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Electric vs Gas Chainsaws: Why Avoid Gas (For Homeowner)

Previously, chainsaws were typically powered by very large engines that made it very cumbersome to carry them around...

...portability was a big problem and hence they could not be used far away from where they were placed. 

Today, there are two main kinds of chainsaws i.e. electric and gas operated chainsaws.

You should consider the differences in both these machines and then select the one that will best suit your requirements

A gas powered chainsaw would be better if your using a chainsaw mill to produce your own lumber.

If you are considering purchasing a chainsaw, you need to consider all the options. There are many models on the market these days and each has their advantages and disadvantages.

The key to making the right choice for you is to sum up all the pros and cons. This article is a guide about how to choose the right chainsaw and looks at the best uses for each type of chainsaw.

Electric chainsaws are relatively new to the market but have a considerable number of advantages when compared to the gasoline alternative. These are a few of the advantages:

  • Safer
  • Lighter
  • Easier to handle
  • Eco-friendly
  • No need to refuel
  • Easy to store


Electric chainsaws have less risk of injury for the user from the kickback that can be experienced if the saw hits an unexpected object due to the lower power levels.

Ease of Handling

An electric chainsaw is much less weighty and is therefore much easier to use and handle due to its smaller size. This makes them useful for novice users and those who require them for domestic projects.

Environmentally Friendly

The electric motor is much more environmentally sound than a gasoline powered saw as it has much lower emissions thus protecting the environment.


An electric chainsaw is much more convenient for the domestic user as it does not need refuelling and it can be stored easily without the need to drain off excess fuel or provide vertical storage space.

An Overview Of The Advantages Of Gasoline Powered Chainsaws

Although electric chainsaws have many advantages over the old-fashioned gasoline powered chainsaw, there are some advantages to the older model.

  • More powerful
  • More flexibility in use
  • Ease of cleaning and lubrication


A gasoline powered chainsaw has considerably more power than an electric one. This means that they can handle more heavy work.

Can Be Used Anywhere

Because a gasoline powered chainsaw has no cable, it can be taken anywhere and can be used in any environment including outdoors. Meanwhile, an electrically powered chainsaw can only be used in the vicinity of a power socket which limits its usefulness, especially in handling outdoor tasks.

Easy To Clean

Electric chainsaws are complicated to clean, lubricate and adjust due to their specific safety features.Gasoline powered chainsaws have no such restrictions and so the job of cleaning the equipment is much simpler.

Difference Between Electric and Gas Chainsaws

(Features & Differences: What & Why To Take or Avoid)

Gas Chainsaws

Electric Chainsaws

Gas Chainsaws are typically powered by gasoline or petrol

Electric chainsaws are usually powered by an electric engine. They are usually battery equipped with an electric cord that supplies power for operation.

Gas chainsaws are quite loud when operated.

Electric chainsaws are comparatively quieter and do not produce much noise when operated. They are more suitable for homes and for work in quiet neighborhoods.

Gas-Powered Chainsaws need more maintenance and need to cool down before they can be refueled.

Electric chainsaws are of two types: corded and cordless. The corded variant has to be plugged into the electric socket and the cordless type is battery operated. The cordless chainsaw can be used as long as the battery charge lasts and it also facilitates easy movement due to the absence of a cord. However, the cordless chainsaw is not suited for prolonged use.

There is a much bigger risk of kickbacks when using a gas-powered chainsaw that may even cause bodily harm if the operator is not experienced enough.

Since the electric chainsaw has lesser power output, there is a lesser chance of kickbacks occurring when the machine is in operation.

Gas Chainsaws are ideal for cutting firewood and work twice as fast as an electric chainsaw.

Electric chainsaws are best suited for activities around your house yard for activities such as trimming and pruning.

Gas chainsaws are more expensive than electric versions.

Electric chainsaws are quite economical when compared to gas-powered chainsaws that need fuel for operation.

Gas chainsaws are typically heavier and much louder than their electric counterparts.

Electric chainsaws are lightweight, easy to handle and most of the modern machines are equipped with safety features when compared to gas versions.

Which Type of Chainsaw Is the Ideal Power Tool for You?

The electric chainsaw has a number of wonderful features and qualities that make it a “must have” power tool in your repertoire. Electric chainsaws are quite lightweight which makes them easy to use and control. However, the chainsaw must not be too light as this would compromise the stability of the machine.

Moreover, the greatest plus of an electric chainsaw is its quiet operation that makes it a boon to use in densely populated neighborhoods. You don't want your neighbor calling the police on you for trimming a simple branch early in the morning.

Chainsaws are incredibly powerful tools and have undergone several changes over the years. You must select a chainsaw that is best suited for your needs. For homeowners, electric or battery powered chainsaws are the best as they are lightweight, easier to handle and are ideal for small to medium cutting tasks around the house, while gas operated chainsaws are best suited for heavy duty tasks requiring more power like land clearing or cutting firewood in bulk. Depending on your personal needs, you will have to make the decision for yourself as to which is right for you.

You need to consider your requirements when deciding on a chainsaw. What will you be needing to do with your equipment and will you need to carry out heavy work? If you are only going to need your chainsaw for light domestic use, in your home environment, an electric chainsaw is a good choice. On the other hand, if you will need to work outdoors and require the power to handle heavy loads and the felling of larger trees, choose agasoline powered chainsaw

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