Greenworks 20312 G-Max Review – Good To Keep Fatigue At Bay

Greenworks 20312 G-Max Review – Good To Keep Fatigue At Bay

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If you’ve ever used a good chainsaw for a big job, you know how hard it can be for your body but you’ll appreciate the superb comfy features that good chainsaw offers.

GreenWorks has put a lot of thought in designing this masterpiece ‘GreenWorks G-Max Brushless Chainsaw’, in order to provide its buyers not only with an amazing piece of equipment which can aid in their day to day needs.

When you’re pruning or trimming high branches or in close quarters, that flexibility helps keep fatigue at bay and minimizes the effort you have to make for a job well done.

With the vast advancement in the technological world, not many companies claim to have a heart for the environment and design household equipments which are not eco friendly and environmentally responsible.

In spite of being eco friendly, GreenWorks hasn’t compromised with its strength. It is powerful enough to cut up to a cord of wood on a single charge.

So pertaining to power, this chainsaw is not something to be taken lightly.

Greenworks 20312 G-Max Review

When it comes to the efficiency of the chainsaw, the motor needs some questioning. GreenWorks has designed a brushless motor that delivers up to 30% more torque for superior cutting performance. The brushless motor being efficient and productive has provided a greater leverage for its buyers.

Not only has GreenWorks increased the efficiency of this tool but the brushless motor has done wonders in minimizing the vibrations for the machine as well.

When working with something as powerful as a chainsaw, big vibration makes it quiet difficult for the handler to be precise and cut with accuracy so GreenWorks did some serious work on this by introducing the innovative brushless motor design which causes 70% less vibration, thus, making the instrument much more comfortable for the handler.

The safety is of utmost significance when dealing with an instrument such as a 40V Greenworks 20312 Chain Saw so the company has manifested some radical considerations in its new gadget.

The innovative chain brake system along with the hand guard and quick release trigger is vital for the user’s safety.

Moreover, the company has made some amends from previous chainsaws and has made some radical modifications in the machine’s design giving it a more usable design. 

They also have added to the users comfort for a better gripping quality.

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