Splitting firewood with chainsaw: is it a good idea?

Splitting firewood’s ideal time is to look for the early spring or late winter months.

It allows maximum drying time. Cut the log ends flat and square, so that they will stand ready for splitting.

The Stihl chainsaw is a good tool to split firewood. The chainsaw is the best tool as it splits into smaller pieces.

Splitting firewood with chainsaw

Is it right to use a chainsaw to split firewood?

A chainsaw 18-inch is ideal for most people as it is the ideal length tool to split firewood.

However, a 16-inch firewood piece is enough for indoor fireplaces.

However, if you start splitting massive tree trunks, you need a 20 or 24-inch chainsaw to get through the wood thickness.

Wed wood is easier to cut and split than dry wood.

The dry wood lacks moisture content, and friction gets created while the chainsaw chain contacts the wood fibers.

Therefore, the chain slows down due to friction.

For efficiency and power, when there is a lot of woodwork, you may use a chainsaw and complete the work with ease.

The chainsaw makes cutting trees into logs easy, and you are not exhausted like using a handsaw.

How to split Firewood with a Chainsaw 

Splitting firewood using an axe is painful and time-consuming. Cutting firewood using a chainsaw is easy and fast.

However, the chainsaw blades lose their sharpness with time. It needs sharpening before use.

Not all the owners of chainsaws know to sharpen the chainsaw blade fast, and so many hire professionals to get the blades to sharpen.

Know here how to split firewood using a chainsaw:

Step 1: Choose the chainsaw in the right size

Before starting to slice or dice the firewood, make sure you are using the right size chainsaw for the job.

Using an 18-inch chainsaw is ideal to split firewood and a 16-inch for indoor firewood pieces.

The thumb rule is to choose a chainsaw of proper length such that it is two inches longer than the wood to cut.

Thus, you may prevent the nose from being pinched or nicked, and stay safe from experiencing a kickback.

Choose the right chainsaw size to cut and it includes every type of chainsaw (electric, gas, and battery-powered).

Step 2: Protect Yourself.

Safety is the priority when you plan to operate a chainsaw, as you must be safe from injuries.

Wear protective gear and start splitting firewood using a chainsaw.

The safety items include thick jeans or chainsaw chaps, eye protection, hearing protection, a face mask, cut-resistant gloves, and a helmet.

Step 3: Cut into usable logs.

Having a chainsaw in the proper size assures your protective gear is on. Now, start splitting the tree into usable logs.

Divide the trunk into manageable equal parts keeping it around 4-foot lengths.

You may keep this measurement as per your eyeball or use forest tape to measure.

If you want a precise cut, measure, and mark using a marking spray.

If the trunk is on the ground, cut ¾ using the chainsaw through the trunk and the markings.

Turn the trunk using a felling lever so that you cut the other side and finish the cuts. Do not cut to the ground.

It is because it will hit the dirt, and the chainsaw chain teeth will dull.

Cut through one side, roll it to another side, and cut to finish from the other side.

Step 4: Cut into 16-inch logs

After splitting the trunk into 4-foot lengths, turn those pieces into firewood lengths, 16 inches.

Place logs of 4-foot sections on a sawhorse and work on the ground.

Ensure to cut the logs and do not damage the chain.

Step 5: Cut into half the firewood size logs.

Split your firewood into half; place on the ground the log or the tree stump. Place a wood piece for support so that the log is steady.

Use the chainsaw and cut the log down the middle.

Dig at the chainsaw base of the bucking spikes and pivot the blade down.

Begin to cut around 1-inch of wood, lift the wood, set the chainsaw down, turn it and drop it on other wood pieces forcefully.

The sudden force may split the wood into two pieces. However, if not, finish the split using a felling wedge and mallet.

Step 6: Cut the Halves into Quarters.

Turn the half-cut firewood; follow the same steps of turning it over and dropping it to get the split.

On completing this step, you will have split firewood into perfect pieces. Repeat the same to finish the other half.

Now you know to split firewood using a chainsaw easily and fast. It is important to use the chainsaw in the right size.

Avoid using a chainsaw that is too long or too short as it may cause an injury.

If you are unable to get the right chainsaw size, look for a cutting firewood-appropriate tool. 

safety precautions while using a chainsaw

  • Wearing a helmet while working with a chainsaw 
  • Wear gloves and do not forget the protection tool
  • You may split firewood, but never cut above the height of your shoulder
  • Kneel and keep your body away from the direction of the saw pointing
  • Ensure the chainsaw is in perfect condition. In case, it is not working perfectly, clear the saw and use an axe instead.
  • While cutting logs, be aware of the need and do it accordingly. Doing work once perfectly saves time. Any double work results in irritation and waste of time.

Wrapping up

Splitting logs is easier with a chainsaw, but remember chainsaws are tough tools.

If you lack skills or experience, do not try for fun. Instead, learn to use them properly.

Even the smallest error may result in a big accident.

Moreover, while splitting logs for the firewood ensure there is good airflow.

It is essential that your vision is clear.

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