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Stihl – Durable Chainsaw For The Professionals (Since 1926)

​On the market since 1926 Stihl has a wide variety of chainsaws for different needs

Sharp design, innovative technology, easy to handle...

...and featuring an ergonomic design, the Stihl chainsaw will find a place in anyone's arsenal of hard working tools.

If you want a Stihl electric chainsaw, you got it. A special saw just for semi-professional use, you got it. Add in a wide range of professional, consumer and specialty saws and you pretty much have what you need to clip a tree down, tackle work on the farm or use them for property maintenance. You're never at a loss for things to do when using a Sthil chainsaw.

In terms of quality, Sthil can only be compared to Husqvarna. In the Stihl gas chainsaw line you will be buying quality here and the pros of these models are that they start like a charm, have a tool free chain adjustment, superior safety features and automatic oiling from a translucent reservoir. Not a bad deal to say the least.

Their main disadvantage is the fact that they are expensive and retail out at about $250.00, have a lot of vibration going on and are really noisy and actively pollute the air. Forget about the neighbors sleeping in with this line of gas chainsaws. Unlike ​Homelite, Sthil chainsaw are ​basically designed for the professionals. Although, they have some homeowner model too.

In the electric chainsaw line you, once again, have quality at your fingertips, but you are certainly restricted in your cutting radius with an electric chainsaw unless you endeavor to stay within about 100 feet of an electrical outlet. 

Having said that though, they are a whole heck of a lot quieter than gas chainsaws and are less trouble to start and use. Just plug and play so to speak. These beauties also don't vibrate as much as gas chainsaws and don't contribute to the greenhouse effect or global warming, making them a "green" choice.

As long as you have Stihl electric chainsaws, the problems of trimming the grasses in your compound has become a thing of the past, yet it the noise is never offensive. In other word, the machines in questions which has very high cutting performance are noiseless, easy application and highly durable. Additional qualities like quick chain tensioning, quick stop super chain brake as well as overload protection offering very standard operational convenient. You can use any of the machines without getting tired or creating any offensive noise. For more clarification, the table below explain in details all the attributes and technical details.


Power consumption


Sound power level

Sound pressure level

MSE 140 C-Q


​3,6 1)

​104,0 2)

​91,0 2)

​MSE 140 C-BQ


​3,7 1)

​104,0 2)

​91,0 2)

​MSE 160 C-Q


​4,0 1)

​106,0 2)

​93,0 2)

​MSE 160 C-BQ


​4,1 1)

​106,0 2)

​93,0 2)

​MSE 180 C-BQ


​4,2 1)

​105,0 2)

​92,0 2)

​MSE 180 C-BQ Picco Duro


​4,2 1)

​105,0 2)

​92,0 2)

​MSE 200 C-BQ


​4,4 1)

​105,0 2)

​92,0 2)

​MSE 220 C-Q


​6,2 1)

​108,0 2)

​95,0 2)


1) With guide bar and saw chain, without electrical cable or chain oil
2) K factor according to Dir. 2006/42/EC = 2,5(dB(A))
3) K factor according to Dir. 2006/42/EC = 2 m/s²

It is very obvious that so many chainsaws are now littering the market, but it is very interesting that the end users such as homeowners, carpenters and a lot more have more preference for Stihl Electric Chainsaws. This is not surprising because it is only the brand of electric chainsaws which comprises of every power of gas model, yet it is much more easier anytime you are adjusting some things inside and require something which is slightly bite than handsaw. As far as Stihl electric chainsaw is concerned, 3 different alternative models to select from when it comes to electric model which is specifically targeted towards the once in a while user, mid-range user as well as professional categories. It may interest you to know that the Stihl Electric Chainsaw mid-range model was picked as the award winner of the” Tools of the Trade Best in Test Award” as far back as 2007.

Furthermore, the once in a while end user would readily accept model MSE 140 C-BQ any day and anytime. The model in question is the most suitable for little jobs within your immediate environment; particularly it is practically impossible for the larger chainsaw work. It is very ideal for the cutting of little firewood and the small trees. The chainsaw it made up of quality attributes like wide trigger switch, quick chains adjuster so that it faster and more comfortable for chain adjusting in the course of the jobs. Again, it comprises of extra breaking system known as coast-down brake couple with the safety bag of the chainsaw, so that it can halt the chain movement in a matter of seconds following the release of the trigger. As if these are not enough, the machine similarly comprises of Ematic oil-saving bar, Chain oiler as well as automatic bar.

In addition, Model MSE 180 C-BQ Electric chainsaw is designed with similar attributes just like the initial models. Meanwhile, it is more advanced in that is comprises of overload cut-off switch, ultra quite motor, wide trigger switch, front guards and automatic cut-off anytime the brushes wear-out.All the same, it makes use of 1.8kW of engine power and 120 volts of power. It is so portable such that it does not weigh up to 8 pounds, hence it can be used for longer period of time.

MSE220: This is purely professional model of Stihl electric chainsaw. Everything about this is same attributes just like the aforementioned electric models. Fortunately, it has better and higher torque when compared with the initial models. It is particularly designed of heavy-duty magnesium construction which make it the very best of all the Stihl electric chainsaw.

Ideally, maintenance of the grasses in your home or garden requires very wonderful stihl brush cutter to make it attractive and tidy.

​I hope our Stihl chainsaw review educated you on their pros and cons and will help you get the chainsaw that best meets your needs.

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