How to Replace Fuel Lines on a Poulan Chainsaw? (Explained)

Collect a new fuel line, a pair of pliers, and a screwdriver. First, remove the old fuel line from the fuel tank. Then, disconnect the old fuel line from the carburetor. Next, connect the new fuel line to the fuel tank and the carburetor. Finally, use the pliers to tighten the connections and the screwdriver to secure the new fuel line in place.

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Fuel lines tend to get brittle and then crack over time.

If you have a Poulan chainsaw, you will have to replace the fuel line at some point.

There are various fuel lines found on many small engines.

There will be a line carrying fuel from the tank to the carburetor and a second-line passing excess power from the carburetor to the fuel tank. 

This article will guide you in inspecting and replacing fuel lines on a Poulan chainsaw.

How to Replace Fuel Lines on a Poulan Chainsaw

How Fuel Line Works

If you are a legendary lumberjack or weekend woodworker, you always need to check the fuel lines.

Along with the two fuel lines mentioned above, many models have a small purge bulb, which connects the third line between the bulb and the carburetor.

fuel line

Few models have a small fuel tank vent (and another fuel line that connects to the tank).

When you examine the fuel lines that supply gasoline to the engine and find them faulty, you can replace yourself instead of taking the machine for repair.

When it comes to repairing, even if it is not convenient to replace cracked or damaged gasoline on the chainsaw, it is an easy task that even a learner can perform with proper guidance

6 Steps to Replace Fuel Lines

The Unassembling

First, drain the fuel from the saw. Remove the top cover.

Remove the air filter cover, the air filter, and the air filter base. You need to remove the throttle linkage.

The trigger needs to be pulled away from the trigger.

Then comes the turn of the carburetor, then the two fuel lines go into the carburetor.

One line is from the tank, and the other line goes to the primer bulb.

Remove the returning line from the primer bulb.

There will be a fitting on the end of the return fuel line inside the fuel tank.

You have to cut the line first. Then get the fuel cap off.

Replacing with new fuel lines

After getting the fuel cap off, use hemostats to pull that fitting and fuel line from the tank.

Remove the fuel line from the fitting inside the tank. Now it is time to cut a new fuel line.

The old piece of the line might be used as a guide. Add a bit of extra line to make up for the line cut off before.

Now we have to place the new piece of fuel line into the opening in the fuel tank.

Use hemostats and hold and pull the line out through the tank opening.

Using the hemostats, pull the cable till the fitting contacts the underside of the tank is ready for functioning.

Reconnect the return line to the primer bulb.

Reinstall the fuel

Reinstall the fuel lines onto the carburetor, namely, the incoming line to the bottom of the carb and the line to the primer bulb.

We need to install the remaining things we had removed at the onset.

Install the carburetor back, then the throttle linkage.

Pull the trigger and slide linkage back into place. Reinstall the air filter base.

Now, install the air filter and then the air filter cover. Finally, replace the top cover.

Final Thought

Over with passing the time, fuel lines will fail or collapse and remove the flow of gasoline to the engine.

The tube may cause crack and leak gas that causes life hazards.

So the replacement of fuel lines on time will save your life and money also.

The replacement of fuel lines is an inexpensive and easy process to replace.

You can replace your fuel lines with the help of this guidance quickly.

We have discussed the entire process of how to replace fuel lines on a Poulan chainsaw.

It is a bit of a complicated process; we can all agree on that.

However, it is entirely doable at home.

We need to be careful about the parts requiring a bit of finesse while taking out the line, cutting it from the fittings, and re-inserting them.

It is a delicate process.

A Poulan chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws globally, and it is costly too, so please be careful with replacing the fuel lines.

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