an area not exposed to extreme temperatures.

It will cause the oil in the chainsaw and gasoline to contract or expand and it damages the internal components.

Storing a saw hanging in the storeroom, ensuring suitable air circulation is helpful; it keeps the tools in good working condition.

Hang it in the tool shed

All power tools need appropriate conditions, location, and position. It applies to a chainsaw.

They are bulky tools taking a lot of space, be it bench space, floor space, wall, or roof space.

Hanging them vertically in an open space in the tool shed is the best; ensure the chain weight is not much.

The chainsaw motor weight is more, so ensure the wall of the tool shed allows vertical hanging.

Place a drum beneath the chainsaw hanging vertically, so that the oil from the tool does not spread all over the floor.

Hang by the rear handle

It is a method to hang the chainsaws. It requires hanging from the rear handle using a wall hook.

If you hang the chainsaw, the oil and gasoline may run your chainsaw bar down or leak onto the blade.

Drain away the fluids before storing them in a hanging position or allow the tanks to burp in the hanging position until their next use.

The fuel tank burp requires you to open it, the chain oil tank, and the bar so that the trapped air is out.

Hang by the brake stop

The chainsaw features a handle on the saw top and hangs from the brake stop. It does not leak fluids like the rear handle.

The brake handles are not specifically durable, so use them only for small saws to hang.

It is because if the weight is placed too heavily on the brake stop, it may break or damage.

The saws featuring longer bars stay unbalanced and it is not right to hang by the brake stop.

So, hang your chainsaw by the brake and stop only the smaller ones.

Hang by the Garage stand

If you work regularly with chainsaws and have several chainsaws, you may allow a space in your garage stand.

Such that it has space on the shelf and ground.

Ensure to have hooks to hang smaller ones by the wall and place the bigger chainsaws on the shelf or ground.

The stand should be durable and strong so that it facilitates slipping in and out of the tool without damage.

Hang on an angle

You can hang the chainsaw at an angle.

You can place a shelf right below the angle, keeping enough space for it to hang.

The standing end can have a flat shelf with a hanging feature.

The chainsaw sitting on the ground uses much of your space.

So find a suitable place in your shed, garage, or your tool room, as an alternative space. Ensure a good option to store and to stay organized.

Hang in the backyard corner

Hanging in the backyard corner is the best choice as no one disturbs it. Ensure it is in the vertical position on heavy-duty hooks.

This option is a cheap, quick, and easy option to store chainsaws.

Ensure the hooks can withstand the weight of your chainsaw, as dropping the chainsaw is the worst thing to imagine.

Hang inside the fuel tank

Storing a chainsaw after emptying the fuel tank, prevents it from rusting and corroding.

Storing a chainsaw requires a user to wait for hours (at least two hours) before the fuel tank drains and to wipe the tool using a cloth.

For quick use empty the fuel tank, and fix a hook to hang the chainsaw within the tank.

This will give you enough space to store the spark plug and tools in a bag securely within the fuel tank, until your next use.

Besides hanging chainsaws within the fuel tank ensures there is no leakage during storage.

However, ascertain there is no leakage while storing.

It ensures accidentally your saw does not startup when it is stored and causes damage, mainly because the residue of gasoline corrodes blades even when not in use.

Dismantle and hang the chainsaw

Before storage, dismantling a chainsaw is important as it averts your tools from any possible damage.

The dismantling process varies on the chainsaw model, so check the manual instruction, beforehand.

You need a screwdriver or Allen key for some chainsaws and the assistance for some models, so do it safely when two people are handling it.

Store your chainsaw in a well-ventilated area to avoid the build-up of moisture as it may affect the tool quality.

However, ensure the hanging bar of the chainsaw is strong.

Final Words

A chainsaw is an important tool, and each chainsaw manufacturer will have its best storage practices.

You may consider it and store it properly by reading the manual.

Keep this tool in a good ventilated, dry place.

Hang on a hook by its plastic handle, yet for safety use a broad metal or wood piece as a hook. It will keep the saw weight distributed evenly.

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