Oregon 410 — 120 Bench or Wall Mounted Review

Oregon 410 — 120 Bench or Wall Mounted Review

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This Oregon Bench/wall Mount Chain Grinder is designed for the occasional user.

These includes a dressing Brick, a quick check-grinding template, and three grinding wheels for sharpening of 1/4", 3/8" Low Profile, .325", 3/8" and .404" pitch chain. Volts: 120-AC, Hertz:60HZ Amps: 1.2 amp, Watts: 140, Rated RPM: 3,500, Horsepower: 0.4, wheel size: 5-3/4" and a One-way motor operation for safety.

The Oregon saw chain grinder offers convenience and can save you time and money in sharpening fees and the trips to and from the providers.

High quality construction and loaded with features, the Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder is the solution to the problem of dull chainsaw blades.

This grinder comes equipped with a dressing brick with quick check grinding template.The package also includes three grinding wheels for use with a variety of chain sizes and models.

Oregon 410 — 120 Bench or Wall Mounted Review

This sharpener is compatible for sharpening one-quarter inch, three eights inch, low profile .325 inch, and .404 inch pitch chains.lt operates with 120 Volts ac power with 60 hz; 1.2 am and 140 watts.

It is rated at a max speed of 3,500 RPM with 0.4 horsepower and a one way motor operation feature for additional safety.


  • This sharpener is built solid and sturdy and when mounted it is safe to operate with no movement of the sharpener.
  • It is among the safest to operate because of the stability.
  • It does a good job of delivering a very sharp chain and it is adjustable to work on nearly every type and size of chain.
  • A good value for the cost.
  • It is intended for occasional use so this isn't the model that you'll want if you need to sharpen your chain every day, but it does a great job when its needed.


  • There were complaints about the operating handle being a little difficult for some consumers to use.
  • Some units were not packaged properly and upon arrival, components were loose in the package and some were missing parts.

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