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Chainsaw Sharpening Tools: What To Check (For BEST results)

If you have a garden in your home, then a chainsaw will serve as a very useful tool

However, maintaining it in good condition is very important for attaining best results

A chainsaw which has not been sharpened or is dull tends to slow down the work along with being quite dangerous

There are various chainsaw sharpening tools available in the market which sharpens the chain manually or automatically.

Why is chainsaw sharpening essential

In order to use the chainsaw in an efficient and safe manner, sharpening it is very essential. A dull chainsaw chain will not work effectively and will involve a great deal of effort to get the job done. It can also cause to wear the bar faster. Enthusiast grinders and professionals tend to sharpen the chain at the time it is off the saw. For this reason it is very important that chainsaw sharpening tools should be as such that it can hold the chain in a perfect manner whereas, the adjustments to the edge angle as well as the tilt angle should also be set up precisely. Moreover, these systems should also be accurate and fast however, taking your chainsaw to a saw sharpening shop is considered to be essential.

Another practical element of any chainsaw sharpening tool is a simple handheld round file. In addition, a depth gauge and file guide is also important as it will assist you in sharpening the chainsaw effectively.

Sharpening tools should be consistent in their work. It should make the chainsaw as such that it provides the same amount of strokes from every tooth as the same effect of every tooth will direct to an extremely sharp chainsaw.

Chainsaw sharpening tools also includes hand file guides. The simplest form is attached to the round file through which the user can watch the different markings onto the guide so that consistent angles are maintained at every stroke of the file. There is another form of guide which clamps to the bar and has been designed to control the movement of a round file which is wrapped over the teeth of the chain. It is important that the size of the round file matches up with the size of the chain. A common measurement of sharpening the chainsaw is usually 5/16 inch and 7/32 inch of file. Most of the round files tend to last for a lifetime if they are maintained well and are taken care of. Always remember to wrap them in their case prior to storing them in the toolbox. You should also avoid using chainsaws for picking out stones from the logs.

Depth gauge of good quality can be easily obtained from any hardware store. These gauges are attached on top of the chain and are usually used for controlling the amount of removing of the guides after every sharpening session. After using the chainsaw for a number of times, the teeth of the chain will lower down from the level of guides. Here you will be required to bring the height of the guide down to the level of the teeth on the chainsaw.

After the chainsaw has been used, cleaning it is also very crucial. This can be done by a stiff brush after which the top plate is to be filled systematically along with the side plate as well as the depth gauge on every teeth of the chainsaw. You have to follow some safety precautions which include the following points:

  • ·Sharpen the teeth of the chainsaw with the help of the chainsaw engine cold.
  • ·Working on a sturdy, flat as well as a well-lit surface.
  • ·Working with safety gloves so that the fingers are protected when the chainsaw is sharpened.
  • ·Switch off the saw before working.

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