Cutting Down a Dead, Pine or Leaning Tree Near a House

Without a doubt, we as humans know the importance of trees.

They give Oxygen, spread greenery, and make the ambiance shine to the next levels of glory and amazing sightseeing.

However, speaking about the trees that have become too big, and dead poses the danger of falling off, cutting down those trees can be the best thing you can do.

So, for all the people who are eager to cut down the trees with a mighty chainsaw, I have got something for you.

Cutting Down a Dead, Pine or Leaning Tree Near a House

Are you using a Chainsaw to cut the tree?

Well! in this case, you need to be careful in making use of Chainsaw to cut the tree.

A chainsaw makes your task easier than other tools like an ax or handsaw.

With the help of this, the task would be complete in just minutes.

Otherwise, the old tools would have taken much more time approx an hour.

Let’s come along as we will unwrap the steps to easily cut and professionally cut down a tree with Chainsaw.

Things you must know about chain saws and tree felling

A tree is a growing plant either naturally or planted by man for its various uses.

A tree forms a major part of the daily activities conducted as it constitutes a lot in a variety of these activities both socially and economically.

A tree is cut down for various reasons which might be either during the process of land clearing or as well for harvesting to be used elsewhere.

The cutting down of a tree is also a process that entails many steps conducted when cutting it with a chainsaw.

Lumbers have been in use for a long. Be it in railways or homes, wood is inevitable.

And one of the significant works is cutting down trees.

Any mistake and the safety of the people around are at risk, especially the woodcutter.

While many instruments help cut trees, one of the simple yet effective tools is the chainsaw.

If used properly, it can be useful in cutting down trees quickly, especially when you can’t afford heavy vehicles or need to just a few wood pieces.

Cutting down a tree is referred to as felling it. When you’re felling a tree, you can’t go out and just start cutting.

There are several important things to consider before you begin that part of the job.

These are safety measures, the direction the tree will fall, our escape route, and how to cut the tree using a chainsaw.

These and more are what we will discuss in this post.

Do you know that chainsaw has many good benefits but they can sometimes be deadly dangerous for you if you do not use them properly?

The high-powered saw may slice and dice the tree trunk in minutes that could mince the leg in just a split second.

A false attempt to use the saw that is not maintained properly may cause a lifetime of regret or could end your life.

Let’s see how we can cut trees efficiently using a chainsaw:-

Gather your tools

The first step before embarking on the process is by gathering all the necessary tools required to conduct the specified task which in our case is a chainsaw.

Choose the right chainsaw.

For trees with around 25cm in diameter, choose a small chainsaw while a tree with 25 and above requires a medium chainsaw.

Make sure the tool is well greased and fueled.

Safety First

After gathering, one has to put on a safe mode of dressing in case any accidents occur.

Wear chainsaw chaps.

These are heavy protective chaps, filled with cords made of ballistic nylon, that are designed to stop a fast spinning chainsaw chain from cutting your leg off if it accidentally hits you.

Chainsaw chaps are hot and sometimes heavy, but they’re worth their weight in gold if you ever have an accident.

Understand the scope of the job

This part involves several things.

You need to estimate the height of the tree to determine the right place to direct it as it hits the ground.

Make sure that there is nothing to be hit as the tree comes down.

This may include your house, car, or even your neighbor’s property.

You may also need a permit to cut the tree down if you live in a residential area.

Make sure there is nobody around the area.

The first step is to know about the dimensions of the trunk that is to be cut and then put your chainsaw up for the job.

You will have to measure the height of the tree.

Make sure that the tree doesn’t hit your neighbor’s house or cause any sort of damage.

Also, you will have to measure the trunk and ensure that the Chainsaw can do the tree cutting job brilliantly.

Survey the area around the tree.

Try to estimate the height of the tree then measure off that distance, plus a healthy fudge factor for safety.

Are there any electric power lines within that distance? Any house, cars, roads, or other structures?

A very important and foremost aspect of the job is to choose the right tree to cut.

You may need a sizeable straight stretch of timber for your house or maybe a short and stout piece depending on your purpose.

Measure the size of the trunk to determine the kind of chainsaw best suited for the job

Also, you will have to make sure that the surrounding area is clear of any children or pets.

You will have to place warning signs just ahead of the tree-cutting area so that people can be warned right ahead of the danger zone.

Make sure the surrounding is cleared.

You should be careful so that you won’t harm any pets, humans, cars, etc.

Putting the warning sign in a nearby area is very vital so that no one enters that place while cutting off the tree.

Prepare the tree

Firstly, you will have to prune away the small tree branches around the tree trunk so that the tree falls away nicely.

Even more, you will have to determine the location at which the tree will fall.

With this, determining the location of the wind is a crucial step so that you don’t misjudge the tree falling direction.

Prune out all branches that may interfere with your efforts to cut down the tree.

Are there any other trees that could interfere with the fall of the tree you’re cutting down?

Even big trees can become lodged in the branches of other nearby trees.

Vines entangled around it could also stop a tree from completing its fall.

Trim down any branches near the cutting site.

If it is a tilted tree, you may require some help in managing the tree’s fall direction.

Get some help if it is needed. Also, make sure you have an escape path cleared.

Despite all your best efforts, things can still go wrong when it’s time to cut and fell the tree.

Once you’ve decided which direction the tree is “supposed” to fall, stand with your back against the tree facing in the opposite direction and extend both arms out in front of you.

Spread them apart until they’re each at a 45º degree angle, then clear an escape route along both paths for at least forty-five.

If anything goes wrong, you’ll have two different ways to run to get out of danger.

Make a wedge

Now, after you are done with the above three steps, you can then cut out the Wedges straight in the direction of the fall.

Keenly, cut the tree from Waist height and check the trunk for any sort of disease.

The wedge is made in the direction of the fall, normally 50% into the tree.

On the opposite side of the tree cut such that it meets the wedge at the top.

Do not move all the way through. This is to avoid a situation where the tree falls with the chainsaw still inside.

cutting method

Cut a notch in the tree trunk on the side facing the direction you want it to fall.

One of the famous and effective means of cutting a tree with a chainsaw is through a 3 cut method.

The depth of the notch should be about one-fifth to one-third of the diameter of the tree.

The upper face of the notch should be about eighteen to twenty inches long.

The horizontal undercut which meets it should be about knee-high.

Right at the opposite side of the tree falling, you will have to walk around the tree.

In this case, you will have to perform a back cut that can meet the upper wedge cut.

However, you don’t need to cut the tree entirely where you can leave little so that the free doesn’t fall off.

In this, the first cut is made in the direction where we want the tree to fall.

The cut is flat and almost a third inside the trunk.

The second cut goes below the first one, and about 4 inches away.

But this needs to be cut at an angle going upwards. Remove the wedge.

The third cut is at precisely the opposite side of the trunk, just a couple of inches above the first cut.

Just as you start to go almost to the mid of the trunk, hear the sound of the cracking of the wood and move away.

The tree falls at this point

Slowly but steadily, the tree will start to fall off and you can use the chainsaw to cut the tree with precision.

Clear out from the tree and keep a safe distance. Turn the chain saw off as well.

Use Safety Rope

Last but not least, you can tie the same to the tree and allow the tree to fall in the best possible way.

In this case, too, warning people during tree falls is one of the most crucial talks.


  • ​Make an incision on an edge: Cut that edge from where you want the tree to fall.
  • ​Make sure that the first cut should be in the inclination of 30 degrees upward.
  • ​The second cut should be approx. 60-degree downward.
  • ​Start cutting down from the back of the tree
  • ​Keep your eyes on the behavior of the tree, so that your wedge is firmly in place.
  • ​Stop cutting the tree when you find an indication of falling off the tree.

Follow the above instruction for the safe cutting down of trees with the help of a Chainsaw.

Final Words

So, there we go! Wondering about the question, ‘How to Cut down a Tree with a Chainsaw?’

I hope you have got the answer pretty comfortably.

As of now, all you need is to follow the steps to cut down the tree keenly with a chainsaw.

After which, perform the steps and cut down the tree for your true purpose.

It is needless to say that trees are some of the most essential parts of nature.

Their importance to our environment cannot be overemphasized.

However, even with all the benefits, we reap from them there comes a time when we need to simply put them down for various reasons.

As illustrated above cutting down a tree is quite easy, especially with a chainsaw at hand.

However, there are specific guidelines that must be followed to ensure the safety of everyone involved as well as the environment surrounding the tree.

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