Greenworks 20222 Review – For Branch Trimming & Log Cutting

Greenworks 20222 Review

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Three months ago, I talked about the surprising fact that for a small price, you can actually get a pretty decent chainsaw. Sacrifices have to be made in terms of what you can cut.

But for general yard work, you can get a surprising amount of usability and reliability. Case in point the Remington Limb and Trim.

Today, I’ll be talking about an almost identical tool by Greenworks, the 20222. Both have 14 inch guidebars, both have limited power (8 amps on the Remington, 9 amps on the Greenworks). The purpose of this review is try and figure out which one is best.

First Impressions

Like the Limb n Trim, the 20222 is made primarily from cheap looking plastic.

Aside from that, my first impressions were positive with easy to follow instructions and a set up time of between 10 and 20 minutes depending on experience levels.

Like any well designed electric chainsaw, it starts in seconds, no cord pulling/cursing required.

It is worth noting that unlike the photo on most sites, the 20222 is indeed equipped with a 14 inch guide bar not the 16 inch pictured.

Greenworks 20222 Review


9 amps of power is about as low as it gets. That combined with the 14 inch guide bar meant I tested it solely on small jobs. In fact, I followed the exact same plan as with the Remington. I started with one large stump measuring 12 inches. And then moved on to a few basic yard work tasks like branch trimming and log cutting etc.

In terms of performance at least, I have to say it’s a draw and that’s a very good thing. It takes its time with large stumps. But for smaller jobs, you’d barely notice the lack of power.

This translates to a tool that’s perfect for yard work and will still handle the occasional bit of storm clean up or small tree removal. Like the Remington, the price means that it can’t really be faulted.

Ease of Use

Arguably the biggest difference between the two is that 20222 weighs an extra 1.5 pounds. Personally, I didn’t notice the extra weight however, thanks to the well designed wrap around handle.If anything it feels lighter than the Remington especially when trimming at slightly awkward angles.

Like the Remington, the 20222 is a genuine pleasure to use.

For a start, you get all the usual perks of electric over gas, namely faster start up, less maintenance (if any), significant drop in decibel levels, and obviously zero gas emissions.

Adjusting the chain tension requires zero tools. While it can take a while to get used to, the eventual result is adjustments that take a fraction of the time. Similar efficiency levels can be found in the automatic oiler. Keep it topped up and it will keep the chain well oiled automatically.

This is not only important for cutting capacity but the overall life time of the chain itself.

In terms of safety, there’s no chain break but this is generally expected of chainsaws in this class (the Remington is the same). There is however a hand guard and a safety lock.


If you’re on the market for a cheap chainsaw, you basically have two options, this and the Remington Limb n Trim. In terms of power, the difference is negligible.

In terms of ease of use, the Greenworks comes out ahead slightly thanks to its superior wrap around handle.

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