Where to get a chainsaw sharpened

You can order sharpening services but the best bet is to learn how to sharpen a chain yourself and save money. There is no magic shortcut, unfortunately.

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A chainsaw is an essential tool, and it requires regular sharpening of the chain. It is not a fast-fix job.

The sharpening is to remove the dirt-encrusted inside so that the chain does not wear by overheating rapidly.

At the same time, chainsaw sharpening is equally crucial for regular use.

Where to get a chainsaw sharpened

Places to get a chainsaw sharpened

There are a few ways to get a chainsaw sharpened. One way is to take it to a professional sharpener.

Another way is to buy a sharpening kit and do it yourself.

Tips: Sharpening yourself isn’t hard. I got the Husqy roller guide system and did pretty good.

local hardware store/ACE

Chainsaw sharpeners are usually attached to chainsaw stores.

They sharpen chainsaws on-site by running the chain through a machine equipped with grinding wheels.

These stores also sell chainsaws and parts and provide repair services. They charge $5-$10 for sharpening chains.

local saw shop

You can go to a local saw shop, and ask for a sharpening service, but their service would be like $30.

It costs much less if you have your own sharpening kit (the kit costs around $10-$20).

Professional chainsaw sharpener

The chainsaw sharpening is done by professionals who have knowledge of the chainsaw and the sharpening techniques.

They are trained and certified for this job and the tools that they use are the best for the job.

They also have the proper safety gear and protective clothing. You can find them on social media.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw by yourself

Sharpening a chainsaw has two approaches:

  • An electric chainsaw sharpener may handle the task; it is the best for frequent tree felling. 
  • Manual sharpening is the next approach but it requires using a combination of sweat, muscle, and sharpening files.

Tradesmen use electric sharpeners mainly and the focus is a manual method of sharpening that is common and accessible as a chainsaw sharpening tool.

The chainsaw chain comprises teeth in a series that you need a chainsaw file precisely matching up with an individual tooth size in the chain.

The common sizes are 3/16-inch, 5/32-inch, and 7/32-inch.

Steps to sharpening the chainsaw:

Working with an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

More details on chainsaw sharpening

Learning to sharpen a chainsaw is not a tough task. Ensure to wear safety equipment while sharpening and cutting.

It is easy to notice the time to replace the chain.

You may look for signs such as tool failure or overuse, severe dents, uneven cuts, rusting, overheating chainsaw blades, and smoking.

The duration between chainsaw sharpening relies on the saw amount used.

The need for a chainsaw sharpening maybe once a year, if it is not much in use, but with frequent use, it needs regular sharpening so that the blade does not become dull.

A chainsaw blade on average retains the sharpness actively for nearly 3 hours of cutting wood actively.

The chainsaw blade dulls quickly due to cutting through dirty wood, steep angled cutting teeth, overuse, or working with tough woods such as ironwood, hickory, and black oak.

What is a chainsaw sharpening?

Sharpening a chainsaw is important like cleaning it. A chainsaw sharpening is a skill set helpful for regular users.

It helps reduce the downtime of a tool. It is a straightforward process and is best done each time before use.

Wrapping Up

Knowing to sharpen a chainsaw is the best, but remember, the more you use them too, you have to give maintenance.

Using for hours a chainsaw requires you to pause so that the chain also restores its sharpness.

Keep paying attention to the saw tip to notice wear signs.

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