Chainsaw No Spark: Causes & Solution

A chainsaw is a saw that has sets of teeth connected with the chain that rotates along the guide bar.

Chainsaw is especially used for cutting, feeling, harvesting activities, and forests management.

Various types of chainsaws are used according to circumstances such as electric, petrol, and battery-powered saw.

A chainsaw is a useful cutting tool and ideal for everyday use.

If somehow it doesn’t operate properly, you shouldn’t panic. You may experience no spark in it when you try to start.

It’s not a big deal and can be fixed in a simple and hassle-free way.

Let’s get started!

Chainsaw No Spark

Why no spark?

First of all, you need to know the reasons behind no spark in your chainsaw. It can be due to these:

Faulty cylinder-piston

If there are scratches on the cylinder and piston or they wear, it can be damaging.

There’s a drop in pressure in the cylinder. It makes it hard to start the engine.

Because of compression, your fingers will suck in an inward direction.

Gas is pressed

The chainsaw stalls when you press the gas.

It is because there’s an increase in the load.

When you start the tool, it gets warmed up by activating the engine for 60 seconds.

If this doesn’t happen, the motor stops after you press the pedal.

Clogged assembly

 If the combustible fuel mixing assembly is unregulated or clogged, it can cause chainsaw no spark.

When the air filter is clogged, it doesn’t give the airflow in times of increased load.

The filter gets dirt in it. It doesn’t let the required amount of mixture pass through.

Rubbing on cylinder and piston wall.

How to fix

You can tackle the issue of no spark at home.

First, you should know how the chainsaw works. It has an engine which powers a blade.

The blade is made up of steel alloy. The chain moves the blade.

Within the motor, gear wheels rotate the chain to glide it against the guide bar when you operate it.

There’s a cylinder that resembles the one in a car.

In the gas tank of the chainsaw, there’s the fuel that combines with the air in the carburetor.

The fuel passes through the cylinder when the spark plug triggers it.

The fuel burns and the resulting energy helps move the piston.

The piston in the engine goes in and out of the cylinder, exerting pressure on the rod.

The rod allows crankshaft turning gears to revolve the chain.

You can do these things when there’s no spark in the chainsaw and it doesn’t start:

Remove Sap off the Chain by following these steps:

Turn off the chainsaw.

Before cleaning the chain of the electrical chainsaw, ensure to remove all power supplying tools like spark plugs, the battery in the chainsaw to avoid accidents.

And for the gas chainsaw, remove all the fluids present in it.

It will help in easy cleaning of the chain without danger of any unpleasant event.

Remove the chain.

Firstly, lose the two nuts present on the sides of the bar of the chainsaw.

After this, remove the chain from the saw. Place it outside to clean it if it’s very muddy.

Chainsaw cleaning solvent.

It is an important step to clean the chainsaw chain.

All you need is to prepare a solution of household ammonia and water.

While using ammonia, be in an open area.

You keep your eyes and hands covered with glasses and gloves to prevent reactions.

Take a cup of ammonia and mix in excess water. Soak the chain in this solution for 15-20 minutes.

Clean the grease, dirt, and other spots on the chain with a brush.

After cleaning with a brush, place the chain under the water to remove the ammonia solution.

Dry the chain.

You are almost there to clean the chain. Now, you dry the chain with a dry towel.

You need to dry it very well and clear all moisture on it for better results.

Soak chainsaw in oil.

After drying the water from the chain, keep the chain in a tray having oil for lubrication.

Drop the chain in this oil for 3 hours.

After 3 hours, change the side of the chain and dip the other side for the next 3 hours.

After that, remove the chain and again clean the chain with a dry towel to remove extra oil. It will prevent the chain from rusting.

Its now the time to put the icing in the cake!

Let’s quickly highlight the concluding steps in solving the problem of chainsaw no spark.

Place on a flat area

Here is the first step of the concluding section.

Putting the chainsaw on a flat surface is what you need to do. Disengage the bar cover as well.

Start the brake

Now, proceed to the ignition. You have to start the chain brake. It’s on the upper handle.

Push it forward to start.

Decompression controls activation

There’s decompression or SMart Start in a few chainsaws.

Push the decompression controls if they exist in the model you have.

Start the fuel pump and pull the starter. The final step is to push the throttle.


A chainsaw is a valuable tool for cutting wooden surfaces and timber.

When there’s no spark in it, you can fix it on your own without the help of a professional.

You can start the brake, activate Smart Start, start the fuel pump, pull the starter, and push the throttle. It can work.

When your Chainsaw fails to deliver sparks during cutting, there must be some problem with the tool.

The article explains the integrated search and personal experience and the tips and methods to adjust and fix this anomaly.

I hope this information would be a great help for you in dealing with chain saw no spark.

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