November 12


Remington – A Leader That Surprised All (With Pole Chainsaw)

​The Remington electric chainsaw is a bit of a different duck on the market. 

Specifically Remington has produced an interesting pole chainsaw that...

...may be attached to a long pole to allow you to cut trees, etc up to 12' over your head.

This electric pole chainsaw is a nice choice for those on budgets

This isn't to say that you can't use this saw for bigger, tougher jobs, because you can. 

Many people like this particular Remington electric chainsaw because it requires little or no maintenance and you only have to push the "On" button to get the chain moving

While this is one of Remington's smaller saws and has a shorter chain, it works for what you need it to do. The shorter chain is actually a good thing when it comes to trying to get at those limbs that need pruning.

This saw is a bit slow in cutting compared to Poulan of the same size, but too fast is never a good thing when you're standing under the tree waiting for branches to fall.

Although the Remington chainsaw is heavy with the extension and the saw combined, the extra weight makes cutting easier, as you don't have to push down on the saw. A bit problematic though is the extension cord, especially when you are dragging it up and down ladders. That is the other drawback; pruned branches fall on the cord and disconnect it. However, if you face this problem too many times, you can consider using a gas chainsaw from McCulloch.

So to sum up what the pros of this nice little saw are: you can use the chainsaw alone, without the pole and that it works well. The motor is strong, and the whole unit is light and easy to work with at the top of a tree. The safety mechanisms perform well and the motor does not need one of those extra heavy-duty extension cords to run it, plus, it doesn't blow your breaker.

Other points of appreciation include the fact that the pole slides easily; there is no buying oil or gas, no cord to pull to start it and no engine maintenance.

And the cons are that you need tools to adjust the chain, the oiler doesn't work all that well, it's heavy when at the end of a pole, the handle at the top of the saw doesn't wrap around the motor (this is dangerous), it's hard to see around the saw when it's at the top of the pole and it's relatively expensive compared to other types of pole saws.

The Remington chainsaw is a great buy and it one of the best chainsaws available.  Some popular models are the Remington electric chainsaw ld4016w, Remington el-18 chainsaw, Remington sl-14 chainsaw, and the Remington sl4as chainsaw.

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My name is Chris Ross. I'm an arborist by profession & a blogger by passion.Currently I live in Austin, United States. Being in the cutting services for more than 10 years, I know a thing or two about chainsaw. I love to write about chainsaw for homeowners and professionals. I hope my epic guides will help you to choose,buy and maintain chainsaw.

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