Worx WG303.1 Review – Best For Trimming Hedges & Pruning

Worx WG303.1 Review – Best For Trimming Hedges & Pruning

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Literally the best selling chainsaw on Amazon, the popularity of the Worx WG303.1 isn’t difficult to understand. It promises a 16 inch guidebar, 3.5 HP, a 4.5 star rating, and a 94 dollar price tag.

In other words, unless you plan on cutting down a local wood, it goes on the maybe list right off the bat.


First off, let’s get one thing straight. The first line of the product description is a downright lie.

A 3.5HP electric chainsaw is not “as powerful as a gas chainsaw”. Gas chainsaws regularly come with 50CC engines. And there’s simply no comparison.

The good news, however, is that most people don’t need 50 CC’s. And aside from a little false advertising, Worx have gotten pretty much everything else right.

If you’re new to the world of chainsaws, a 16inch guidebar and 3.5 HP chainsaw will typically handle:

Worx WG303.1 Review
  • Trees and branches up to 15 inch in length.
  • Firewood and logs
  • Trimming hedges/pruning(obviously)

I tested the 303 on everything and it tackled them all with ease.

I also tried it on an 25 inch softwood stump and while it certainly took it’s time, the end result was the same. This means that if you ever need to cut something similar i.e. in the case of storm damage or you want to help a friend, the 303.1 requires patience not a new chainsaw.

The most significant feature of a chainsaw to be discussed is its power because it is the quality that ultimately defines a machine’s efficiency. In terms of power, WORX has done its part in maintaining a good reputation for its device.

This chainsaw is as powerful as a gas chainsaw with 3.5hp and 14.5amp. It has 3/8″ pitch reduced kickback chain that safely improves cutting and pruning of limbs.

With the advancing world a lot has changed, but there are things that demand old fashioned work with a sizzle of the modern technology. To satisfy your needs, WORX has introduced a 16 inch Chain saw that has all the qualities of a good chain saw and much more.

There are a lot of products out in the market but the superior Patented tool free tensioning system that this machine is offering is a deal better than any other. It prevents over-tightening of the blade and takes care of your needs.

While dealing with a dangerous piece of equipment such as a chainsaw, it is vital to make sure that all the screws are tightly fitted.

On a more serious note, when dealing with a tool that can cut your arm in a matter of seconds, it is essential to make sure that your safety is not compromised and every step to ensure that the equipment is as safe as possible. 

To ensure this, WORX has put in a lot of effort in vitalizing the security. It has a built-in chain brake that provides great level of security to the user.

In conclusion, for yard work, fire wood and cleaning up after the occasional storm, the 303.1 scores full marks. On the other hand, if you plan on tackling the local wood, grow the patience of a saint or look elsewhere.

Ease of Use

Electric chainsaws were pretty much invented for superior ease of use and the Worx 303 is a very good example of what you get when you drop the gas tank. The noise is gone. The fumes are gone. And the weight drops to just shy of 11 pounds.

The Worx also benefits from a number of features that have nothing to do with its power source, these include:

  • Tool-Less Tension Change: Tension is changed via a knob on the side rather than a tool. Ideal when you want to tackle multiple jobs in one go without stopping.
  • Auto Tensioning: Apparently, this is patented. Apparently, it keeps the chain tight at all times. Personally I didn’t notice the difference.
  • Automatic Oiling: Pretty much self explanatory, works as advertised.


Most critical reviews were regarding durability. Some people reported break downs almost immediately, others after only a matter of months. These reviews are in the minority. And the Worx is less than a hundred dollars. But I still find this disappointing.

There’s obviously some kind of quality control problem going on and despite being out 3 years, it hasn’t yet been solved.

In a small package and perfect for around the house, 3.5 HP 16 inch WORX chainsaw is the best cheap chainsaw. When looking for the best cheap chainsaw, part of what makes a chainsaw great is not missing out on features that are important.

The WORX chainsaw allows for chain replacement with auto lubrication and no tools which probably its most alluring feature. The chainsaw is powerful enough for big jobs with great control and comfort, and makes for fuss free use.


The product description promises an electric chainsaw that matches the power of a gas chainsaw. This is simply untrue. Roughly 8 percent of users complain of durability issues. Aside from these two issues however, this is a pretty difficult tool to fault.

It tackles yard work with ease, and bigger jobs with patience. It’s light, quiet, and as a result, a genuine pleasure to use.

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