November 13


Ryobi Chainsaw – Good For Yard & House (+Free Storage Case)

​The Ryobi electric chainsaw is really easy to start, a nice bonus, and is a great deal lighter than gas chainsaws. 

It also happens to be just about perfect for cleaning up around the yard and house. 

This line of Ryobi chainsaws does make a variety of different sizes and styles in gas and electric chainsaws. 

The choice is up to you, according to your personal preferences regarding weight and what you want to use it for.

As a nice marketing touch, the Ryobi chainsaws come in hard storage cases.

The Ryobi's feature an auto bar with chain lubrication viewer, which is a real plus when you're working, and an easy twist and tighten chain tension affair. It comes with a no slip power cord hook so you aren't always having to scramble to keep plugging it in, or knotting your cord to make it stay put. It also comes with a good two-year warranty.

Unlike McCulloch or Remington, ​starting this saw is a bit of a challenge because it's a slightly complicated affair that means you push and hold a button in and then push the trigger at the same time. Once you have your co-ordination figured out, it gets easier. The bottom line with this start system is that it is a good safety measure.

Many users tend to find that the Ryobi chainsaw plows its way through a lot of bar oil and since you can see the oil levels at a glance, it's easy to add more as you're working. One thing many users tend to forget is that the more you use a saw, the more you need to adjust the tension on the blades. So while this may be considered to be a con, it's something that happens with most other chainsaws as well. Thankfully adjusting the tension is very easy. All you do is loosen a nut and turn the knob on the side. How easy is that?

There is a problem with the cord, as it tends to get in the way and many users thought the no slip power cord could be in a better location on the back of the handle and not right under the trigger. Having mentioned the trigger, this is something that is a pretty important point to mention. Even after you release the trigger, the blade keeps running. So make sure you put it someplace safe until it stops.

If the cord is a problem then you can always go for the Ryobi cordless chainsaw as it gets very good ratings in it's category.  I hope our Ryobi Chainsaw review helps you out with your next purchase.

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My name is Chris Ross. I'm an arborist by profession & a blogger by passion.Currently I live in Austin, United States. Being in the cutting services for more than 10 years, I know a thing or two about chainsaw. I love to write about chainsaw for homeowners and professionals. I hope my epic guides will help you to choose,buy and maintain chainsaw.

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